Thermacell / Myggrapporten - the mosquito report - yes, there's an app for that!

Swedish summers are famous for a lot of things, midnight sun, skinny dipping, odd midsummer parties, rain throughout July, and mosquitos. Millions of mosquitos. They'll eat you alive.

"Up until now there really has been no way to find out how big the problem is locally in different parts of the country. When you plan your vacation you can get a weather report but not a mosquito report. With this insight, we helped our client - a nordic agent for the mosquito repellent product Thermacell - build a crowdsourcing tool for mosquito reports."


Animators - want to join the 9/11 "It's been ten years" project?

Gideon Amichay, executive creative director of Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive, has a 9/11 project brewing in his free time called "it's been ten years".

He wants to bring together animators from all over the world to honor the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11. The project is in collaboration with ANIBOOM, the virtual animation studio, and will be shown on both web and TV once completed. If you're interested in joining the project see aniboom studios site for details.

This is a not-for-profit effort. Any proceeds generated by screenings on television or other media will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund and the Tuesday’s Children organization.


The P-tree - Dutch design helps Roskilde festival with tree urinals

Dutch design crew Sam van Veluw and Rogier Martens a.k.a Andeboom have invented the "P-tree", a portable urinal unit that can hang off any tree. They're currently all over the Roskilde festival in Denmark, because at festivals people will urinate against trees no matter what. Might as well sort them a target. It's funny how the Dutch excel at temporary urinal solutions designs, as I recall the first FUD (female urination device) I saw came out of Holland, now there's she wees and go-girls and who knows what else. You don't need to buy gadgets though, you need to master "the arc" s'all.


Va Va Voom: Renault drops advertising in *all* News International titles

Brandrepublic reports that Renault extends ad boycott to all News International titles.

In a statement today, Renault said: "As a result of the seriousness of the continued allegations of phone hacking by News of the World, Renault is reviewing its media advertising plans, pending the formal investigations. We currently have no advertising planned in any News International press titles in the immediate future."


George Parker writes another book: Confessions of a Mad Man.

Image of The Ubiquitous Persuaders

George Parker, our favorite crusty curmudgeon behind adscam, has written another book. Writing Madscam (Kindle version) and The Ubiquitous Persuaders wasn't enough, George still has a lot on his mind. He needs to confess. What could he have to confess about that you haven't read in his blog already? Dearie me, lots. Below is a sample from chapter 2, where George reveals he worked on Mr Whipple! (Now I wan't to see George and Luke thumbwrestle over a wee dram.)

Ad Books: 

Geoffrey Roche leaves Lowe Roche

Someone needs to get a new domain, geoffreyrocheisahack needs to change to geoffreyrocheisahacker as ClickEric reports that Lowe Roche loses the Roche (as Geoffrey Roche Steps Down). He's going to work full time for poolhouse, a web based app/media company he started with his son Alexandre Roche back in -07.

Geoffrey Roche’s impact on advertising is long and varied. He has worked with an impressive roster of clients from Audi, Nestle’s Purina, Miele, and Knorr. Geoffrey Roche is a unique individual who has never been afraid to speak his mind, is known to have a distinctive style, and won a shelf of creative awards. He has mentored many people who have not only gone on to have great careers in the industry but who have also become leaders in their own right.


Heineken - the Date - (2011) :90

Heineken - the Date - (2011) :90

Heineken are upping "the entrance", this time with a date that is inspired by Goodfellas and a wild party in Chinatown. Guillaume Dolmans plays the perfect date who brings his lady through the restaurant kitchen, bumps into a magician, has a shadow-fight with a chinese dragon and then invents new dance-moves. The best part of this ad is how the "making of" clip keeps up the idea that Guillaume Dolmans is all kinds of awesome. Oh, and it's all based on scenes from w+k ECD Eric Quennoy's life. True story.


NAB - Honesty Experiment #1 Incorrect Change - (2011)

NAB - Honesty Experiment #1 Incorrect Change - (2011)

What happens if you are one of the rudest Baristas around, who apart from sly insults and backhanded compliments, also give far too much change back to your customers?


Phonehacking & Twitter killed - Sunday is to be the last edition of News of the World

No sooner had I finished reading News of the World pulls all ads after client exodus at BrandRepublic when twitter went nuts with the news that News Of The World is no more. The NOTW tag has gems from all major newspapers and journalists:

Sean O'Neill

BREAKING - James Murdoch: "This Sunday will be the last issue of the News of the World." #notw

The Guardian:


The #1 tip of conning people of millions - show them a "flat belly" banner ad

Washingtonpost reports that the ubiquitous 'tiny belly' online ad has made $1 billion and counting scheming people to buy useless junk.

In lawsuits filed over the past year, the Federal Trade Commission has alleged that the ads are the leading edge of what amounts to a three-step scheme that has conned millions of people.