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Googles new "real-time trends" for journalists should be targeted by lobbyists

Why settle for just publishing rumours found on twitter, when we can have journalism based on metarumours, i.e., rumours about rumours, thanks to Googles "biggest expansion of Google trends since 2012" as announced on the Google blog here.


Buzzfeed knows everything about you thanks to Google, Facebook & Quizzes

Have you ever used the Ghostery add on? You install it in your browser of choice, and it'll show you a list of each ad tracking script or widget on the web page that watches you. Go install it right now, I'll wait. Check out Adland in comparison to your other bookmarked advertising news sites or newspapers, just for fun. Now check out Buzzfeed.


Cannes Lions statement on "The Lucky Iron Fish"

Above, Gavin Armstrong, president and CEO of Lucky Iron fish proudly posing with the grand prix on the red carpet in Cannes last week. Cannes Lions have this official statement about this award. The initial statement from Geometry posted here made it sound like Geometry was involved with developing the fish from prototype to mass-produced functioning design.


Gavin Armstrong from Lucky Iron Fish & the Cannes Lions award

By now you've heard about the controversy surrounding the Lucky Iron Fish Cannes Winner - where several people, and some agencies, are claiming that Geometry Global didn't deserve the PR & Product design lions. One of the protesting voices is Gary Tranter, co-founder of Singapore advertising agency Arcade, who shot a short content film for Google about the Lucky Iron Fish co.


Dr Charles' Lucky Iron Fish isn't as fishy as you might think.

Every year in Cannes something wins a Grand Prix, and every year immediately after, this grand prix is called into question. It's simply not Cannes Lions without a little controversy, and this year the dubious honor fell to the Lucky Iron Fish idea, from Geometry Global's Dubai office.


The Best of Cannes Self Promotion - Part Deux

On Sunday, as the Cannes Festival boozed and yachted itself into life, I wrote in my article on Self Promotion that 'I'm hoping for a few more clever ideas over the next few days.'

Since then, we reviewed two new pieces: Cash For Gold Lions, and The Cannescellation.


Tesco promote "Smokey Bacon" flavoured Pringles as Ramadan snack

A Tesco store in London managed to make this error when promoting midnight snacks for Ramadan - a store stocker who placed the Pringles with the "Ramadan Mubarak" (Ramadan is blessed) point of sale material stacked the different flavours available so that the "Smokey Bacon" was positioned at the top. Silly grocery stacker, that's where the parsley flavoured chips go!


Google ad executive dies at Cannes Lions festival

Adland can confirm that a report broken this afternoon by the Guardian is true; a Google exec has been involved in an accident at the Cannes Lions Festival, which has resulted in a death.