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CCO and CD from JWT India resign over Ford ad controversy

An update to the news about the misogynist Ford ads with Berslusconi, Hilton and Schumacher gagging their enemies and sticking them in the trunk.... Heads have rolled at JWT India for the tasteless campaign.

Bobby Pawar, JWT India's chief creative officer & managing partner, as well as Vijay SimhaVellanki, creative director at Blue Hive, a WPP unit dedicated to managing the Ford business, have been asked to resign.

A statement from JWT India reads:


Sweden's Language Advisory drops the word "ungoogleable" from list of new words - because trademark

According to pretty much every news outlet under the sun, Sweden's Språkrådet, the government authority language Council of Sweden's official language planning agencies, has decided to drop the new word "ogooglebart" from the list of new words 2012, after pressure from Google.
Or, rather, after Google, in defending their trademark according to trademark law, asked them to define Ungoogleable as "unable to find via a google search" instead of the generic "net search". In Swedens Government Radio news the journalist speaks directly to Ann Cederberg, the new boss of Språkrådet. Ann Cederberg explains (and this is my translation):

James Moll (l) and David Wild (r).

Original Signs Directors David Wild and James Moll

Wild’s credits include AT&T, Toyota, White Castle and Pert; Academy Award-winning documentarian Moll is making is commercial debut.

LOS ANGELES— Commercial production company Original has added David Wild and James Moll to its directorial roster. Wild brings more than 20 years of experience in commercials and documentaries, the former including recent work for AT&T, Pert, Toyota and Brut. Moll is an Academy Award-winning and two-time Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker who is entering the commercial field for the first time.

“Bruce and I have admired David’s work for a long time. He has a unique sensibility and a wonderful ability to tell stories and create memorable characters,” says Original partner/ executive producer Joe Piccirillo. “James’ accomplishments as a documentary filmmaker speak for themselves. His style and visual approach we believe will translate well to commercials. We are thrilled to welcome them to Original.”


Corporate sponsorship vs. Integrity: Choose a side. (Updated)

Songs, which describes itself as a service-oriented music publishing company, licenses a lot of cool bands for commercials, movies, TV promos, and the like. Bands like Junip. Sleigh Bells. And Ghost Beach. Songs was instrumental in securing a licensing deal for “Miracle” as part of the return of American Eagle’s ongoing “Project Live your Life,” campaign.

“Project live Your Life” is more than a crowdsourced campaign. Okay, no it isn’t. It’s totally a crowdsourced campaign.

This from American Eagle's website.

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Wolverine 3D releases teaser trailer on Vine

Oh hello new media being used in unexpected ways, Wolverine 3D starring Hugh Jackman just released their teaser trailer on Vine. Mangold tweeted it out too, calling it a (- *inhale* -) "tweaser". A twitter teaser. Maybe tomorrow when they release the full trailer he'll call it a twailer. Or maybe he'll realize that he sounds like Elmer Fudd and will just stop it.


Yet another "cheating husband" billboard advertises something - & it starts a Billboard meme

Yo Daddy's , an ice-cream shop and winebar (what?) in Greensboro, North Carolina is as focused with their advertising efforts as their business establishment concept, and they put the old "angry wife announces she caught cheating husband on billboard" idea on a digital billboard to attract some PR, buzz and customers. We've seen the cheating wife spends large chunk of money on billboard before several times, and one advertised court TV which actually makes sense. Selling a frozen ice-cream slash wine-bar shop with this idea, a little less logical.