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Saint Isodore Blesses Leo Burnett Belgium's new website

To launch their new website, Leo Burnett Belgium traveled to Seville, Spain to get an The Archbishop to bless their website. Because their hometown Patron Saint is Isidore: Patron Saint of the Internet, Computer users, students and children, the latter of whom I assume came up with this idea.

I keed!

I won't even talk about the potential cries of blasphemy that could arise from some of the more serious believers because let's face it, they're not checking up on ad agencies.


Everybody's talkin-- out their asses.

As you know, big ad agencies, especially traditional ad agencies, are full of shit. They want desperately to seem relevant and current and will say whatever it takes to bring in the most relevant and current people, especially in digital and social media. Notice I said "say" and not "do."

They'll tell you about all the cool stuff they want to do but it's all talk. They'll bring out the shiny objects, mood videos, apps, and show you where the pet project incubator is in order to convince you how with it they are. And how valued and needed your contributions will be. They'll throw a bunch of cash at you to sweeten the deal. And you take it either because you want the money or you truly believe they mean it. Poor you.


Financial Times: Super Bowl blackout is Twitter’s gain

Adland's Dabitch was quoted in the FT Tech blog, where journalist Tim Bradshaw spied on twitter's reaction to the super bowl blackout, and concludes this was twitter gain in real-time marketing.

- Oreo got more than 10,000 retweets and counting for this spontaneous tweet:


HUSH Welcomes Multi-Talented Artist Salyer into the Fold

HUSH is pleased to announce the addition of art director and design and concept development artist Andre Salyer to its ranks. Salyer, whose multidisciplinary approach cuts across every component of experimental, interactive, and moving-image platforms, will guide HUSH’s team of designers, developers, and architects on behalf of clients.


jumP Changes Lanes with Lexus and Team One

Love, desire, and attitude dominate “Change Lanes,” the tightly cut new Lexus spot edited by jumP’s Richard Cooperman.


Nike: Mercurial Vapor IX

Blacklist and director Tendril created this effort for Nike's Mercurial Vapor IX.

Tendril // Nike 'Mercurial Vapor IX' from Blacklist on Vimeo.


Simian Provides Creative Companies with a Better Way to Make Sales, Produce Work and Stay Organized

Laguna Niguel,CA — Over the past several years, SimianSimian has quietly led a revolution that is changing the way that creative companies run their businesses. Its media management platform, used by scores of production companies, advertising agencies, music houses, visual effect providers and others, consists of an all-in-one toolset for carrying out such tasks as distributing sales reels, managing websites, creating business presentations and organizing media libraries. With cutting edge features such as video analytics previously available only to Fortune 500 companies, the Simian platform is helping companies work smarter in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Simian introduced its platform in 2008 as a way to help creative companies manage their growing libraries of video and other media files. Its creators combined their expertise in software development, web design, branding, graphic design and content management, with in-depth research into the business practices of potential users.


Sundance Channel Pushes Boundaries with Digital Marketing and Content Creation

In Partnership with Digital Production Company Tool, Initiatives Allow Audiences To Uniquely Engage And Interact With Network’s New Original Programming

Innovative Platforms Create Experiences For Fans That Bring Sundance Channel’s New Original Programming To Life