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AKA NYC Hires Kevin Bradley as Cultural Business Supervisor

Former Sotheby’s marketing executive seeks to expand the agency’s reach among art museums, performing arts organizations, non-profits and other cultural groups.


Ad Chat Super Bowl: John Kritch creator of "My Bold Dad" Toyota #SBads

Left; John Kritch celebrated the super bowl ad yesterday with two of his daughters who covered him in silly string. Right; John Kritch on set for the Toyota Camry ad directed by Nicolai Fuglsig.

John Kritch ACD/Art Director at Saatchi&Saatchi Los Angeles worked on the Toyota Camry super bowl spot, a spot that placed in several top ten rankings today. Adland flagged him down to ask about what it's like to work on a super bowl ad.


Super Bowl Ad Chat: Vinny Warren, on Wassup humor & preachy advertising

Vinny Warren was part of the team at DDB/Chicago who created the original "Wassup" super bowl ad, an ad that had such an impact people were saying "wassup" in the most annoying manner for years. Trivia, the wassup ad aired pre-bowl, not during the game - then they aired "Wassup girlfriend". The Wassup ad was very strange in a sea of same. Some people didn't get it, but those who did laughed their heads off.


Hook Promotes Alison Davis to Lead Aggressive Growth in 2015

Digital creative development company Hook announces the promotion of Alison Davis to Director of Operations. Davis, who joined the company in early 2014, is a powerful member of Hook’s core team, integral to optimizing its internal processes and structure while fostering continued growth. In her new role, Davis will oversee operation of Hook’s Los Angeles and Ann Arbor offices, helping to lead a team of 50+, as well as increasing efficiencies between production, account and development divisions.


Game website asks you to shoot their site down

Fun bit of distraction here. GAME is building a new website. They're asking for help in shooting down the old one. The premise is simple. Choose your ship and start shootin' till it's all gone. And when it is you'll know when the new site will be up.


Advertisers premature release of super bowl commercials leave viewers unsatisfied

Sadly, what has gotten more common over the years has now reached epic proportions. Super Bowl ads from marketers including Carl's Jr, Lexus, and Toyota have already been released or previewed, and the super bowl surprise will already feel like a rerun before it even began.

To all people releasing early, you should know, that this is not the way to build hype. To all those who have been told to embargo, and still tell, that is not the way you keep friends.


Super Bowl XLIX: The Ads of 2015 *Spoiler Alert*

Updated. The pre game release has begun and the ads will be appearing under our new topic Super Bowl 2015 XLIX commercials and on the 43 years of Super Bowl commercials page as of now.