DKNY uses photographers artwork without permission & thinks $25 000 = $100 000

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Is Pheed the first social media site to care about copyright?

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Whole foods in hot water for Obama ad featuring chicken

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RPA & King And Country Help Honda Fly High In New Civic Campaign

Production company King and Country (K&C) recently worked with ad agency RPA to direct and produce a new campaign for the 2013 Honda Civic, which has been widely lauded by the media and... more
The end is nigh: Twitter announces their advertising API

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Click 3X Live Streams Social Media Week Double Feature

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Funny Guy Fieri fake menu-site full of plagiarized twitter jokes.

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Amnesty International censors your tweets

Has your twitter feed been inundated with black bar-style censored tweets from your advertising friends?

If you haven't already figured it out, it's a new social media initiative... more
More brands compromised on twitter - now it's MTV / BET & it's faked

This is actually getting tedious, but here we go again, now MTV's twitter account has been hacked and it's... awkward. BET has been hacked too. Why, it is as if someone was faking it.

Some... more
Filmmaker David Slade Signs with Logan & Sons

Logan & Sons is proud to announce the signing of filmmaker David Slade for commercial representation. Previously... more