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Google glass banned from large parts of Vegas - a wink can take your picture

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as Google Glass has been banned from all of Caesars palace and pretty much every strip club & bar. While apps like Winky lets you take photographs with a wink alone, people are getting increasingly worried about privacy with these high-tech eyes around.


Kickstarter: The great con.

I get it. Borrowed interest is everywhere. You can't escape it. The idea that somehow a Celebrity™ lends credence to your brand--whatever your brand might be--has taken hold. For good or for bad.


Daniel Wallace - Inspired young man is an inspiration.

You may never have heard of Daniel Wallace until you just read that headline. Dan won a place at the SCA in London in January 2011. He worked at hard at school, happy to have found what he loved and wanted to do and he wrote this blog post, not long before he found out that he had terminal cancer.


Opening Pandora's box may not be good for musicians.

We've talked about the carnival of smoke and mirrors that seems to be Pandora before. in which Camper Van Beethoven multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel a musicians hired by pandora to be a "listener advocate" was fired for speaking his mind. In other words, disagreeing with the business practices of the company.

And now here comes a new disagreement, as reported by Huffington Post, involving a back and forth email exchange between Pandora founder Tim Westergren, and musician/producer Blake Morgan.


Antenna Forges Creative Pact with Barcelona’s Custom EFX

Studios plan to collaborate on advertising projects originating in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

Los Angeles—Seeking to extend its global footprint and add some European flair to its creative offerings, multi-platform content creation company Antenna ( has forged a strategic alliance with Barcelona-based Custom EFX. The agreement provides Antenna with access to the talent and resources of one of Europe’s top boutique providers of visual effects, animation and post-production services, with a client list that includes some of the world’s best known brands. Custom EFX secures access to the U.S. market via a well-established production services provider with a strong, national sales network. It will also have the opportunity to market Antenna’s services in Europe.


Coke puts the most common names in Sweden on their bottles - except "Mohammed"

Coca Cola Sweden has lent the label of their bottle to the 150 most common first names in Sweden*, to make the Coke experience a little personal, and fun. You can spot the classics Maria, Karl, Birgitta and Göran on a bottle near you soon. The names were the 150 most common from the statistic central agency list of names, and lots of Emma, Oskar and Johan's will be able to find their names on bottles in a supermarket near them.


Mountain Dew drops DeWeezy Lil Wayne for offensive lyrics

Lil Wayne has dropped by Pepsi, stating that his "offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand." Why, it's as if Mountain Dew and PepsiCo had no idea that Lil' Wayne's lyrics are usually misogynist raps about sex and drugs. See also for updates Mountain Dew and Pepsico Explain Why They Dropped Lil Wayne.


Lowe's uses Vines six second animations as lifehack ads

Lowe's has joined Sony Playstation’s MLB 13: The Show as they use Vine on twitter as little ads. While The Show reinvented the baseball card, Lowe's make six second animated how-tos that can help you in any DIY project or just around the house, right on brand. The home improvement tips meet lifehacks, who knew that any sticker peels off when you use a hairdryer? That busted screws can be unscrewed using rubber bands? The toothpick trace before icing the cake? Lowe's knew, and following their little ad-hashtag #lowesfixinsix will show you their neat tricks to date.