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Twitter powers activist journalists, if they can't find a story they'll make one.

Twitter brought on revolutions, they said, and I'm inclined to agree, but not in the way you think. While twitter was used to communicate during the uprising in Egypt, despite Vodaphone shutting down network services, and twitter increasingly beat the news deadlines with any social unrest or breaking news story, the revolution isn't in that strangers can communicate over hashtags.


The Great Credit Card Swindle : Sex Pistols Credits cards from Virgin

Remember when Sex Pistols launched a perfume and we declared punk dead? Well, Punk is now credit worthy, as you'll find that Virgin has launched Virgin money credit cards, and decorated the cards with Jamie Reid's Sex Pistols album art. Never mind the eye-watering 19% interest rate, to quote Johnny Rotten; Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?.


ArsenalCreative Launches in Santa Monica

On the heels of their breakout project “Prime Musical” for Amazon, ArsenalFX Founder Mark Leiss launches Santa Monica, California-based content creation studio ArsenalCreative alongside ECD Kaan Atilla and EP Cortney Haile.


In Defence of Digital

Going ‘undigital’ sucks. It leaves you disconnected from the people you love and from innovative services that – while may not revolutionise your life on a daily basis – make things consistently better, adding convenience and facilitating fun. Here’s why digital matters and what happened when I underwent a digital detox.


Native Content and Schrom & Co. form partnership

Native Content and Schrom & Co. are pleased to announce a new joint partnership for tabletop commercials and digital content. The new alliance enables Native to expand its versatile talent offering to include the tabletop category, and offers Schrom & Co. a west coast base of operations and a direct line to Native’s network of brand and agency clientele.


"Nice ad you got. Be a shame if no one saw it."

Last month, after six months of hard work and multiple presentations with the client, and endless production and post-production nightmares, our "film," went live on youtube and racked up eight million views in a week. The following week added an extra million. The two teams I manage, one junior, one mid-level, were ecstatic. And who wouldn't be? It's a lot of eyeballs, right?


Adland Live at Central Saint Martins - Show One

It’s a term that you’re unlikely to come across nowadays, but long ago in the history of advertising, Art Directors were once called Commercial Artists. Such language has become rather unfashionable in recent decades as ways of working change – as do agency models to reflect this.


Explore Dallas from 30,000 feet.

Explore Dallas is a new in flight experience for The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau. It was created by TracyLocke and L.A. interactive agency Wildlife. It's quite simple really--nice animation is paired with a set of multiple choice questions that customizes the perfect Dallas trip based on your answers.
Although you can totally try it out at the above link, I'm sure it's a nicer diversion when you're in an airplane and need something fun to do.