Sugar Free floating billboard - hangs in the air (it's so light, geddit?)

Very interesting execution from Rediffusion Young and Rubicam in India, where they advertise Sugar Free (light) soda by hanging the billboard in the air. Yep. Huge helium balloons held this billboard up, and probably caught a lot of peoples attention.

Betsy Beale

Beale jumPs on Board as New EP

After spending more than a decade churning out advertising campaigns for top brands such as Nike, HP and Toyota on both the agency and production sides of the business, Betsy Beale is bringing her considerable talents and experience to jumP's LA office.

"Betsy encompasses all we are looking for in a powerhouse EP: incredible experience and a certain something that makes her loved by all," noted jumP MD Dee Tagert "We connected instantly and share a vision for our LA office, one I am supremely confident she will deliver."

John Adams

Director John Adams Joins Bi-Coastal Original

Culver City, CA—John Adams, whose talent for crafting smart, funny, true-to-life stories has made him one of the top comedy directors in advertising, has joined bi-coastal Original for exclusive representation. Adams joins Original after a ten-year run at Los Angeles-based Form where he directed campaigns for Bud Light, AT&T, Home Depot, Snickers and many other national brands.
"John is a phenomenal talent, an A-list director in every sense of the word," said Original partner/executive director Jeff Devlin. "I have been a fan of his for years and continue to be impressed with the incredible spirit and enthusiasm that he brings to his projects."


Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services "Tanker" 2011 :30 USA

Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services "Tanker" 2011 :30 USA

A new public service campaign breaking next week for Austin, Texas’ Live Tobacco-Free program makes the point that secondhand smoke is a danger wherever it occurs, indoors or out. Conceived by Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Austin, and directed by Scott McCullough, the new 30-second spot, in English and Spanish versions, shows a large tanker truck driving through Austin as a worker in a haz-mat suit sprays unsuspecting residents with thick, billowy clouds of noxious fumes.


Ian Hart reacts to his face being used in Jell-o pudding meter billboard, NYC.

CP+B has installed a Jell-o pudding billboard that monitors twitters mood in realtime. If people smile :) or frown :( their twitter-machine will pick up on it and calculate the worlds mood. The keeps track of the mood, and if it dips too hard they'll give away free Jell-o pudding until everyone is smiling again.

But that's not the really funny. The really funny is that the face in the animatronic billboard belongs to Ian Hart, formerly a copywriter at Crispin who left recently to be a copywriter at BBH instead.

Here's the video where "I will never see boobies again for as long as I live" Ian Hart sees the billboard live for the first time. "Oh my god, I can't believe you guys fucked me this hard". This billboard is just around the corner from Ian's new office. Well played kids, lets all have post-prank Jell-o pudding now.


Shredding the minister of education and culture - literally.

Kicking off Gay Pride in Amsterdam Tolerance United have created an installation in the gay and lesbian book store where they shred the minister Marja van Bijsterveldt. She's recently denied a motion where education in schools about homosexuality would be included, denying the young knowledge of sexual diversity.

The art piece is called "Minister of Hope" and uses mixed media, a shredder a quote from the poet and author William S. Burroughs, and a political poster of the minister.


Ad Chat - Simon White

It's Monday and that means Ad chat where we poke at adpeeps to see what inspires them. This week we talk to Simon White, Creative Lead at RAPP London, and punmeister extraordinaire.

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?

I once saw Brian May (Queen guitarist) outside M&C Saatchi where I was working and called him by his wife's name (Anita Dobson); it's a joke in the UK that they have the same hair. He stared me out for about 5 minutes while his friends tried to drag him away.


Link Lust: Social propaganda posters, slide to the train & sexie coffie's sex doll ad.

The Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook propaganda posters are purdy, created by Aaron wood.

Popupcity has a report on a clever way to let commuters in a hurry get down the steps fast, while having a bit of fun at the same time. A Slide, of course! There's some slide show pictures of the slide here as well. "They brilliantly foresaw that such a playful urban intervention can generate large-scale positive spin-off for a disadvantaged neighborhood like Overvecht, and that’s exactly what happened." From the lack of graffiti, broken glass, bordered up shop-windows, overflowing trashcans, ripped street posters of bygone concerts and beggars in the street I think "disadvantaged neighborhood" might be something else over there. But that might be just me.

Google Maps on iphone now incorporates bus routes and the underground and train approx times of travel as well. They announced this by by driving this double decker map bus around Big Ben.


Aftertomorrow event in NYC on Tuesday: Robert Wong & Sam Ewen discuss innovation

Hey New Yorker, what are you doing on Tuesday? Fancy celebrating the future of innovation in advertising over cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and presentations from Robert Wong, ECD of Google Creative Lab and Sam Ewen, CEO of Interference?