Stockholm Pride invite Russians to # GOWEST via flirty tweets

A russian court has banned all gay pride parades for one hundred years. M&C Saatchi and Stockholm Pride parade have a solution, they invite y'all to... more
jumP Hires Sales Rep John Buckley

jumP plans on spreading the word farther than ever with the addition of west coast sales rep... more
Finien Principal Fabian Geyrhalter
Branding & Design Agency Geyrhalter & Company Evolves Into Brand Launch Consultancy Finien

Finien, a consultancy specializing in naming, identity and digital design for brand launches, has opened its doors in the heart of Silicon Beach. Derived from the Latin word for “Compass,” Finien... more
Royale Welcomes Chris Volckmann, Beck Henderer-Peña & Loren Judah; Expands With Seattle Office

Award-winning and fully integrated motion design and production studio Royale is pleased to welcome Executive Producer Chris Volckmann, Head of Digital Production Beck Henderer-Peña, and Senior... more
Reddit's secret plan for ad domination

So there I am, minding my own business when a slideshow falls into my hands. What's this? It has unicorns, rainbows and kittens, it must be from that... more
Copyright ignoring t-shirt makers thrive at Etsy, ripping off an illustrator near you

Jacqui Oakley is an established illustrator who uses oil, acrylic and elbow grease. You can find her on twitter as... more
Clio award student win this year, was already a Clio award interactive win last year

It's been a while since I badlanded stuff, despite seeing badlanders every day, as I find it's no fun unless there's an interesting twist to it.

Logan & Sons Pay Tribute to Wild Nights with Moosehead

Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor recently set out into mountains of Northern California to shoot “Wild Nights,” a... more
Mikado doesn't want you to visit its website

We all know what people would do for a Klondike Bar. But tasty treat Mikado is testing your will power Pvlov-style by showing you what may happen... more
Raison D’Être Takes Fashion Forward at Internet Week 2013

On Wednesday, May 22nd, join Click 3X’s beauty and fashion content division Raison D’Être for the most... more
Simian Releases “Simian Real Time Video Encoder™”

New encoding/uploading app makes uploading video to the web quick, simple and error-free.

Laguna Niguel—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management... more
MPC NY Breaks the Mold for The One Club and JWT with

This year, MPC Digital teamed up with The One Club via JWT New York to create... more
David Lowery's UGA study compiles Top 40 list of brands supporting piracy

At the beginning of this year, USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab head Jonathan Taplin conducted a story to find out just how much money from advertising is... more