David Lowery's UGA study compiles Top 40 list of brands supporting piracy

At the beginning of this year, USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab head Jonathan Taplin conducted a story to find out just how much money from advertising is...

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Liseberg amusement park's ad campaign offends Greece

Oh yeah, the above ad showing crying children with the lines: "Some children will have to go to Crete / Mallorca / Italy this summer" offends the Greeks....

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Today I read two interesting posts. One in which I was mentioned. Whee hee.
I'll save that for last though.

The first post over on Taki's Magazine comes from Vice Co-Founder Gavin...

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Kate Moss bares all in St. Tropez global ad campaign

She's not going naked instead of wearing fur for PETA, she's not protesting women's rights, she's just showing off a nice tan for the glamourous tanning lotion St. Tropez. How refreshing.

SundanceChannel.com and Tool Birth an unusual ‘MAMMA’S’ DAY E-CARD to Celebrate the Premiere of Isabella Rossellini’s ‘MAMMAS’ on Sundance Channel this Mother’s Day

New York, May 9, 2013 – This Mother’s Day, leave the flowers and Hallmark cards to the traditionalists, and give your Mom a gift she deserves. Sundancechannel.com commissioned...

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Wrigley suspends production of caffeinated gum

Wrigley suspended production of its new caffeinated gum Alert, while the FDA reviews its safety. It's not even linked on their website....

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Oscar Mayer rewards 105 year-old bacon lover with more bacon.

It's almost like you don't need to read the rest of this article what with that spiffy headline and all. But here goes--Pearl Cantrell is 105 years old and loves bacon. Like, really loves bacon....

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Google glass banned from large parts of Vegas - a wink can take your picture

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as Google Glass has been banned from all of Caesars palace and...

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Kickstarter: The great con.

I get it. Borrowed interest is everywhere. You can't escape it. The idea that somehow a Celebrity™ lends credence to your brand--whatever your brand might be--has taken hold. For good or for bad...

Daniel Wallace - Inspired young man is an inspiration.

You may never have heard of Daniel Wallace until you just read that headline. Dan won a place at the SCA in London in January 2011.

Opening Pandora's box may not be good for musicians.

We've talked about the carnival of smoke and mirrors that seems to be Pandora before. in which Camper Van...

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Antenna Forges Creative Pact with Barcelona’s Custom EFX

Studios plan to collaborate on advertising projects originating in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

Los Angeles—Seeking to extend its global footprint and add some European flair...

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Coke puts the most common names in Sweden on their bottles - except "Mohammed"

Coca Cola Sweden has lent the label of their bottle to the 150 most common first names in Sweden*, to make the Coke experience a little personal, and fun. You can spot the classics Maria, Karl,...

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Mountain Dew drops DeWeezy Lil Wayne for offensive lyrics

Lil Wayne has dropped by Pepsi, stating that his "offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does...

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