Seattle Police hand out free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

Dude, the police are giving us Doritos! Yes, the Seattle Police have chosen the famous munchies chips as a vehicle for their information campaign... more
Redwell threatened by Red Bull for their name? Red Bull says no.

Meet Redwell Breweries, a very small new brewery that only employs eight people, yet still manages to produce five different & very tasty beers.

Goodpenny Inks Two Top Editors

Creative Studio Goodpenny has welcomed top editors John Marinis and Sven Herrmann into its fold. The additions come on the heels of Goodpenny’s Telly... more
Data Cars taxi in trouble for "rape imagery" on ads

Data Cars London, a taxi service, are in a bit of trouble for their postcard ads. The image on it depicts a woman drenched through and with makeup running down her cheeks, clearly dressed for a... more
Why you still need to sing for your supper.

L.A. experimental rock band Marriages are in a bind. It seems their place was flooded and what wasn't lost to the flood was robbed by... more
Big brands are buying fraud ad inventory on youtube

Forbes has found an interesting glith in the matrix internet: Top brands... more
LG promo event with BB guns and knives injures 20 people

Not sure who dreamt this one up, but certain s/he's fired. Twenty people were injured on Friday when they attended an event promoting a LG phone. With BB guns and knives taped to sticks, people... more
Roxy Goes Social with Global User-Generated “Dare Yourself” Campaign

Roxy, the world’s leading women’s lifestyle company, partnered with Digital Brand Architects and ClickFire Media to ask girls around the world: are... more
"Jens Stoltenberg drives a taxi" advertising stunt fools the world.

You've seen the headlines, in fact the whole world probably has. Everyone has written about it from The... more

ACNE has signed the highly regarded Salon Reps, headed by company Founder and President Lisa Houck, as its new west coast sales team. With 15 years... more
LOGAN Adds Kevin Batten as New LA Managing Director

LOGAN has added ex-Superfad partner Kevin Batten as its new LA Managing Director.