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Superfad wants you to Know Your POTUS

"Because only you can make Presidential history."

Production house Superfad has created a series of webisodes to walk us through little known (or well known if you have any knowledge of American Presidential history) facts about Presidential elections from days of yore. Like the fact that William Henry Harrison gave the longest Presidential inauguration speech in history only to have the shortest presidency, dying of pneumonia just a month later.


Red Cross profile pic campaign will break your avatar apart and put it back together again

If you donate some money to the Red Cross via, they'll take over your profile pic. First it will break your avatar apart, and you'll look a right mess on twitter, as if humpty dumpty had a great fall. No worries, Red Cross will soon put it back together again. As they do.


The Heroes and scoundrels of Superstorm Sandy.

Last week, we reported how Duracell made a great targeted ad online in the wake of hurricane Sandy that devastated the eastern seaboard (and Cuba, and Puerto Rico) but specifically in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.


The Future Children project pro Obama children's choir has been pulled

If you check the vimeo link that belonged to The Future Children Project you'll find that the vimeo clip has been set to "Private" and the web site has been shut off. That's the web equivalent of pulling an ad.

The ad which received heaps of scorn here as well, was nearly universally lambasted by critics. It was the personal project of Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, the founders of Goodby Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco.


The Last Debate : Make Romney or Obama say anything you want on twitter

At The Last Debate you can tweet words in the POTUS mouth. If you tag it #speakRomney, the tweet will appear to come from Mitt Romney on the site. Tag it #Speakobama and resident prez Obama seems to speak it. It's already filled, unsurprisingly, with countless tweets of Obama calling Romney his bitch, and other equally childish pointless tweets. Created by the German digital agency Synamics, the idea seems to be to have people bring up topics close to their heart, but the result (since it's not filtered) will be just a lot of cussing. Stefan Jasper from German Synamics worked on the idea with the Swedish digital creatives who know where to find the twitter API, Christoffer Åhlén and Philip Hovensjö.


The trouble with Adsense - abusive porn ads on The Star news site [NSFW]

The Star, an English speaking Malaysian news site relies on Adsense to fill more than nine spots per page (though adsense rules restrict it to three ad spots per page.... hmm!). And why not, with a combination of keyword sensitivity and cookies in the viewers browsers, Adsense can target the ad spots in all sorts of ways. Adsense even has other adnetworks under its umbrella, so one can accept third-party ads and get even more possible ads filling the slots. And still stuff like this happens. Or perhaps that's exactly why?


Grip Limited celebrates ten year anniversary by putting the 10 year olds in charge of the creative work

Via Adfreak we find that the Canadian agency Grip Limited celebrated their tenth anniversary by putting ten year olds in creative charge of their accounts. The kids suck down juice, eat pizza and sugar packets, bounce balls and play around most of the day, and somewhere they also manage to find the time to create radio ads, posters and tv-spots to present to the clients whose name they can't remember.


Evian's app makes music from your twitter timeline

Wow, everyone is playing with twitter and music these days it seems. Perhaps annoyed by the constant standard beep in tweetdeck, Ad agency Ned Ludd in Paris created this android & ipad app that turns tweets into drops falling down on your screen. You can blame this thing for my lack of updates today, I was having too much fun. Drag and drop some objects from the left panel onto the main scene of the app, and each time a tweet will touch one of them, you'll hear a little sound. Now you can make music with your tweets. The Evian bit? Stay young - and you are if you keep playing with everything like an ADD kidlet.

Download the app here.