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Black Moth Super Rainbow Frontman Promotes Album Via White House petition site

How fun. Tobacco, (who for some reason a lot of people insist on calling an enigmatic frontman) of Black Moth Super Rainbow, now has a petition set up on the We The People site via The White House.

At press time, the total number of backers is less than fifty. But that's okay. It'll work for fans of Tobacco solo albums, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and fans of digital indie rock made on analog instruments everywhere.


U.S. Government thinks it might be time to change copyright law.

Over at The Hill comes an excellent and informative opinion piece written by Sandra Aistars, Executive Director at The Copyright Alliance .

In it, she points to the fact the head of the United States Copyright Office is thinking it might be high time to update the U.S. Copyright Law which hasn't changed since Gerald Ford was President. (For the uneducated, that would be 1976.)

Think about that for just a second. In 1976 there were no mobile phones, no mp3 players, no tablets, no real home computers except for the rich and geeky. No wifi.No Napster/Limewire/Megaupload/PirateBay. No cd's. No disks. Etc.


Director Gregory Maya Joins Bully Pictures

LOS ANGELES—Bully Pictures has signed director Gregory Maya for exclusive representation for commercials. Maya has earned recognition for his work for such brands as American Express, Target, JC Penney, Verizon, TJ Maxx and Bare Escentuals. His work is distinguished by insightful casting, refined art direction and his gift for drawing emotional human portraits and performances that reach through the lens.


Napoleon Takes Manhattan with Simian

Test advertising leader, The Napoleon Group, turns to Simian to enhance collaboration, boost productivity and extend sales reach/em.


a52 Signs CG Lead Andrew Romatz

Award-winning visual effects studio a52 is pleased to welcome talented CG and VFX artist Andrew Romatz to its ranks as CG Lead. Boasting broad experience in all aspects of CG, VFX, and animation, Andrew brings a practical knowledge and ease of ability that will position him as a valued leader on the a52 team.


Washington Post opens platform for brands to create and distribute sponsored posts

Washington post has opened up its platform so that advertisers may create their own blog posts, or advertorials if you will, that are then distributed throughout WP's site. Advertorials have been around in printed papers for quite some time, but on the web such experiments haven't always gone down well. Recall the Scientology ad in the Atlantic? The Washington Post reported that the Atlantic were even carefully pruning the comments there, they probably learned from Atlantics mistake.


Flickr follows facebook's footsteps, adds Hashtags to their app

REJOICE hashtag addicts, you can now add too many hashtags to your instragram, Twitter, facebook and twitter feeds. Kidsleepy reported on Facebook latest dick move, as facebook are happy to keep walling their garden but if anyone else has a great idea, they'll adopt it. Now Flickr has added hashtags to their app, which you'll notice in the latest update. They also introduced #FlickrFriday which allows you to compete in Flickr's weekly photo challenge - all the with the help of a wee hashtag.


The brief that you have waited for all your life finally lands on your desk

The creative Director is running in circles all over the place yelling "Bring me a big idea! Bring me a big idea!" The smug VP gives you the friendliest of smiles while chanting the usual meaningless war slogans: "bring me a campaign that no one has seen before. Bring me THE new idea. Bring me an idea that is like nothing that's ever been done. Not even close! Don't worry, I have the client eating out of my hand, just get it and I'll make it happen". And suddenly, you start believing. The fumes of battle are blinding you, the old addictive aroma of gun powder takes hold of your senses and you start sweating. You are telling yourself that this time its for real. This time they actually mean it. It is not you against the client, it's you against you.