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David Abbot wanted two very good account men at Doyle Dane Bernbach.

Sadly, David Abbott Dies at Age 75, and as Vinny Warren said, it's as if Advertising just lost its Mick Jagger. An elegant white haired Mick Jagger.


Brach's candies introduces a virtual taste test

Head on over to Brach's website and you'll discover the brand new Virtual Taste Test.

What you do is you select a product, and then see a digital metaphor that showcases what the candies taste like through music and graphics. After selecting a description, you move on to the next one until the virtual taste test ends with a completed phrase you made up from the selected word.Then you are given the option to share with friends on Facebook or Twitter and receive a coupon for $1 off any two Brach’s items.


Kip Cornett, father of beardvertising, talks creativity in Kentucky

Remember the beardvertising billboards we wrote about last year, created by ad agency Cornett? Well, Kip Cornett the ad agencies founder and namesake has been interviewed in the Kentucky paper, you might want to glance at it.


Google Doodle congratulates Norway on their bicentennial

Congratulations Norway, who just turned two hundred years! Googles doodle for the occasion is clearly inspired by the historical painting "Eidsvold 1814" which depicts the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. Norwegians all over the world are decked out in their finest bunader ready to get their dance and drink on. But first parades!


Scam ads - the Mr Hyde to our Dr Jekyll.

While Ogilvy in India have already apologized for the Kurl-On poster featuring Taliban assassination attempt survivor Malala "bouncing back" to sell mattresses, we can expect more like this as we're officially in the international ad award-season now. Scam ads winning awards in Cannes is a tradition.


Adidas Instagram printed shoes? Sure, can it get any worse?

It seem that in an attempt to stay internet hip for the hipster crowd, Adidas may have stumbled onto how to create the ugliest shoes on earth - and we thought that's what they hired Jeremy Scott for. Well they've now raised the tacky-bar, and you can print sunsets, sushi and selfies onto Adidas shoes.... I demand to see Kanye wearing Adidas with a selfie of himself on them, or I will be disappoint, son.


Irony: The RIAA issues Adland a takedown notice. Update: But the rights were cleared!

Update part 2! Please see Bclassic " Classical Comeback" booty shaking ladies still dancing to Dvorak, RIAA update. After a productive call with UMG we got all the confusion sorted out and now have an updated version of the ad on Adland. Please read the update.


Web 3.0 - Steal it, then sell it.

Longtime readers of Adland know my stance on the dilution of worth when it comes to our collective output, in the form of photographs, written word, code and illustrations. I've long argued that the erosion of respect of the copyright the "big bad guys" such as the ever called upon boogie-man, the Music Corporation, or Hollywood Film company has on their work, will only keep eroding the respect people have for our work, us creative individuals who take photographs, write stories, paint, code apps or create anything at all.