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Consumers like watching Super Bowl commercials more than the game

If you're still feeling the ill effects of the hell you went through to produce that Super Bowl spot, take heart.

Market research company Lab 42 released a study that found 39% of respondents prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to watching the game. While 28% said their favorite part of the Super Bowl was the game itself.

Some more facts and figures:

Even more interesting though is when the study gets granular and asks about bathroom breaks during the game. They study found 38% of the respondents would rather use the restroom during the game. 23% preferred to go during the commercials.

One third of the respondents said they're apt to share the spots on social media, and nearly 70% said they have re-watched spots online.


McCann Israel goes Stock Photo Stalking

McCann Digital Israel came up with a fun way to recruit art directors. They placed ads in stock photo websites. They used keyword searches to target them (businessman, computer, etc.) but they only placed the ads on the 5th page of searches. This way the art directors who don't settle for what's on page one would see the ads. Photo Stalking.

Nice idea.

Digital CEO: Eldad Weinberger
CCD: Ami Alush
Copywriter: Arnon Rotem
Art Directors: Idan Gilboa, Joe Brodsky
Digital Producer: Niv Kantor
Studio: Pavel Goralikov, Tal Shpigler


Ikea offends The Thai Transgender Community

Well here's a big ol' wtf for today. Ikea Thailand is now on the Thai LGBT's hit list thanks to an ad featuring, you guessed it, a Transgender.

I don't even need to speak Thai to understand what's going on here. Older dude walking along in an Ikea with his very obvious (to everyone but him, of course) Transgendered girlfriend. The girlfriend who at that point had been laughing at chatting away, all of a sudden sees the word "sale." Her voice drops to manly octave. Old dude gets freaked. She tries to laugh it off. So does her. We then end with Transgender left having to move her own shit because the dude is now sneaking off.


Twitter announces video sharing feed.

Twitter conditioned me to write in a short bursts. So much so I am not sure why I bothered writing more than the headline.


It's called Vine. This new mobile service (which was acquired, not created by Twitter) allows you to lake nifty little video loops. But just like everything in twitter's micro-world, you can only have six seconds or less to play with.

See some of the videos here.

This ranks up there with GIFs. In fact this may be the new GIF.


When your boat is sinking, hire a celebrity for a Super Bowl spot

So now the news is out that Amy Poehler will do a Super Bowl spot for Best Buy.

Poehler, seen above and strangely without Tina Fey, is described as having the kind of frank humor that will get people queuing up for Best Buy's electronic goods.

According to online and global e-commerce President Scott Durchslag:

"Because of the complexity of technology today, folks have lots of questions. Amy is this comedic everyperson who can make things simple. And Best Buy is trying to accomplish the same thing — making technology simple."


Former Adobe employees create time saving device

Creatives have it really tough. Our deadlines are pretty gnarly and we never have enough time in the day to do anything. Case in point, I started this post three hours ago but got pulled away multiple times because of meetings and debriefs and briefings.

Well, the good folks at CreativeWorx can't help me with that. But they can help with the management of time spent filling out time sheets. Thanks to TimeTracker.

According to the release:


"Listen to help" - raising money for the hearing-impaired via sound on Spotify

Listen to help is a unique Spotify track that aims to raise money for Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf and hearing-impaired people in the developing world.

Click on this spotify link if you have Spotify, the place that as you know pays artists only a fraction of a cent per play, and is thus worse for artists than the big bad music corps of yesteryear everyone wants to stick it to. Indie labels can't really afford being on spotify.


Super Bowl 2013: Piston Introduces "The Dramatizer" For

As part of a multi agency integrated campaign, Piston introduces The Dramatizer, for .

The car buying and selling site wants to add drama to the Super Bowl, because not every Super Bowl can be as awesome as this one. So with that in mind, adding drama sounds like a good idea.

Piston's ECD David Schafer explains: