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Silk Cut-owner Gallaher has ads banned by ASA for questioning plain cigarette packaging

Big Al's Creative Emporium, created these ads that were promptly banned on the grounds that they had breached the CAP code and were "misleading" and lacking in "substantiation". The ASA ruled the ads must not appear in their current form and told JTI not to claim the Government had rejected the policy of plan packaging and not state or imply it had not been introduced because of a lack of evidence.

Text in one of the ads stated: "This same policy was rejected in 2008 because there was no credible evidence."


Polaroid Eyewear 75 years of expertise.

To celebrate 75 years of expertise, Polaroid Eyewear has revamped its website and kicked off a 360° campaign, courtesy of New York and Berlin based agency KKLD.

It's all very clean and simple and stylish.

PROTIP: You might check into the fact that the youtube video embedded on your site is so low-res it looks blurry. See image four. I don't think you were going for irony there, were you?


Black smoke, white smoke... now pink smoke over the Vatican

USA today and everyone else asks Is that Pink Smoke over the Vatican? And yes it is, no not the 2011 documentary called "Pink smoke over the vatican", but a smoke protest that is happening all over the world, including down in Florida. Using breast cancer & Barbies signature color, these ladies of faith want women priests to be included at the top in the Catholic church. A stunt that worked rather well when you see the miles of press it has generated.


A Mistress worth sharing - the nimble passionate creative shop in Venice beach will show you a good time

Meeting with Mistress in their space, at the very epicenter of Venice beach from where they can see surfers, skaters and even bank robberies, I am treated to a tour of the office built with reclaimed wood and passionate ideas. Their large windows will let the sunlight in, as well as serve as dancing space for their parties where suddenly the entire neighborhood thinks there's a new nightclub in town. Mistress tend to do everything with the essence of their brand name in mind, the agency party date they own is of course Feb 14, Valentines day, and the time it begins is right after the quiet fancy dinner you've had with your spouse.


(Alleged) Racketeering is big business.

Today brings the news that The Los Angeles Better Business Bureau chapter has been expelled by the national organization and can no longer use the name or logo.

This comes after a two year investigation in which the BBB was caught with its pants down, i.e. "of accrediting new members and awarding them inflated ratings in exchange for cash," according to the L.A. Times.

But wait! Get a load of this:


Twinkies have survived the Mayan apocalypse and bankruptcy

They're baaa-ack! Hostess Twinkies are back, they'll return by this summer says the new owner who I imagine keeps rubbing his hands together like Mr Burns knowing full well that this news will dominate the media for weeks to come.


Vimeo introduces "Vimeo on demand" with a 90/10 revenue split

Vimeo introduces Vimeo on Demand, a way for creators to 'sell' (or rent out) their film clips to their audience directly.

Vimeo On Demand, a totally open platform that enables you to sell your work directly to your audience. If you’re a Vimeo PRO member, you can distribute your work the way you want, with all the power of Vimeo’s HD player, easy-to-use tools, and wildly passionate audience.


Avery Bradley photobombs YOU via Dunkin Donuts

Over at DunkinDonuts facebook page there's an app that allows you to be photobombed by Avery Bradley. You can also win celtics tickets (on 4/16), a fully loaded DD Card, an autographed basketball and more stuffs if you participate in the sweepstakes. It's simple, just pick an appropriate pic of Avery that'll work with your existing image, then Instagram-filter it and share with your friends and see how many people actually fall for it. *snicker*

Not funny? Fine. Then make Avery Bradley photobomb Beyonce at the inauguration. See if I care how cray cray you get.