The Social Practice "12 trends from Cannes 2011"

This neat slideshow from The Social Practice highlights the trends seen in cannes 2011, in other words the stuff you will want to have grown out of if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition before next Cannes. Obviously social media is playing a big role, but what's also apparent is that storytelling is the real key. Here's to the future.


TAXI Europe: the ad agency culture that you go back to

TAXI Europe is the rebirth of Dutch digital agency Ottonico, the 22-person strong creative shop founded in 2008 by Eric Verhage and Maarten van Huijstee. Doing everything from gaming, to mobile to 'traditional' ads for clients such as Heineken, KPN Royal Dutch Telecom, TNT Post, Footlocker, ING and telecommunications brands Hi and Telefort, they had the little thing that made TAXI want them to join the TAXI family in 2009.


American Atheists celebrate GodLESS america with aerial banners 4th July

American Atheists will fly either “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is Patriotic” over 26 states on July 4th, celebrating our growth as a movement and our freedom to live without dogma and religion.

What's more, if you see a banner and you get a good picture of one, you can win a T-shirt.

Why are they only flying these banners in 26 states, instead of all 50?


Stalking creative directors on twitter to spell out: "Hire Us" with avatars

"Hire us" was the message spelled out on leading creative directors twitter page, a little analog hack created by Bas van de Poel & Daan van Dam, a.k.a. @wonderyears_ .

In this video they show what it looks like on @iaintait's twitter page (Ian is using squidfingers background pattern btw if you fancy it), and how it worked as their five twitter users stalked their creative director targets, just to spell out this message on their twitter pages. Of course, it only works if these people are using twitter via the web browser, and not if they use tweetdeck, Echofon or their phones. Cute.


Axe / Lynx - Beach Shower - (2011) :60 (UK)

Axe / Lynx - Beach Shower - (2011) :60 (UK)

Man takes shower on the beach, turns out he puppeteers all the women around with his moves. And in the end, they won't do as Simon Says.


In a digitally-connected world, ‘Scam’ ads hurt brands.

First, let’s define a ‘Scam’ ad.

A scam ad is the industry term for an ad made simply for the purpose of entering it into advertising award shows. It’s made for a client without the client’s consent, and sometimes, the agency or creatives don’t even have that client on their roster.

It may run once, paid for by the agency. Many times, it never runs at all.


Victoria Milan campaign for "Cheaters dating site" not banned

This is under "banned" though, surprise, it wasn't! When the Norwegian 'dating' company Victoria Milan launched in the Swedish market advertising "make life exiting, have an affair" it was quickly dubbed the "cheaters site" and had people talking everywhere. Swedes, mostly known for topless sunbathing and bikini teams around the world (I know that makes no sense) were all shocked by the idea, and a whopping 206 individual complaints arrived at RO (The advertising ombudsmans) offices demanding that the campaign be stopped for moral reasons as it encouraged infidelity.


Why crowdsourcing is rubbish : "We know it when we see it"

Tom Albrighton at abc copywriting has put up a well researched piece explaining all the faults he sees in crowdsourcing. Beyond the obvious "can we do the font from that one, the headline from that one, and the picture from that one?" thing we've all run into when we present three pieces to more than five people.

Thanks to social media and the web, the ritual of presenting options to the client has mutated into a monstrous and dangerous new form: completely crowdsourced creative.


The Grand Prix for Good is the best shortlist, being on it is a win.

The Grand Prix for good was won by Leo Burnett Australia, for their "see the person" disability awareness campaign for Scope. Well done.