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Lego - Caterpillar / Whale / Monster - (2011)

New twist on the old transparent photo meme as the posters show what you can imagine with the help of lego. Yes, literally, with the help of Lego. It took 97,096 pieces and three outdoor adshells to make this. Nice.


Mattel / Pictionary - Quickest draw wins - print, Malaysia

Today seems to be truth in advertising day. These delish illustrations nail the fun of pictionary where it's not how well you draw, but how quick you draw . Nicely done, O&M Malaysia.


Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels for Real - (2011) :30 (USA)

Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels for Real - (2011) :30 (USA)

Remember what it was like playing with a hot wheels car? No? Don't worry, this ad will show you what your little child imagination dreamt of. It's an exercise in 30 seconds of 'weeeeee, watch the edge OMG that was close, weee!'


Scrabble - the power of words / Goldfish eats shark

Where's Caffeinegoddess, the admitted scrabble addict when we need her? I never play scrabble, not sure about the rules, but I can build words on letters from my opponents word, right?


chance lottery- who's the man?

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who's the man

product: chance lottery
chief creative director: Guy Bar
creative director: Eran Bar-Yochai
copywriter: Ran Allon,Tamar Dvir
agency producer: Noga Sagi


The National Museum of Science and Technology - Little Einstein (2009) Print (Sweden)

Ruth Advertising out of Stockholm promotes the National Museum of Science and Technology with a spin on the famous Einstein picture, showing him as a kid. Tagline: Every little genius' favorite place


Lego "Making History" / Tank / Brandeburg / Ali

Famous moments done in lego - because for 50 years the danish plastic thingiemabob has been making history.


Mattel Hot Wheels - Parquet, Tiles & Carpet - print, UK

Ogilvy, London. UK did this, on poster sites right now, says the creative who submitted it via their personal gmail account.: @OGILVY helped us out here with exact info: "mattel: yes it run in outdoor and is about to run in press.". Thank you!


Scrabble - sliced anagrams / Iuragt, Iptaehne, Naeimsbru - print, Chile

Visualizing scrabble - picture anagrams. Clever stuff from JWT Santiago.
Scrabble elephant, Scrabble Guitar, and Scrabble submarine.

Update Congratulations, winner of the 2009 Clio Awards (silver) see the winners book (PDF)


Rubik's Cube - Going Rubik's - print, New Zealand

From DDB New Zealand comes this reminder that the Rubik's cube has been driving us all nuts for 25 years. Some are more obsessed with solving them than others....