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The Problem With Steve Albini

In 1994, guitarist, analog devotee, music producer and critic Steve Albini wrote a very detailed creed entitled "The Problem With Music."


Stop Abuse in animals, and Stop Abuse in humans, too.

It should come as no surprise that 76% of animal abusers also go on to abuse a member of their family, yet it is a shock. Especially as depicted in this campaign for the Spot Abuse project, which encourages you to say something when you see something. Dial 9-1-1 and make this percentage get smaller. If you can stomach it, check out the TV spot, too.


Google Adsense whistleblower story may be fake but not without truth

A deep throat has spoken up regarding Google Adsense banning habits, and their entire mail can be read here. The Next Web has already written about it , and discussion forum boards were hopping all day yesterday dissecting the accusations.


Tiny Rebellion creates the foodporn index for Bolthouse Farms

To help raise awareness for healthy eating for their client, Bolthouse Farms, La-based Tiny Rebellion created an interactive website -- that tracks the real time social sharing of food. Using an algorithm to track real-time mentions, they discovered the majority of posts are of junk. It is their hope that we can promote more healthy eating by pointing this out.


Hey interns: DDB California wants you to call them.

It says a lot about how technology has so overtaken our daily lives in 2014 that an ad agency wishing to find the most brilliant interns out there goes back to the telephone and presents you with a 1-800 number to call.

They're calling it a Launchpad, because ad agencies wouldn't be ad agencies if they didn't try to rebrand everything, including a 1-800 number. With an automated voice, no less.

They are looking for writers, art directors and creative technologists for the summer. But they'll take any discipline if you're awesome enough and know how to use a phone.


"Not available at app store" stickers for real life

Not available at App store is a tumblr where you can buy stickers or print stickers that you the put on places and things that offer adventure you can't find in the app store. Stick 'em all over kids communal playgrounds, on your dog, on that foosball table in the pub, on your friends forehead, on whatever floats your boat.


Stevie Wonder never did an Atari ad - you've been had

If you stumbled upon that Stevie Wonder ad where our great musician proclaims "If I could play video game, you bet it would be ATARI", and thought it was real ad from the likes of 1981.... you've been had.


The US Navy launches cryptology game Project Architeuthis

Do you like Cryptology? Can you break some code? Well, the NAVY is looking for you. They've created a new game on Facebook called Project Architeuthis.

The 18-day game is a fictitious U.S. Navy top-secret weapons system project. It's also a recruitment tool, and way to increase their presence on social media. The game is simple and also complex. You have to track down a mysterious enemy who has stolen the plans for a top-secret weapon and is traveling back to their secret island lair to build their own.