Ad Chat-- Kim Rushton

She's been mentioned by name in another Ad Chat but this time we go in-depth with the talented Kim Rushton, a SVP Group Planning... more
Online pirating: sponsored by many brands, and now, one government.

Two bits of news today in the world of online piracy.

On the unsurprising note, our friends at the... more
Go Make Babies for WBEZ

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago and Energy BBDO's digital partner Xi, (formerly Proximity) want you to hook up and go make... more
Linda McCartney Foods reminds us to Love Linda.

For the first time in 15 years Linda McCartney Foods has released an ad. It is beautifully psychedelic but not in a retro way. Hand drawn and... more
LCBO: The Configurator

Cossette launches Gentleman’s League Configurator for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. (LCBO)

This... more
Helsingin Sanomat: Skateboards for Kids

Finnish wonderkids Agency 358 and the largest Scandinavian newspaper Helsingin Sanomat are sponsoring a skate school in Helsinki's... more
Badlander: Kia vs. Chevy

In 2010, David & Goliath made a cute spot for Kia that aired during the Super Bowl called "Joyride Dream". Oversized stuffed animals, including "Sock Monkey", Muno, Mr.

Updated Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVII commercial lineup for next Sunday

We’re one week away from The Big Game. We’ve got the teams who will be playing (49ers vs. Ravens, for those of you who don’t follow). And, we’ve got a lot more info on the spots that will be... more
ADC Awards entries deadline has been extended!

...for advertising, anyway.

You now have until Feb 1st to get it together and enter the 92nd annual Art Directors Club Awards. This is your... more
Win from Within. Now Without Flame Retardant.

Gatorade through its parent company Pepsico announced earlier today that it won't be adding brominated vegetable... more
Ntropic VFX featured in Marco Brambilla's latest art.

Oh how I love these. Video artist Marco Brambilla newest 3D video installation opens in New York soon. It's called "Creation (Megaplex)." This is the... more
Curbing youth Speeding with Flash Driving Game

Youth speeding in New Zealand is a problem. So Clemenger BBDO and digital shop Resn set out to... more
Consumers like watching Super Bowl commercials more than the game

If you're still feeling the ill effects of the hell you went through to produce that Super Bowl spot, take heart.

Market research company Lab 42 released... more
McCann Israel goes Stock Photo Stalking

McCann Digital Israel came up with a fun way to recruit art directors. They placed ads in stock photo websites. They used keyword searches to target them... more
Ikea offends The Thai Transgender Community

Well here's a big ol' wtf for today. Ikea Thailand is now on the Thai LGBT's hit list thanks to an ad featuring, you guessed it, a Transgender.

... more
Twitter announces video sharing feed.

Twitter conditioned me to write in a short bursts. So much so I am not sure why I bothered writing more than the headline.


It's called Vine... more