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Poetweet promotes creative courses

b_arco, is a place for research, discussion, creation and exchange of art and culture in São Paulo. It's eight years strong hub of creative activity.


Best reaction to Oscar nomination snub goes to: Phil Lord & Lego, the Movie

With Oscar nominations come the Oscar snubs.

Now, some folks may opt for the tried and tested route of noting who didn't get nominated, and this year it's women and actors of color. As written up in Forbes: "Why Ava DuVernay's 'Selma' Oscar Snub Matters", and Variety: "Oscar Nominations Expose Academy’s Lack of Diversity" and tweeted about in countless ways.


The Syrian Electronic Army invading your news & sites - via the advertising networks

The Syrian Electronic Army should be familiar to you by now, they hacked Forbes last year, as well as Time magazine's twitter account in 2013, and now that they've hacked Skype's twitter and blogs, the Guardian


A modest proposal for musicians

Another day, another musician fed up with the royalty statements thanks to Spotify. The above post comes from Paradise, whom you can see, made 3 cents for just a little under 1,000 plays of their songs. But rather than point this problem out again and again, I have decided to instead come up with a solution.


UMG hopes to make music profitable again with Havas

Over at Adage comes the earth shattering news that Havas is partnering (how I love that smarmy buzzword) with Universal Music Group to launch something called the Global Music Data Alliance. This new super company is purporting to create new revenue streams for UMG. How? Through data mining and monitoring consumer behavior.


The Adland HO HO HO Awards

Christmas is the one time of the year that agencies wholeheartedly give themselves over to flagrant self promotion. The infamous ‘agency card’ is no longer a card per se, but anything whatsoever, as long as it gets a few eyeballs and acts as a vehicle to show off your agency’s creativity. But who’s winning the battle of the cards in 2014? It’s the Adland UK ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Awards.


Celebrate Christmas the Finnish way: With a ham.

In Scandinavia they have a Christmas ham as a tradition. It takes four hours to make. So without further ado, enjoy this gift from Finnish agency 358. It's kind of like a yule log, but meatier.


Longhorn Steakhouse grills the first Winter Wonder Steak

While the hipsters at my agency all have the youtube yule logs on in the background, Longhorn and Rokkan have done them one better by launching the world's first Yule Steak. Could you imagine really keeping a steak on that long? Yikes. It'd be charcoal by the time it was done. Either way sit back and get into the holiday spirit with the link below. Strangely enough I'm now hungry. Gotta go to lunch.