Maurizio Zappettini Signs with Untitled

Award-winning commercial director Maurizio Zappettini has signed with Jim and Kristin Evans’ production company Untitled, Inc.

ROLSTON@LArge Expands Roster With Director Bruno Ilogti

ROLSTON@LArge, the beauty and lifestyle division of @LArge Productions, launched in collaboration with Creative Director/Director Matthew Rolston, is pleased to...

Snorri Bros Sign With IDENTITY

The Snorri Bros directorial duo have signed with IDENTITY for U.S. commercial representation.

High-End Post Boutique TWELVE Launches

Award-winning colorist Lez Rudge and veteran production and postproduction executives Marcelo Gandola, Axel Ericson and Ed Rilli have joined forces to launch... more
Catherine Finkenstaedt joins Slim as Executive Producer

Catherine Finkenstaedt—the award-winning commercial and music video producer—has joined Slim, a creative production company based in Venice, CA. She joins in the role of Executive Producer.

#CNNBlackmail trends - brands better brace themselves for a massive boycott

Readers of Adland should be familiar with several consumer boycott movements against brands due to where their ads are placed, rather than the content of the ads, by now.

PR-lying your way to congress: Katherine Clark piece headline references retracted report

As the old saying goes, there are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Quick thoughts on Publicis

Now that I'm back from Cannes and putting aloe on my sunburn, and getting a blood transfusion to replace the toxins I ingested at Cannes, I wanted to say a few words on Publicis' decision to pull...

Man who sued Facebook Israel is now also anti-Facebook a lobbyist at Knesset

In Israel, Facebook has picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Presidential Politics Dramatically Reshapes Brand Perceptions of ‘Patriotism’

The Most Patriotic Brands in America Revealed in Brand Keys Survey

Social Networking, Media Brands Join 2017 List:
Fox News, Instagram, MSNBC, Twitter

Google has been fined 2.42bn euros by the European Commission

Pretty much everyone who writes for Adland has been warning about Google's monopoly for many years now,... more
Sibling Rivalry Appoints Emmy-Nominated Designer/Director Lauren Hartstone to Creative Director

With well over a decade’s worth of experience working across mediums from live-action and commercials to branding, the multifaceted Hartstone has found an ideal venue to leverage her talents at...