Kim Dotcom launches Privacy Company that is anything but private

This weekend journalists were tripping over themselves to be first in line to breathlessly announce... more
Beertone - the beer color reference guide

What happens if you team up Swiss and Brazilian creatives? They come up with Beertone the beer color reference guide, and then they hustle you for... more
How To Kill Innovation

The Wall Street Journal careers blog section has a post called Want to Kill Innovation at... more
Robert H. 1929 -2013
Bob Levenson of DDB fame has joined the agency in the sky.

Sad news adgrunts, Bob Levenson writer of DDB fame who was inducted to the One Club Hall of fame way back in 1972, has put his pen down. Few have tweeted about this, prompting adgrunts in... more
LOGAN East Hires EP Dan Sormani and CD/Director Alan Bibby

LOGAN East is proud to announce the addition of Executive Producer Dan Sormani and multi-talented CD/Director Alan Bibby to... more
The Atlantic apologizes for running a Scientology sponsored content ad.

If you were asleep or god forbid, not on social media yesterday, you might have missed a whopper of a story. The Atlantic posted an advertorial on... more
Treehouse Adds Editor Jayson Limmer

DALLAS—Continuing to grow its creative staff, Dallas editorial boutique Treehouse has hired editor Jayson Limmer. Formerly with 3008, Limmer arrives with more than eight years of experience in... more
Social media usage changes with age.

As we grow older, our social media usage shifts. This may not sound like huge news, but it is of note to anyone in the industry looking to reach people. Especially people in that holy grail... more
Beefeater 24 special introduces Studio24 an instagram mashup

The creative team Jason Moussalli and Adam Balogh at Publicis London have created this instagram/ mashup. Introducing Studio24, it's a bit like Studio54 except not legendary nor full of... more
Click 3X’s ClickFire Media Delivers Bespoke Campaign Innovations

With a growing portfolio of clever digital projects, ClickFire Media (CFM) has quickly established... more
The Agency Pronunciation Guide

Sent to us today.

The Agency Pronunciation Guide.

"Dro-five-uh. Dro-five-uh. Dro-five-uh never returned my calls."

You don't say? Is it because taking an... more