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The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Are trolls simply uncreative?

Still pondering the recent uptick of comments that shoot the messenger instead of talk about the work, I've decided to ask a few other people about this phenomena. In The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion? post I spoke to the ad legend Luke Sullivan about it. Today, I have a chat with the one of the cats from johnnyandangus, Johhny a.k.a @copybeard.


The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion?

I've noticed an uptick of a particular style of comments recently. There's those who will jump to "you are bitter / you are a hater" retort. Then there's the "what work have you done?" resumé-demanding retort. Then there's the scanner, s/he who reads the headline and will post replies on what they assume the article says, rather than finish reading it. The scanner might have been born from too much twitter.



It's a one two punch from our Moomin lovin' salmiakki eatin' friends. Agency 358 came up with a clever idea for The Finnish Refuge Council.

September 8th of last month was International Literacy Day. So to create awareness about the problem, Agency 358 created an unreadable font.

The font was used and discussed in Helsingin Sanomat, which is Scandinavia's largest newspaper among other media, including YLE TV.


Lambi Stories On A Roll

Who hasn't been caught short and wished they had some reading material?
Knowing this, Agency 358 created Stories On A Roll.
They asked their fans on Facebook to submit their stories and poems, which were then printed on towels and t.p. as well.

Whoa. They used social media to engage with their customers, reward their behavior for this engagement, and then sold some product because people had to buy some paper towels and toilet paper to see if their stories were "published" at first.
I like it.

For those who can read Finnish (I can't, sadly) they have also collected even more stories here.


Vote for Jordan Rich, and end democracy.

Tis the season when creatives jump on the election bandwagon to make whatever point they want to make about the election which usually doesn't go beyond "be sure to vote."

Give Jordan Rich credit for at least muddling the simplicity of "be sure to vote," by coming up with a scheme favoring technology and social media over substance.

Jordan believes Florida is the most important state in the 2012 election. Because it was the most important state in the 2000 election. How these are related is beyond me, but whatevs.

Apparently, too, Jordan doesn't actually care about the outcome of the election because he is allowing his vote to be influenced, via a hashtag.

Yes. A hashtag will decide who he should vote for.

What this has to do with Florida is beyond me. What this has to do with the fact that there are in fact nine swing states this year is beyond me. What this has to do beyond a clever hashtag to get some Floridian creatives' name out there is also beyond me.


Click 3X Expands Live-Action Roster with Jonathan Yi and Simon Blake

Click 3X is pleased to announce a dramatic expansion of its live-action division with the additions of Jonathan Yi and Simon Blake. The dynamic pair joins a roster that already includes Director/Designer/Animator Juan Delcan, Director and Visualist Mark Szumski and the comedy directing team of Josh + Vince. The team is led by Managing Director Jason Mayo, Special Consultant for Commercial Production Steve Wax, and Sr. Live-action Producer Belinda Mayne. Mary Crosse is EP of Branded Content.


BKWLD Takes Teens On A Graphic Robo-trip

A teen wakes up, shaky, disoriented, covered in blood and vomit. The last thing he remembers is slamming a bottle of DXM cough syrup (robo-tripping) in a pre-party binge. An urgent text message sends him to his Facebook page, where the night’s carnage plays out across his timeline – photos of puke-splattered cars and toilets framed by appalled comments from assorted friends. Bits of the wild night return to the teen in fragmented memories: stumbling, puking, and the angry reactions of his peers.

Eden Tyler

Original Signs Director Eden Tyler

LOS ANGELES— Director Eden Tyler has joined bi-coastal Original for exclusive U.S. representation. Known as a visual storyteller and as an “actor’s director,” Tyler has directed work for such brands as Sony, Doritos, AMC, Pringles and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.
Tyler has directed several campaigns for Johnson & Johnson’s Clear & Clear teen beauty products via DDB, New York, including, most recently, the viral ad Splash Mob. Shot in Buenos Aires, the spot shows 50 girls throwing water balloons at a grime-covered wall to reveal a mural depicting the beautiful face of a young woman. Tyler works frequently for Johnson & Johnson in international markets and directed launch campaigns for Clean & Clear and Neutrogena in India.