Rainbow crossing outside of Russian Embassy in Stockholm protests Russias anti-gay laws

Taking a note from Gay Pride parades around the world, someone painted a rainbow zebra crossing outside of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm.

Kevin Drew Davis now the CCO of DDB Canada

If you've seen Kevin Drew Davis tweeting about Canada recently, you might already be running an office pool on where he's heading after Digitas. He is now...

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Bad Assembly can assemble anything you want, and well.

Meet the good guys and girls from Bad Assembly. The commando-crew to call when you need something creative done on the bleeding edge of innovation and...

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Lean Mean Fighting Machine Pledges One in Sixty for Unilever

One of Unilever's founding principles is "Doing well by doing good." Inspired by that slogan, London-based Lean Mean Fighting Machine ...

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Mentos the Freshmaker makes Facebook news about you.

There's a new "grab your images from facebook and use it in a tailored clip ad" thingie out there, called Mentos Fresh News.
With enough wacky...

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Unicef Tap Project wins Cannes Lions 2013

Bad Assembly brings home the bronze lion for their water network work with Droga5.

Inuit's Super Bowl 2014 ad will not be for itself

Intuit, a tax preparation company, will be showing up for its Super Bowl in February 2014. According to...

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Tom Feiler and Tribal Worldwide Say “Toys Shouldn’t Play for You”

Feiler, who is represented in the U.S. by Accomplice Media, directs three ads that poke fun at digital toys.

Tom Feiler has directed...

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Grumpy cat launches grumpy cappuccino, the grumppuccino.

So, grumpy cat apparently knows what we all look like before our morning coffee, because Grumpy Cat announced the ...

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Why does social media move so slowly? Twitter installs abuse button, finally.

Just now, Twitter has decided to add a Report Abuse button to its site.

This was in...

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Publicis & Omnicom merge to become the Publicis Omnicom Group - Pepsi and Coca Cola now have the same agency!

Publicis and Omnicom to merge! Yes folks, you've heard the chatter since at least Friday, as have we, and in the middle of summer vacations in Europe, all Publicis and Omnicom brass had to...

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Flags 'meet the world' tour Marketing mags in Finland

This is sort of cheating here, since this press is not about Adland, but refers to us. Marketing Magazine in Finland...

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Don't worry about my English: Copywriter wants a job, proves he can spell

Remember when subservient chicken was so cutting edge it was the most amazing thing? Now tossing together recordings (audio or video) and a clever script that sorts which recording will respond...

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"Dear Nike: Make your shoes for girls too" say a pair of London creatives

I was in an Adidas store the other day. The kind with a huge wall full of shoes enticing you to crosstrain, run, hike and play soccer. While my writing partner was busy trying on all the shoes he...

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