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New Cut! Brings Finnish Minister Paavo Arhinmäki To U.S. For NYC Workshop

Finland’s Minister of Culture and Sport recently joined dozens of Helsinki- and NYC-based creative professionals for the launch of New Cut!, a Finnish program promoting global creative collaboration and fostering Finnish arts and culture initiatives over the course of the next year. Top-level professionals from the film, fashion, music, technology, food, advertising, and design industries assembled for a full day of exploration, collaboration, and open discussion – laying the groundwork for a year-long agenda of exciting new collaborative projects and events.


Heard City Roster Expands With New Mixer

Following campaigns for Kayak, Little Caesars and HBO, Heard City increases its capacity for top-level work by adding Mixer and Sound Designer Dan Flosdorf to its roster. A regular on the commercial and feature film scenes, Flosdorf brings experience on campaigns for Verizon FiOS, Nike Livestrong, Grey Goose, Honda, IBM and American Express.

“Dan is an extremely talented mixer and a great addition to our crew,” stated Heard City EP Gloria Pitagorsky.


WWF: All for Bear

BBDO Moscow has created All For Bear, to help save polar bears.
As you know, ice in the arctic is shrinking. Between that and pollution and poaching, it is thought the polar bear population may halve itself by 2050. Thankfully you can do something about it. Sign up through social media, click on the blue sea, donate some real money and "save a bear."

Donations support coastal monitoring, anti-poaching activities, environmental projects in the Arctic region and increase the survival chances of polar bears.

Head on over to All For Bear for some feel good low-engagement clicking!


WWF Russia

Victor Nikiforov Head of programms

Alexander Evgrafov Head of online

Maria Vinokurova Media officer


jumP Cuts a Rug with Coco Rocha and White House Black Market

jumP has teamed up once again with supermodel Coco Rocha and White House Black Market, showcasing the brand’s impeccable business wear in a playful new spot. “The Heart of Workwear,” directed by famed fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth at Serial and concepted by ceft and company new york, matches Rocha’s exuberant dance moves with a series of colorful ensembles.


Referer spam still going strong - but who checks these days?

Referer spam has been around since at least 2002 when Wired wrote "When the spam hits the blogs" and even interviewed little ol' me about it. The nuisance was taking off then, and as many blogs had automatically updating link lists on their blogs these might have been the ultimate target. Because honestly now, one person checking their logs on occasion does not a great target make. Similar tactics are used to do trackback spam, which then allows the spammed link to appear in the targeted blog.
Back in 2002, this is what Pollak said:


3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well.

At the risk of going against the hive mind, Buzzfeed is the biggest ad platform masquerading as social content to hit the internet since Facebook.

Let me explain it another way: Buzzfeed is a scam. And advertisers and clients hellbent on becoming the most social brand ever are all too eager to buy into the bullshit. I use that choice word, because if you work in advertising and you spent five minutes thinking about it, then there is no other way to describe it.

1. "Carbon copy content."


How Instagram killed Firegram

Remember this? Cuckoo for Instagram likes? Then download firegram, right now at Techcrunch? That was the rolling start of a good idea™ designed to solve one wee problem Instagram had. As people maxed out their hashtags, searching "sunset" brought you thousands of sunsets but also junk that had no sun at all in the image, making searching tags ever more useless. Why are people tagging so much? To get likes. And on night it dawned on iAdam that if he made an app that people could only choose one tag for the photo, but then blast it, making the image end up in the top 150 in searches for that tag.. attention-seekers will get their fame and people looking for sunsets will get that. Awesome!


SXSW will have free bikes that tweet where they are.....

Razorfish have made tweeting bikes for SXSW. The sleek bikes have their own GPS devices that will transmit location data of their whereabouts to Razorfish's social media team. The 20 bikes have individual Twitter ID's, WyattTheBike a Texan bike y'all, VivianTheBike, KenTheBike and PennyTheBike for example, and will tweet in its own personality. They can tweet where they are, about the weather, where they've seen what foodtrucks and random localized talk. If they're stolen they will tweet "RIP" and sign off.