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Asian carrier Scoot to name a plane "Inspiring Spirit" due to Spirit copying their look

Asian airline Scoot has been teasing US carrier Spirit Airlines' for looking very similar to them - in color, visual icon language and even tongue in cheek tone of voice. Certain there's one thing Spirit can't crib, Scoot is now ribbing Spirit by naming airplanes after them. Scoots new Boeing 787 aircraft will be named ‘Inspiring Spirit’.


Sagmeister & Walsh NYC studio was robbed & robbers caught on camera

Sagmeister & Walsh, known not just for their impeccable style but also for stripping naked to announce things, have gotten robbed. Their studio was invaded and the value of the loss is substantial since it's not computers and gear, but the work that's been taken.


"Super Bowl numbers on an internet show" Seinfeld on branded entertainment

Jerry Seinfeld called youtube a "giant garbage can", according to the Hollywood Reporter, when he spoke at Crackle's Upfront in NYC on Tuesday, making it very clear that he wasn't interested in thousands of re-uploads of kitten videos, shaky baby-cams & vloggers news shows. It's best to leave entertainment to the professionals, he thinks.


Bossa Welcomes New Business Development Manager Kelly Krischik

Bicoastal integrated production company Bossa is pleased to welcome Kelly Krischik as Business Development Manager. Krischik, based out of the New York office, brings over 12 years of industry experience, and a deep-rooted love of the creative sales process. In this newly formed role, her primary goal will be to find opportunities and synergies for Bossa, directly with brands and creative agencies.


Clorox tweets an emoji joke about bleach, stains own reputation

In yet another twitter-incident that is sure to make clients even more wary of ever allowing anything to be said on social media without a few hundred focus groups & meetings watering down any semblance of an idea, Clorox managed somehow to come off as weirdly racist with their recent emoji tweet. Their now deleted tweet read: "New emojis are alright but where's the bleach." and attached was the above emoji-picture where a bottle of Clorox is made up from lipstick stains, pigs, sheep, water drops, paw prints, fish and babies - and curiously the numbers 7 8 9.


Fieldtrip Signs Acclaimed Filmmaker Maxime Bruneel

London-based production company Fieldtrip is pleased to sign Maxime Bruneel for UK representation. Fieldtrip works via 1stAveMachine in the U.S.


Little Minx Signs Award-Winning Directing Duo Los Perez

Production company Little Minx is excited to announce the addition of Los Perez to their growing team of gifted filmmakers. Los Perez comprises creative duo Tania Verduzco and Adrian Perez, a pair of multi-talented filmmakers famous for merging their interests in music and vibrant visuals for more engaging advertising.


ACNE Welcomes Managing Director and Broadcast EP Line Postmyr

Integrated production company ACNE is thrilled to announce the addition of Swedish Managing Director and Broadcast Executive Producer Line Postmyr in Los Angeles. Postmyr joins the team with over two decades of award-winning work on commercials, music videos, and feature films. She aims to expand ACNE USA’s offering to match that of ACNE Sweden which includes commercials, music videos, photography, and long-form projects.