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The pre-game preview of films here at Adland.

Ok, if you want to reminisce, check the Super Bowl Archive for the previous 32 years of Super Bowls.

Super adgrunts, if you want a sneak peek check out these.

Sure - Stunt City :60


Battle of the Ad Blogs Portuguese print fame

Thanks to the Hidden Persuader we have these scans of the Battle of the ad blogs being mentioned in Portuguese tradepress.
I can sorta make out what is says - something like "root for your countrymen hidden persuader and TBWA blog". ;) Maybe.


Collection of *online* Super Bowl ads

I've assembled a first-of-its-kind collection of online Super Bowl ads, as opposed to Super Bowl commercials online, that might be of interest to those following the game from a marketer's perspective. It's a little rough around the edges, but please remember that it's a hobby site! Super Bowl ads

As you'll see, none of the campaigns that I've found even come close to the sophistication and quality of their television counterparts. Given the relative spend levels, I suppose that's to be expected!

Some advertisers seem to have put at least a little thought into what they were airing: (read more)


Buzzword Bingo: Super Bowl ad edition

There is only one problem with the Mapau Bingo's Buzzword Bingo Superbowl ads edition, and that is the word "monkeys".

Why, I haven't seen a monkey in a superbowl ad since... eh.. come to think of it I don't think I ever have. Don't make me watch all 32 years again!
But we see the tired idea acted out by great apes almost every year! /nitpick
Via Metafilter.


Superduper Super Bowl Commercial Spoiler - UPDATED!

Alright folks, it's nearly game time. So far we have a good list and have added some new players to the supposed lineup for Super Bowl XL this Sunday.

As always, if you'd like to be surprised, don't look. ;-)


Career builder bring out the apes again, animal rights group peeved

Careerbuilder are still going ape over chimps and will be using them in yet another campaign, launching during the superbowl. The group aren't happy about it. If animal cruelty won't stop creatives from resorting to chimps, how about way tired creativity? Lets all boo and hiss and scream "hack" at the next ad that has chimps pretending t o be human in it. It got tired with PG Tips tea way back in the sixties, as their first chimp-family advert aired in 1956! Stop it already.

"Chimpanzees are suffering horribly for our entertainment," says world renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall. "It is time to move beyond the misuse of creatures who are vulnerable to our exploitation precisely because they are so like us. We are asking companies like to make the right choice and remove themselves from this cruel process." Companies including Keds, Puma, HomeUSA Warehouse, and Honda pulled ads featuring great apes after learning of the cruelty inherent in training chimpanzees.
reads a statement in a press release from

Miller Animal Auditions

What is it about racoons that make them so darn cute? Is it the human-hands? In this viral campagn a bunch of animals try out for parts in a Miller ad, the penguin Stanley, the racoon Michael Enright. The 'takes' are between 3 and 5 minutes long, at Check Michaels dialect skills. ;)

Via screenhead - edit: and shake1 who posted it in the forums just minutes earlier.


Captain Duplication

Superheros are popular in ads. But this set of badlanders for Walt Disney World and Prudential Financial share the idea that Mom and Dad are superheros. And yes, they are dressed in the appropriate garb for superhero greatness. Read on to see the idea twins.