McDonald's apologizes For Big Mac 'You're Not Alone' mental health scam ad

The headline "You're Not Alone" coupled with a stark image of a woman covering her face, as if in despair, clearly parodies the usual PSA look. The subline "Millions of people love the Big Mac"... more
Red Bull air drops crates of drinks onto VCU campus

It's time for finals and partying all night, it's time for giving 110% always. It's college time and thus time for Red bull, apparently. Students stroll into campus in the morning to... more
The real Justin Bieber just stood up.

The other day, Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank house. This should not be news in and of itself, but here's why it is.
The Anne Frank House posted the above message, quoting Justin's "... more
Adage: Ad Biz Is Yukking It Up With the #AgencyLife Hashtag

Adage wonders if "folks" are just having a laugh or sharing some harsh truths about the industry. The... more
Questions for Gioni's Revenge campaign

There's been a lot of talk about the silly condiments spanking the people as revenge campaign all over the interwebz. No doubt you've seen it. We've posted about it,... more
"Ads and their keepers" in Brand Equity, India

Well well, this is pretty neat as our smirk graces the Economic Times India's "Brand Equity" on Wednesday morning. It's a look at the ad archives like ourselves and BestadsonTV. We shared a few... more
Buzzfeed, like Google, is the ad agency of the future. But shareability != sales.

Jonah Peretti founder of Buzzfeed has been riding the viral wave ever since his stunt email exchange with Nike in 2001. Buzzfeed is the viral... more
LOGAN Designs Immersive Museum Exhibition, Spectacle: The Music Video

LOGAN, the award-winning bicoastal creative studio, takes a step into the exhibition space with Spectacle: The Music Video...

MPC LA Announces Andy Boyd as Head of 3D

MPC LA is proud to announce the addition of Andy Boyd as the studio’s new Head of... more
DDB needs people - You have six seconds to sell yourself on Vine

DDB Brussels are looking for a few good people and ask you to submit your application as a six second Vine gif, so if you have an Android you're just too different, man.

The Fast Forward ad that appears when you skip ads on your DVR - Markenfilm vs VW

The other day, a non ad person (I presume) and upstanding human being had a brilliant idea and tweeted it.

Can privacy keep up with technology?

In 2003, California passed SB 27, or the "Shine the Light Law." Basically it required companies doing business with Californians to... more
mOcean challenges Tosh because apparently they don't have work to do

Three Writers. One Office. No Effects. This is all I know as we're tweeted this link to a video of three writers having a blast in the office playing office hoops. They bounce the... more
The Saturday Evening post reprints Mad Men era ads from their magazine.

The Saturday Evening Post have dug up the Mad Men Era Ads that once ran in the post... more