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Jonathan Lia, Brian Welsh, and Ryan Heiferman Launch GOODCOMPANY

New York-based GOODCOMPANY is an innovative, producer-led production company that makes commercials, music videos, and films around the world.


Marcus Nispel Joins Tool

Award-winning director, Marcus Nispel, has signed with Tool of North America.

Nispel cites Tool’s physical production and post-production capabilities as a primary motivation for the move. “Tool goes beyond just representing directors,” Nispel said. “Big jobs don’t always come with big budgets anymore. To maximize a client’s budget this kind of infrastructure is needed.”


The A-List Awards Hollywood Announces Final Entry Deadline Extension

Final deadline for moving image advertising and branded entertainment awards is December 28th, 2012

Hollywood, CA.– The 2nd annual A-List Awards Hollywood (formerly known as NXT STAGE Hollywood International Awards), has extended the deadline for its Moving Image Advertising and Branded Entertainment awards to Friday, December 28, 2012. The A-List Awards Hollywood is the first creative advertising competition of its kind in Hollywood, the entertainment capital, to focus on the intersection between advertising and entertainment across all platforms.

To be eligible, submitted work must have first appeared between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012. December 28, 2012 will be the FINAL deadline for entries. No further extensions will be granted.


Should brands even bother with twitter?

Gone are the days of Twitter users sharing pertinent information, like during the Mumbai bombings, or even being vital for that matter.
What was once a real-time news stream has become a raging sea of outrage, populated by elitists with portable soap boxes, always at the ready.
Even the social media gurus so famous for insisting brands invest time (and loads of money) into 'talking to their fans,' are now saying quite the opposite: shut up.


The light that went out on Google

Adland purposefully shied away from yesterday's tragic events, believing quite correctly it was wise for an ad based site to stay the hell out of commenting on something of this level lest we look stupid, biased, opportunistic, or worse-- like we left our twitter feed in the hands of an emotional but not objective or rational intern or social media tinkerbell who, caught up in the furor and frenzy of wanting to be first with a brilliant link or pithy turn of phrase to be retweeted endlessly, can only utter the same sheep bleats as anyone else in this situation: "we need more gun control," "our hearts go out to the victims." In short, though we care mightily and deeply about the issues at hand, and emotions have run high and hard around the office


USC to brands advertising on pirate sites: We gon' find you.

Here's something to chew on. Digital Music News reports that USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab is currently conducting a study to find out, hopefully once and for all, how much money from advertising is providing support for the likes of pirate bay and other illegal content sites.

If you're reading this and work in advertising on a major brand, there's a good chance that you, dear reader are unwittingly helping line the pockets of very few people who are hell-bent on exploiting artists, musicians and movie makers all in the so-called name of Free Culture. And if you work in media placement then you may be wittingly doing so.


One Show bad taste tweet about "killing for a gold pencil" removed.

One show has realized that their timing and wording of their earlier tweet was rather off, considering what is dominating the news right now, and offered an apology.

That is all.


March of Dimes: Signatures

Dallas-basaed TM created this for the Dallas chapter of March Of Dimes, the non-profit that a lot of people have heard of, but aren't sure what they do.

In fact, not only are people unaware that March Of Dimes raises money for research to help ensure all babies have a chance to be born healthy, they also aren't aware that their biggest fundraiser, Signature Chef's Auction is key to ensuring money gets raised.

To TM's thinking, Signature Chef's Auction crates signature dishes, the same way someone's signature is a pledge to help.