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Christmas came early: Spaghetti-O's makes a Pearl Harbor tweet.

Yes, this is real. And yes, it's insane.

Huge props to @it's_Elliot for the hat tip here.

This tweet has been up for three hours and hasn't been taken down, so we can only assume the social media team went home after the holiday bar binge. Somehow, the social media intern at Spaghetti-O's pulled a fast one. Either that or or this amazing piece of WTF-ness was approved by the SpaghettiO's higher ups while they were busy "multi-tasking."


ACNE Beefs Up Art Direction with Anderson Hire

ACNE is pleased to announce the addition of Senior Art Director Tyler Andersen to its roster. A versatile talent tuned to the latest digital and 3D technologies, Anderson brings a range of experience across diverse brands and platforms.


Whitehouse Post’s Alaster Jordan Heads to NYC

Longtime Whitehouse Post Editor and Partner Alaster Jordan will relocate from London to New York at the first of the year, fine-tuning the distribution of the company’s top talents while underscoring Whitehouse’s longstanding commitment to nurturing its roster of up-and-coming editors.


Eminem wants you to retweet for charity.

Today Eminem launched a donation campaign as part of #GivingTuesday benefitting Wolverine Human Services.

Wolverine Human services, is an organization that helps troubled youths, in Michigan.

The initiative is simple: you can retweet Eminem's tweet, to donate ten dollars.


@MobCityTNT: the first ever screenplay adapted for twitter.

To capitalize on peoples' habits of tweeting whilst watching TV, TNT's period piece Mob City created what they are referring to as the first ever (gulp) adaptweetion.

The activation, (sorry but I can't type that word again) in partnership with Deutsch NY, allows the Mob City story to unfold over three days, all ramping up to the December 4th premiere on TNT.

If you don't catch the livetweeting, no worries, there's a storified-like version of it here on


Commercial Advertising in Schools: Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Philadelphia is considering a bill proposal which would allows advertising on school property. Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen submitted testimony to The Philadelphia City council today condemning advertising in schools for two big reasons: It's detrimental to education and a paltry source of extra revenue.

Alberto Belli

Going Viral: A Conversation with Accomplice Media's Alberto Belli

Accomplice Media director Alberto Belli has attracted audiences of millions worldwide with his riotously funny short films.