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44 years of Super Bowl Commercials.

Welcome to 2016. We now have 44 years of super bowl commercials. I repeat. Forty-four, FORTY-FOUR! 44 years of super bowl ads! This year they dropped the roman numeral system, so it's "Super Bowl 50", as a sole “L” would have looked a little odd.

Welcome to the worlds largest archive of superbowl commercials. In some years all the regional ads are included as well, but "banned ads" that claim to have been rejected from the superbowl are not. If it aired nationally during the superbowl, it's included. We now have 43 out of the 47 super bowl years, making this the worlds largest collection of super bowl ads. You're welcome!
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Yes, all the red year names are links bringing you deeper into super bowl commercial goodness! Have fun now.

Super Bowl 2016 50 commercials

We have a wiener stampede, singing sheep and vikings on their way to Valhalla already.

Super Bowl 2015 XLIX commercials

This is the year of The Dad with Dove Men+Care first out shortly followed by Toyota's Bold Dad. Meanwhile Bud Light is still #Upforwhatever including a game of real life Pac Man.

2014 Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

Weathertech did that, the eighties called and the British showed us why they are such good villains.

2013 Super Bowl XLVII commercials

Willem Dafoe is the devil himself, VW would like to teach the angry & sad youtube world to sing - meanwhile Audi is like a bravery steroid for prom wusses.


The Adland HO HO HO Awards

Christmas is the one time of the year that agencies wholeheartedly give themselves over to flagrant self promotion. The infamous ‘agency card’ is no longer a card per se, but anything whatsoever, as long as it gets a few eyeballs and acts as a vehicle to show off your agency’s creativity.


Celebrate Christmas the Finnish way: With a ham.

In Scandinavia they have a Christmas ham as a tradition. It takes four hours to make. So without further ado, enjoy this gift from Finnish agency 358. It's kind of like a yule log, but meatier.


Longhorn Steakhouse grills the first Winter Wonder Steak

While the hipsters at my agency all have the youtube yule logs on in the background, Longhorn and Rokkan have done them one better by launching the world's first Yule Steak. Could you imagine really keeping a steak on that long? Yikes. It'd be charcoal by the time it was done.


Jews make everything funnier. Even youtube.

To promote Jerusalem-based non-profit Comedy For Change Tel-Aviv-based digital agency Hooligans, created Go Hora!


SantApp brings magic to technology for Christmas

Think technology zaps all the fun and imagination out of young lumps of clay? Good news-- SantApp is here to bring some Christmas magic to your kids' lives.


Ten gift ideas for adgrunts, designers and copygeeks.

Oblique Strategies : In 1975, Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno created a creativity kickstart pack of strategy cards.


BETC celebrate 40 years of street art in Paris

BETC, just released General Graffiti, a book celebrating 40 years of street art in Paris. The book was written by street artist Karim Boukercha with photographs like the ones above by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.