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Corporate sponsorship vs. Integrity: Choose a side. (Updated)

Songs, which describes itself as a service-oriented music publishing company, licenses a lot of cool bands for commercials, movies, TV promos, and the like. Bands like Junip. Sleigh Bells. And Ghost Beach. Songs was instrumental in securing a licensing deal for “Miracle” as part of the return of American Eagle’s ongoing “Project Live your Life,” campaign.

“Project live Your Life” is more than a crowdsourced campaign. Okay, no it isn’t. It’s totally a crowdsourced campaign.

This from American Eagle's website.

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Wolverine 3D releases teaser trailer on Vine

Oh hello new media being used in unexpected ways, Wolverine 3D starring Hugh Jackman just released their teaser trailer on Vine. Mangold tweeted it out too, calling it a (- *inhale* -) "tweaser". A twitter teaser. Maybe tomorrow when they release the full trailer he'll call it a twailer. Or maybe he'll realize that he sounds like Elmer Fudd and will just stop it.


Yet another "cheating husband" billboard advertises something - & it starts a Billboard meme

Yo Daddy's , an ice-cream shop and winebar (what?) in Greensboro, North Carolina is as focused with their advertising efforts as their business establishment concept, and they put the old "angry wife announces she caught cheating husband on billboard" idea on a digital billboard to attract some PR, buzz and customers. We've seen the cheating wife spends large chunk of money on billboard before several times, and one advertised court TV which actually makes sense. Selling a frozen ice-cream slash wine-bar shop with this idea, a little less logical.


Oneminutebriefs now have their own website with all the one minute solutions

Over on twitter OneMinuteBriefs have for five months been sending out short briefs that need to be responded to in one minute. Now One Minute Brief have their own blogspot where all the witty photoshopped and roughly-drawn replied to their briefs are collected.


Join The Freelancers Union

If you're brand new to the freelance world and feeling lost, never fear. There's a great starting point called The Freelancers Union. They've been around since 1995 and they have it on lock. Membership is free. The only fees to speak of happen if you decide to enroll in one of their group insurance products.

Even if you don't take advantage of the insurance, you can be part of the Freelance Directory, and my favorite, learn how to Create a Custom contract."


Shark dies during Kmart shoot

Wow. Was that the most sensational Adland headline ever? Probably not. Still, the story is true.

In Van Nuys a couple weeks ago, a shark used during a Kmart shoot died.

A 5-foot-long white-tipped shark died March 6 after being shipped from New York to Los Angeles and placed in an above-ground pool in a Van Nuys backyard for a commercial for Kmart, according to a letter sent to the American Humane Assn.


Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Manifesto ads

Greetings students, welcome to the the ongoing Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial. Today we will teach you about the swiss army knife that can stab the talking head testimonial ad in the back, the Manifesto ad. You can use the Manifesto ad for anything. No, we mean anything. Add a stencil grunge font and it's for sneakers. Add poetry-slam reading and it's for skinny jeans. Add neon-haired celebrities and it's for hipster sports gear. Add Denzel Washington and it's A Very Serious PSA™.