TL;DR Gawker broke the law - it doesn't matter who funded the suit

For those who never read past the headline on Twitter, enjoy the point served as headline.

MassiveMusic expands, adds metal loving Laura Grzeszczak to the team

MassiveMusic has appointed Laura Grzeszczak Client Service and Project Manager in their London office.

Helping Special Olympics Hellas is as easy as shopping at the Duty Free

Special Olympics Hellas is the largest organization for people with intellectual disabilities in Greece.

Charlotte Tilbury creates a 360° experience featuring Kate Moss

British make-up artist and fashion maven Charlotte Tilbury has a new fragrance out called Scent of a Dream. To promote it they created a 360° film featuring Kate Moss and other beautiful people...

Don't Panic London poaches creatives for CD position with "flatmate wanted" style ads

Disguised as couriers infiltrators from Don't Panic in London toured competing agencies and snuck in posters advertising the Creative Director...

Creatives use #PokemonGoHome to raise awareness for EU citizen rights

This weekend, some posters went up around London questioning the status of Pokemon and calling for their deportation.

Zambezi Hires Pereira & O'Dell's Janine Zaim

Independent creative agency Zambezi has named Janine Zaim as its first Director of Recruiting.

If you need to relax, Deep Spring has you covered

To promote the sparkling mineral water Deep Spring’s relaunch, Saatchi and Saatchi NZ partnered with JCDecaux to create the first ever digital coloring board.

Director Tom Carty Joins Humble

Production studio Humble has signed director Tom Carty for representation in the U.S. and Canada.

What do you get when you build IKEA while on drugs? HIKEA

Welcome to HIKEA. Simple premise: Hipsters take drugs and build IKEA furniture. So far there's only two episodes, one in which a guy takes shrooms and another where two people take LSD.

Tired of no-no Olympic words? Try The #RioCorrector and help a good cause.

Every four years, official sponsors of the Olympic games proudly tout their association, while the rest of the world's brands are forbidden to even say the word "gold," not to mention a host of...

Dominos accused of "rape culture" for "no is the new yes" line.

Since the decline of cinemas, a lot of projectors seem to have found a new calling in life.

Banjo, Sydney ad agency, apologises for alleged 'racial' incident

"What is it with advertising agencies this week?" asks Twitter down under as the news spread that Banjo Advertising had said to a candidate at an interview that "the client might be alarmed that...