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Superbowl ads, the stranger in the bar 1996 vs 2011

This is probably just me, but I chuckled just now when I remembered the 1996 Coors Light Super Bowl commercial "Rocky Mountain high". In this ad, stranger enters the bar, is eyed up by all the local barflies, and then they break into song....


Coke "Border patrol ad" Super bowl plays out like 8 PM whisky ad

Our first Superbowl Badlander is this pairing, yes, Coke did it again. Shoutout to Anantha who jogged my memory-cells, the Coke ad border-dispute idea was once done in an ad for whisky in India. Is this becoming a habit? Last year we found the Coke sleepwalking ad had been done as an Israeli yogurt-drink ad way back in 2001. Brainsync again! Drats.

Lets compare and contrast, shall we?


Detroit rises in the Superbowl.

It was an ad for Chrysler, it had no funny gags or groin-kicks, but it did have a celebrity cameo. And even if @adlandjones tweeted he wasn't sure if Eminem was coming to kick his ass if he didn't buy a Chrysler, this is the ad that won the hearts of the Superbowl watching general public. Joe Public told me so, this was my most favorited tweet of the evening.

Like the Clydesdales bow in 2002, America needed this ad. Detroit needed this ad. It was a 3 million dollar pep-talk that actually pep-talked. Well done Chrysler.


Super Bowl 45 - 2011 Ad Review

So this year, instead of creating the epic Super Bowl Ad spoiler as I've done in the past, this year I went in, with no knowledge (ok, a tiny bit - it's hard to avoid) of what I was going to see. The test was to see if I was less cynical of the ads. Here's what we saw.

1st Quarter:
Bud Lite - Hack Jobs - Putting Bud Light on a counter is an easy way to fix a kitchen. Ok, so what is new here? Nothing. C’mon Bud Light..can we try for a change? This ad was like something an intern did. And that’s not a slam at’s a slam at ad people who are doing ad work of freshies.


Super Bowl Ad Bingo

In 7 days, we'll all be gathered around the TV watching Super Bowl XLV. To make watching the ads even more enjoyable (even if they aren't), we've created a Super Bowl Ad Bingo card.

You'll find 4 boards featuring the stereotypical antics we tend to see year in and year out. Who knows, it might even take you only one spot to get to BINGO!

Download and print them before your superbowl party.


Doritos crash the Super Bowl gay ads shafted - Badland ad will never air during the bowl

Doritos® and Pepsi MAX® are experiencing a bit of controversy regarding their annual Crash The Superbowl competition this year, as two ads depicting gay men have made the rounds on the web as if they were potential Super Bowl ad airs, despite never making it to the final round of the competition.

Frito-Lay Director of Public Relations Chris Kuechenmeister told GLAAD the ads were two out of 5,600 that were submitted to the company for its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. He said the ads were not among the finalists chosen by a panel of judges, and have no chance of airing during the Super Bowl or otherwise.


The advertisers you won't see on the super bowl.

We've been psyched since October, when Fox let it be known that the Super Bowl commercial slots were already sold out. So who will not be in the Super Bowl Commercial archive this year? have now moved beyond simple brand awareness. Or maybe they just grew tired of competing with Careerbuilder. Last year they had a fiddling beaver. This year, no beaver at all.


Before they were famous - they were in Super Bowl commercials.

One of the fun things about the the worlds largest super bowl commercials archive is fame-spotting. Here's ten super bowl ads with actors before they were famous.

Before he was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, or the shark-jumping Fonzie, Henry Winkler played a son in a family where shaving was such big topic, he brings his razor home when he visits the folks. Ah, the naive ad-scripts of the seventies, even the comic relief line is so old it has whiskers. How appropriate! But wait, there's more! The mother is none other than Frances Sternhagen, a character actress with a long resumé. You might know her as John Carter's grandmother in ER.

From the 1973 super bowl VII commercials.


Super bowl XLIV commercials, what went wrong this year?

Ok, I've come down from my sugar-high caused by way too many soda pops and candy bars that kept me chugging through, staying awake from Sunday morning to late Monday night. It's not a good state to watch and try to judge the ads in, so I'd like to thank a whole bunch of people too numerous to mention, among them DDB, TBWA, FLO TV rep Edelman, Teleflora, Lynch Communications and Medialink Worldwide for sending their ads in early to help the process along here. Y'all rock and you know it. The 2010 super bowl XLIV commercials in the collection.

I always come down pretty hard, blaming my negative reactions to lack of sleep, but overall I think this bowl was sub-par. So sub-par I almost instated a "roll-eye rating" for each ad, that's how often I caught myself rolling my eyes.

Now that I have caught some shuteye, I figured out what really bugged me with the ads. The See more online. What is this, the "AOL keyword" of the tens? Why are you telling me to see more online when you have my attention on TV? In the future, I'm sure we'll be able to click links in TV-ads, but we're not quite there yet, so hows about you TV advertisers use the TV-medium to tell us what is it you want us to know? Vizio seems busy putting the internet on TV so I guess I can see more online, on my TV soon.


Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter:
Vizio - :60 spot by Venables, Bell & Partners, SF directed by Wally Pfister and features Beyonce Knowles-Carter.
Review: @caff ok, so this spot totally went off on the whole internet swip-age but, it makes sense for the brand (unlike other SB ads of the night).
@dabitch: UuuuGhhh, if I see Tay Zonday & the numa numa guy again in an ad I'll scream. I like robots tho. Even robot arms.