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Round 74590 in the battle between Miller Lite and Bud Light

Yes, folks, they are at it again. Tuesday Miller issued a press release after Anheuser-Busch contacted several cable television networks to request that they cease running new Miller ads pointing out that, despite a change in Bud Light, Miller Lite still has more taste.

Some cable networks did in fact pull the ads until Miller can verify the claims (10 out of about 32).


New Ambien CR ad epitomizes pharmaceutical company malevolence

You've GOT to read the article on Adweek about this new ad hawking Ambien CR sleeping pills...

According to Adweek, the ads contain a seven-day free trial coupon, but fail to mention any side effects, which happen to include memory loss and addiction!

Better yet, the ads violate four out of fifteen "guiding principles" agreed upon by some association of pharmaceutical advertisers.

The principles, you see, don't go into effect until 2006, and the drug maker seems to want to stimulate trial (and addiction, perhaps?) before 2006, when, coincidentally, they lose patent protection on their original Ambien.

Very funny stuff, indeed!


A german, a prostitute and a tagline.

Be warned: Below is an obscene joke, that makes fun of other nationalities and assumes that prostitutes actually can enjoy being victimized.

But it does have an advertising angle, so I thought: WTF? and posted it. Now please don't scroll down, unless you're not easily offended.


Lodger equalityzone.org viral animations

Equalityzone.org is a flash site dedicated to stats about women, news about women and promoting equality for men and women worldwide. There are lots of interesting fact nuggets hiding on the site which sadly, I can't link directly to since the whole thing is a one-url only flash-package, but dive into the different countries to find trivia you never knew. Try new zealand for example. :)

Lodger, the finnish posse with a history of creating cheeky animations like I love death where old men harass young women as both the opening scene and punchline, have created four films for Equalityzone.


Songs for sale

The Houston Chronicle has an interesting article that shows the move in the music industry towards the belief that selling out is OK. The article starts off with the changes of Paul McCartney, who went from suing Michael Jackson for licensing "Revolution" to Nike in 1985 to this year appearing in a national TV ad for Fidelity Investments with one of his songs as a music track as well as a song in a Lexus ad (who also happens to be sponsoring his current tour.)


Truth in election posters?

It's election time again in Denmark, this time for the local major and city elections, and as usual the election posters scattered all over town have to be messed with.
During the last government election an artist on Nørrebro painted almost every poster in his neighbourhood so that they became colourful portraits, works of street art, instead of the usual smiling politicians. This time someone decided to unveil a particular politicians past.


Don't hate me because I'm DM

The Direct Marketing Association has launched a new website, mydm.co.uk, in the hopes of changing public perception of the direct industry, which was n


Art Directors Club 85th call for entries

Desire a shiny ADC Cube? The Art Director's Club has opened their call for entries for the 85th annual awards. A call for entry poster was created by Ernest Lupinacci and J.P. Richardson of Anomaly, NY and photographed by James Bareham.