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Irony: The RIAA issues Adland a takedown notice. Update: But the rights were cleared!

Update part 2! Please see Bclassic " Classical Comeback" booty shaking ladies still dancing to Dvorak, RIAA update. After a productive call with UMG we got all the confusion sorted out and now have an updated version of the ad on Adland. Please read the update.


Web 3.0 - Steal it, then sell it.

Longtime readers of Adland know my stance on the dilution of worth when it comes to our collective output, in the form of photographs, written word, code and illustrations. I've long argued that the erosion of respect of the copyright the "big bad guys" such as the ever called upon boogie-man, the Music Corporation, or Hollywood Film company has on their work, will only keep eroding the respect people have for our work, us creative individuals who take photographs, write stories, paint, code apps or create anything at all.


Facebook. A name so nice they monetize your content twice.

As if it weren't enough Facebook cashes in on all your status updates and kitten pictures with its shitty ads, now they're making brands, bands, artists and content creators pay for their reach. Facebook's ad business rakes in 2.3 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. Call it hubris, call it the usual Silicon Valley arrogance, but people are starting to wise up. And by "People," I mean both ad agencies, and artists.


"The toughest job in the world" - the job interviews, twice in Badland

So it's time to Badland "the worst job in the world", the idea where one wastes job seekers time just to talk to them about an unpaid position as "director of operations" where you have to be on call twenty four hours a day, where there's no sick leave, no vacation etc. Now, Our friend Joelapompe already Badlanded it so lets just recap.


Agency 358 now has its own bags.

First came notebooks poking fun at Finnish life. Now, Helsinki-based Agency 358 brings you fun self-promotional bags. They don't poke fun at Finnish stereotypes (unless there's a hidden bag joke here I'm missing) but they still have that great color palette.

Wonder if this means they're thinking about opening a pop-up store?


Stun Creative hires Marina Crenna to launch STUN ORIGINALS

Stun Creative, the kings of comedy content aka the award winning creative agency, commercial and branded content production company based in Los Angeles, announced today that it is launching Stun Originals, a production startup that will develop original entertainment programming and content for television and the Web. Stun has hired Maria Crenna, former President of Mandeville Television, to run the unit, under the title President Stun Originals.


Adam Berg Signs to Smuggler London

Smuggler announced today the signing of Adam Berg to its UK office. Previously with Stink outside the US market, the signing means that Smuggler will now be representing the multi award-winning director worldwide for commercials.

The Swedish filmmaker has been with Smuggler in the US for more than a decade, growing from a successful music promo director into a major commercial force. His decision to move over to Smuggler for worldwide representation marks a move towards a consolidated global management for the director.


Publicis & Omnicom world's biggest merger is world's biggest fail.

The $35 billion merger between Publicis and Omnicom has been called off. Despite getting the US antitrust greenlight which was apparently easier to get than the shareholders to play nice with each other, and for the two giant companies to agree on who the chief financial officer should be.