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"The disturbance" - privacy rights group hacks consumer tracking device in Västerås

DFRI, the Swedish organisation for digital rights, sent a handful och activists to the city of Västerås, to block the tracking of mobile phones the city is doing. In the photo above Anders Sundman informs a passer-by of the activity, while the device seen on the statue is actively blocking the monitoring of peoples phones.


#askadstandards twitter movement puts Ad Standards Board against the wall

#askadstandards is the hashtag that aims to confront the Ad Standards Board with how lax they are in regards to the sexualisation of women in advertising.


Giant pink condoms covering tall things - Twice

When the giant hot pink condom in Sydney was put on a landmark in Sydney last week, we had a severe sense of Deja Vu. The Aids Council of New South Wales (Acon) created the “I’m ON” campaign to encourage safe sex among gay men, but it's not the first time we've seen giant pink condoms raising Aids awareness.


At this point, Twitter should change its name to Troller.

If you ask pro-Gamergaters what gamergate is about, they'll tell you "ethics in journalism". In fact that phrase became a meme, it was repeated so often. If you ask most journalists what gamergate is about, they'll tell you it's slut-shaming Zoe Quinn and harassing Brianna Wu, and Anita Sarkeesian, and a major movement to exclude all women from gaming.


Whitehouse Post Promotes Brandon Porter to Editor

Whitehouse Post continues their tradition of growing the best editorial talent in the industry with the promotion of LA-based Brandon Porter to Editor. Born in Memphis, Porter zeroed in on an editorial career in high school and attended SCAD where he majored in film and photography. Upon graduation, Porter worked for Lab 601 in Atlanta then moved to Beast in LA before joining Whitehouse Post in 2010.


Adland reports from the Big Bus Challenge

Busses. They’re big, they’re red, they stick in your head. Adland reports from Exterion Media’s Big Bus Challenge in London. All aboard!


Can #Gamergate be rebranded? Should it be? Interview with Nick Robalik

It's difficult to keep up with gamergate, but the David Pakman show works hard at it. Pakman has interviewed John Bain (pro Gamergate), who says he was offered free swag for good reviews, as well as Arthur Chu (anti Gamergate) who defends tactics such as doxxing.


eightytwenty uses Tinder to highlight sex trafficking

The Immigrant Council and Dublin based digital/experiential agency eightytwenty used Tinder to create awareness for the Immigrant Council of Ireland about sex trafficking and prostitution.