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Oreo dunks in the dark when Super Bowl backs out

While everyone was still talking about the commercials and complaining about the blackout on twitter, Oreo stole the show. "You can still dunk in the dark" reads this tweeted out Oreo ad, so timely so timely. Easily had more retweets than some super bowl commercials had viewers. Well played!

It pays to have a 15 person social media team on the payroll during the superbowl that can react to things in real time.

Touchdown: Oreo


UPDATED: Dodge "God Made A Farmer," a direct lift of

I know everyone’s going gaga about the Richard's Group's "God Made a Farmer" ad for Dodge because it cut through the clutter and was quiet and beautiful in an otherwise lackluster year of super bowl spots. And this is true. Paul Harvey's voice still resonates long after he made this speech back in the 1970's.

But. I guess I would like it more if didn’t do the exact same spot, right down to using Paul Harvey's voice and the execution (though not as heavily retouched) two years ago.

Do we still like it as much?


*Spoiler Alert* Super Bowl 2013 Ads - Watch them now and know what will air

Are you ready for some football? Ok, are you ready for some Super Bowl ads? Well you don't have to wait until kickoff to see many of them.

We've got lots of them already! We've got them grouped by air time too.

So pop open a drink, grab some lunch or a snack, sit back and watch them now.

Hyundai will air “Epic Play Date”, a :60 just prior to kickoff. The ad shows a family outing of skateboarding kids, dads doing donuts in the mud, family being chased by security guards, a biker gang and an ostrich. An original song by The Flaming Lips is the soundtrack and the band is featured throughout the ad.
Agency: Innocean

Watch it now:


Adland Bingo Vs Red Tettemer Bingo

Red Tettemer wants you to know they have a Super Bowl Bingo game. If you play along the right way, one person will win a 32" flat screen TV.

That kinda reminds me of, Super Bowl Ad Bingo. Created by Adland. In 2011.

Oh sure you have the fancy tv giveaway, but so what. In the Super Bowl of Super Bowl-themed games, we beat ya. Neener Neener. More importantly, you've seen all the spots in advance, so you've stacked the deck. it's a lot harder to do what we did and create stereotypes to watch out for. Seriously, you should make it a bit more sporting next time.


Can Facebook offer end Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

On 2012 Facebook introduced its new offers feature, enabling brands to grant Facebook users and fans special offers and discounts on products.
The OneVoice Movement introduced the first Facebook offer, for something other than a product. For peace. Allowing users from all over the world to 'Claim Peace' and help raise awareness toward ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Here's the interesting thing: Facebook limits each offer to 40,000 claims. So multiple peace offers will be created gradually on the next following days, users can also claim the peace offer on

The goal, as with all goals on Facebook, reach the 1,000,000 mark.

Agencies: Mizbala, The Brief


Butter Signs Grigorov

Butter Music and Sound is pleased to announce the addition of West Coast Creative Director Mario Grigorov. Mario brings an impressive and diverse musical history to the company – In addition to scoring Shadowboxer, Tennessee, The Paperboy, and the Academy Award-winning Precious, Grigorov has also audio branded major campaigns for LEGO, Cymbalta, BMW, JCPenney, and more over the course of nearly a decade as the Owner and Creative Director of Los Angeles-based Siblings Music.


LOGAN and Conscious Minds Bring Calvin Johnson, Alex Morgan, Neymar Jr. and Allyson Felix into Animated Games for Nike+

LOGAN plunges Nike+ users into a spectacular post-apocalyptic ice storm of a world with two 6:00, fully CG, stylized character-animated games featuring a cast of top athletes – NFL receiver Calvin Johnson, soccer players Alex Morgan and Neymar Jr., and sprinter Allyson Felix – and promoting a new line of weather-resistant clothing.


Tool and Under Armour Challenge Fans to Out-Ray Ray Lewis at this Year’s Super Bowl

Get a chance to have a verbal throwdown with NFL legend and Under Armour athlete Ray Lewis. In celebration of Ray’s career and advancement to Super Bowl XLVII, Under Armour and digital production company Tool, have created a website that allows you to see how you stack up against Ray.