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Snapchat launches sponsored lenses - will brand your face.

As if to prove how the platform - and advertising on it - is the new king over content, Snapchat just announced that brands can buy their "lenses" feature.


Adblock launches "acceptable ads" program - lets you say "Ok" to some ads

Now that half the planet very suddenly grokked that advertising and the promise of consumer data is what's keeping all our favourite web publications, apps and socials networks "free" to use, in lieu of any payment from us consumers, Adblock is taking a lot of heat this week.


How do you want the world to be when you retire?

Pretty cool sliding-doors-style interactive website for SPP, one of Sweden's largest pension companies.


D&AD and Advertising Week Announce New Global Impact Awards

Trans-Atlantic Partnership Breaks New Ground

Program to Officially Launch at D&AD Judging Week and Advertising Week Europe in London 2016


Luma Labs launches with the hiring of Special Projects Manager Francis Pollara

Santa Monica and Melbourne-based visual effects studio Luma brings on Francis Pollara in the newly created role of Special Projects Manager.


72andSunny wins Coors Light and Coors Banquet business

Coors has been shopping around for a new agency of record and rearranged their agency portfolio a lot, most recently when MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer David Kroll fired Cavalry Chicago in early August, a possibly fatal blow to the Chicago shop that formed specifically to handle the Coors


Ad Blockers kill Hillary Clinton's donations page

Today has been a day of discussing ad blockers, and here's yet another story on ad blocking side effects. Hillary Clinton's donation page simply does not work when you surf it wearing le internet condom.


Hungarian government placed full page ads in Lebanese newspapers warning migrants

Last week, full page ads appeared in both Lebanese and Jordanian newspapers warning migrants not to come to Hungary, stating that illegally crossing the border will get them thrown in prison. "Do not listen to the people smugglers.