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Is non-traditional media going mainstream?

From streakers to tattoos to crop circles, it seems in recent years there's been a big increase in using what was once considered non-mainstream art in advertising. Sometimes it's the whole concept. Sometimes it's the just media.

Recently Time had graffiti artist Cope2 create an outdoor ad for the magazine in Soho. (above)


Viral BMW spot

That's what you think when you see this viral ad of a runner jogging through the woods. If you want to know why just have a look here (QT mpeg).


Dodge banner ad so 1999

Last week, the NYTimes reported that before a deal was inked for Lee Iacocca, the retired Chrysler chairman, to pitch cars in ads for Dodge for their employee pricing for everyone (following on the footsteps of General Motors), the 3 ads had already been shot. A bid odd. The ads also feature Jason Alexander. A deal must have been reached as I saw one of the ads last night.

Anyway, today I saw this banner ad:

I had to shrink the size down a bit to make it fit for AdLand, which makes it look a bit better. So here's a snippet at actual size:


Sweden's advertisers (org) new campaign shows no skin

Sveriges Annonsörers (Sweden's advertisers organisation) has launched a press campaign with the help of ad agency Shout. In the campaign which mainly runs in Swedish business news similar to the FT, they aim to make people think about who gets to decide what can and can not be done in advertising. Politicians personal points of view or a code created by common sense and industry self regulation? Their weapon of choice, that tired old irony, is trotted out to show what might happen if laws instead of self regulation become the norm.

(First ad, above) Headline reads: Should politicians personal views decide how much skin shall be allowed?


The PixelRoller Painter

Oh my, this is probably the neatest thing I've seen this year. Introducing, the pixelroller: "PixelRoller is a paint roller that paints pixels, designed as a rapid response printing tool specifically to print digital information such as imagery or text onto a great range of surfaces" created by Stuart Wood and Florian Ortkrass.


Moncton airport boasts less fog

Through an advertising campaign, Moncton airport is trying to capitalize on the recent weather related flight delays and cancelations that have been apart of Halifax airport.

Halifax airport is conducting a major airfield rehabilitation program which has affected normal operations.
Moncton airport boasts less fog

Moncton is hoping to capitalize on Halifax's recent airport troubles.
The Greater Moncton International Airport has taken out ads in a Halifax newspaper saying the New Brunswick city boasts the "best-weather international airport in Atlantic Canada."

Citing weather data to back up their claim, airport officials say Halifax has 122 fog days per year compared to Moncton's 60.

Rob Robichaud, airport general manager, said he got the idea for the new ad campaign while watching news stories about stranded passengers at the Halifax International Airport.

Well that clears things up.


Andy Law's new advertising agency

Andy Law started as a founder of St. Lukes in 1999, then left in 2003 after disagreements, and then in started boymeetsgirl with Kate Stanners and David Pemsel in 2003. In September that same year, there was a fall out and Stanners and Pemsel left. In January, IHT reported that Law was looking for investors to "support his plan to turn a revamped Boymeetsgirl into an international network of agencies."

Now, Law has apparently bounced back from the liquidation of boymeetsgirl, partnering up with Preevan Kenneth, formerly of Publicis India and most recently chief executive at St Luke's India, to start Law & Kenneth. Their idea is for Law & Kenneth, which promises to offer clients the entire spectrum of marketing services, to be a nodal network of small offices, where the focus is on building partnerships between people and with clients.

"The idea is to create a mutual agenda to co-create value and deliver better advertising," says Mr Law. "The network marries the wisdom of mature, Western markets with the energy and freshness of emerging markets to offer an East-meets-West confluence. With the right people who are committed to the belief in place across markets, we are in a strong position to create a network of this kind."


Pepsi brings back surf advert

Back in January, Dab posted about Pepsi pulling/postponing a surf themed ad featuring Beckham, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry and other football stars, after the tragic tsunami that hit Southeast Asia last Decemeber.

Now, Pepsi has brought the ad back, although with caution. The ad, created by AMV BBDO, won't be airing on TV but will be viewable on Pepsi's thirstforfootball.com site accompanied by a hefty PR campaign, by Ketchum.