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How did a non functioning app end up on the Cannes Lions shortlist?

In the Cannes Lions promo and activation shortlist the judging rules are simple: they're judged on 20% strategy; 30% idea; 20% execution; and 30% impact & results. The rules regarding scam ads are also simple, spec ads are not allowed.


Applegate Farms gets bizarrely edgy in a Father's Day tweet.

Making use of the trending hashtag #SoOneTimeMyDad, for this Sunday's Father's Day holiday in the U.S., natural and organic meats company Applegate posted this...joke: "#SoOneTimeMyDad ate 12 hot dogs in one sitting. The judge was pissed."


Chick-fil-A went to work on Sunday - to donate food to those who donated blood for the #Orlando victims

In a move that surprises only those who don't quite understand the christian ideals at the foundation of Chick-fil-A business philosophy, the Orlando restaurants were hard at work on Sunday.


Industrial Color Adds Veteran Editor Bruce Ashley And Executive Producer Gary Giambalvo

Industrial Color, the 25-year-old creative studio known for its high-end fashion and beauty post-production work, has added acclaimed Editor Bruce Ashley and Executive Producer Gary Giambalvo to its staff.


Mayor of London bans body image ads he deems unrealistic

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decreed ads that promote "unhealthy or unrealistic" body shapes are no longer allowed on London Transport.