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Spotify does not want you to make money.

Hey kids. Remember Vulfpeck? Sure you do. They are a really great band who had an ingenious idea to make some money on Spotify by creating Sleepify. They released an album of silent tracks and asked their fans to play it on repeat while they slept, to help them raise money for their tour.

Adland: - pretty photo prints raise money for Sherpas

Senior editor of Outside magazine Grayson Wyatt is, like so many others, very concerned about the Sherpas after the death of so many on everest, and wants to help.


Mad Men celebrate secretaries day by showing a Chief of Copy & an agency partner

Staying true to the 60s casual sexism, Mad Men AMC just tweeted a "Happy Secretaries day" from their official account, sharing an image of the always fabulous Joan Holloway and the ever ambitious Peggy Olsen. Despite the fact that Peggy Olsen is a copy chief at SC&P, and Joan Holloway is a managing partner at SC&P. I guess they'll always be secretaries in some peoples eyes.


SAVAGE Signs Neil Tardio Jr.

Bicoastal/International production company SAVAGE has signed Neil Tardio Jr. for US representation. An ability to engage audiences with subtle yet compelling comedy has been a leitmotif throughout Tardio’s career for the likes of Coca Cola, ESPN, AT&T, Volkswagen, Budweiser, Nike and many more.

“Savage is a young, fast growing company and adding talented US directors to our roster is incredibly exciting,” notes SAVAGE exec producer Jay Shapiro, who previously produced on commercials with Tardio for a number of years.


NYPD social kicks off #mynypd hashtag, it backfires

The social media account for NYPD thought it was a good idea to start the #mynypd hashtag, asking the public to post photos of themselves with the NYPD. The responses weren't what they expected, with people posting pictures of themselves getting arrested and all sorts. File under: Really, you didn't see that coming? Prediction: opening for social media manager at NYPD soon.


Hell Pizza makes billboard out of real rabbits

Hell Pizza, the New Zealand pizza provocateur, must have missed the international news spotlight. So, just in time for easter they've put up a billboard made with real rabbit - just like their rabbit pizza. Yep, that's right, lots of furry widdle rabbit furs were stapled to the billboard, leaving only open areas where the headline is. Quelle outrage!


PETA tries new 'shock' ad tactic, showing gay man as fairy

PETA must have realized somewhere that their constant nudity and generally misogynist advertising wasn't raising any eyebrows anymore, as even I got bored writing about it, but not before we had our advertising income ganked by Google for criticizing PETA ads, so they've changed tactic.


Seattle hamburger joint shows Jesus smoking a joint, because marketing.

Seattle burger joint Lunchbox Laboratory saw a huge opportunity in the fact Easter falls on April 20th this year. What better way to get press than combining the most important holiday in the Christian religion with a stoner holiday as a giant fuck you to a lot of people, only to claim that's a good thing because you're getting talked about.