Official RC Cola suspended from Twitter after "Covfefe" banter (update: not actually official)

Brands are making so many missteps on Twitter these days, one could fill an entire magazine with just these social media suicides.

Tyler Shields, the decapitation of Trump and stolen inspiration

We've seen this so often that we have an entire section named Badland, usually to discuss the copying of ideas - everything from... more
Kathy Griffin poses with Trump's disembodied head, apologises, but still fired from jobs

Update: CNN statement : "we have terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year's Eve program"

Resumé - helgintervju, Åsk Wäppling

There's an in-depth profile yours truly in the trades this weekend.

Trump branded toilet paper to be sold in Mexico

In the city of Guanajuato, Mexico, an attorney named Antonio Battaglia registered the trademark "Trump" in August of 2015.

Spotify settle class-action lawsuit filed by David Lowery and Melissa Ferrick

Nothing hurts an IP offering like a class-action lawsuit.

Gabriel Portnof joins Framestore as CG Supvervisor

Framestore’s New York office has hired esteemed CG Supervisor Gabriel Portnof.

How did @Sweden make the blocklist that listed Pewdiepie & the Israeli Foreign Ministry as "Nazis" ?

We reported earlier about the @Sweden Twitter account which claimed to... more
"We are Sikhs" campaign fights an uphill battle against media that think they're Muslim

On Vaisakhi - a historical and religious festival in Sikhism celebrated on April 13 or 14 every year and is "the Sikh new year", a million-dollar awareness campaign launched in the United States...

Carbon Sends Viewers into Visually Enthralling Thrill Ride of Kings Island’s Mystic Timbers

Creative studio Carbon has teamed up with agency Cramer-Krasselt to bring mesmerizing, exhilarating visual flair that reflects the otherworldly experience of Mystic Timbers, the newly unveiled,...

LOGAN Adds Paul Abatemarco as Executive Producer in Los Angeles

LOGAN, a bicoastal content-creation studio, has appointed Paul Abatemarco as executive producer in Los Angeles, adding two decades of production expertise and close work with the world’s largest...

Jordi Bares joins Framestore as Creative Director

Framestore is pleased to announce the joining of Jordi Bares as Creative Director in Advertising, London.

Wonder Woman Lydia Davies Joins Nylon Studios

Cross-pacific music and sound boutique Nylon Studios, with offices in NYC and Sydney, has signed composer Lydia Davies for global commercial representation.

Humble Signs Director Dean G. Moore

Integrated content studio Humble welcomes award-winning director Dean G. Moore to its roster for U.S. representation.

.@Sweden protects "freedom of speech" by blocking 14,400 supposed Nazis on Twitter. Removes block after pushback

The famously controversial PR account for Sweden on Twitter, is once again grabbing news headlines around the world.

Protein World underground ads with Khloe Kardasian not banned by the ASA

Protein world continues to attract the ire of people travelling the underground in London, as the above billboard featuring Khloe Kardashian mimicking "Flashdance" 80s style in a leotard and... more