Smartset - "for all the living you do in between"

Canadian women's retailer, SMARTSET has just launched a multi-media campaign to reposition their brand to fashion-conscious young women.
Throughout 2011/2012, customers will see a fresher and more stylish SMARTSET positioned as the everyday girls' boutique. SMARTSET partnered with top Canadian creative, strategic and retail talents BOS Advertising, CHEMISTRY Branding, LODA Retail Design and VISION CRITICAL Research, who collectively developed SMARTSET's new positioning, store design and communication.


SmartSet - The Dinner Date - (2011) :30 (Canada)

SmartSet - The Dinner Date - (2011) :30 (Canada)

Bos has just launched a multi-media campaign to reposition Canadian women’s retailer SMARTSET. Both the agency's Toronto and Montreal offices worked on the campaign that features the tagline "for all the living you do in-between".


Patagonia says "Don't buy our clothes new" partners with eBay to sell used clothing

Outdoor gear clothing company Patagonia and online auction house eBay have announced a new partnership, the Common Threads Initiative. If you join them on eBay, you can buy, sell, repair and re-use old durable and much loved Patagonia gear. Yes, that's right a clothing brand is asking you not to buy their new clothes. Makes complete sense for this outdoor clothing brand to encourage less throw-away consumption which we all know isn't good for mother earth, provider of the great outdoors where Patagonia is worn. Still, an interesting move. Check out this search where you can find lots of used Patagonia gear.


Ad Chat - Vincent Vella

Running a bit late this week, but what else is new in this biz? This week we hear from Vincent Vella, ECD, who previously worked at Grey, Euro RSCG and Publicis.

What's your favorite funny story about yourself?
I'm not funny at all

What piece of art (movie, book, music, painting, etc) has influenced you most? How or why?
Undoubtedly the work of Marcel Duchamp. When I discovered his Readymades, I was about 13 years old. Suddenly I understood what a "concept" was. How a simple idea could grow, live outside and beyond of a vehicle, and be truly subversive. This is probably the trigger that made me turn to contemporary art, and then to advertising.


Sony Pictures Entertainment Amps Up Stock Footage Collection

Sony Pictures Entertainment today announced that Sony Pictures Stock Footage ( has introduced a first-of-its-kind stock footage collection featuring motion picture quality clips with custom-designed, studio-produced 5.1 soundtracks.
Sony Pictures Stock Footage’s unique new "5.1 Collection" includes car chases, explosions, helicopter shots and other types of stunts and pyrotechnics, all drawn from recent studio film and television productions. The soundtracks were designed, edited and mixed in 5.1 surround sound by industry award-winning artists from the Sony Pictures Sound facility.


PETA strips George Clooney's ex-girlfriend naked.

Elisabetta Canalis, actress and the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney, would rather go naked than wear fur. Man, they could have made some really handsome babies those two. Is there something else I should deduce from these ads? Oh, right. Fur is bad, mmm-kay?

Bonus, they made a film asking her about it too, so we get to see her frolicking with her cute dogs intercut with images of chinese fur farming which isn't pretty at all.

Cut&Paste NY 2010

Cut&Paste Launches 12-City Live Design Competition: Call For Competitors Is Open

Cut&Paste, the global digital design competition known for its lively onstage battles and reputation-making performances, will return to 12 cities this year, this time with Adobe as the event's Platinum Sponsor. The contest, which will culminate in a championship event in New York, is open immediately to potential competitors.

What is Cut&Paste? Watch here: Cut&Paste Global Champs 2010-11 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.