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Keep it together: Keith Turner's productivity app

Advertising agencies try so hard to be badass it's funny. Believe it or not, one agency used to call its creative groups "fox holes."

Another calls the act of working endless hours for a fool's errand "falling on a hand grenade."

And of course in every agency I've ever worked, the designated pitch room is called the "war room."


Emotion Cube for Helsingin Sanomat

Good journalism elicits a powerful response.
Scandinavia's largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat proved this by creating an Emotion Cube that actually gauges its readers emotions after reading a story in the paper.

That large cube (4 meters/13 feet high) glows a different color based on the emotions Hope, Sorrow, Joy, Worry, Interest, Anger, Compassion and Surprise.

Users who read the newspaper on mobile, tablet or PC share their feelings and the cube turns colors based on said feelings. Nice way of getting users to spend more time at the site and hopefully start making more comments. Making a giant cube glow based on my emotions is a pretty cool incentive, no?


Design Jargon Bullshit - the terrifying real examples.

You could be forgiven if you for e abrief moment upon visiting Design Jargon Bullshit that it is simple yet another tumblr with hilariously buzzworded pullquotes of jargon, so familiar to us in the industry. But look a little closer and you'll realize.... The horrors.... The horror.. They are all real and link to one jargontastic site after the other. This is the sort of thing that will give me nightmares, kids. Hold me.

“Whilst others may produce visible and visceral work, it is the added consumer memorability that makes ours a success” source


Pistachios Gangnam Style for the Super Bowl

Paramount Farms nut brand has signed up for Super Bowl XLVII, and will pop their super bowl cherry with a 30 second spot starring none other than Psy, the Korean rapper from the world-hit-wonder of 2012 "Gangnam style", ensuring the ad is dated before the bowl is even over. They commercial was filmed just this week and was directed by Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory. It's the first time that Psy stars in an a American commercial, let alone on the super bowl.

Psy youtube wonder shills pistachios during Super Bowl.


Advertising at the stage of Relational Aesthetics

How Relational Aesthetics, a concept issued from Contemporary Art, can open up a new way of thinking Advertising.

Years after my Art studies, I saw one of my former university lecturers again. She told me she had followed my first steps into the Art world, and didn't understand how I got "lost" into the Adland.
I explained to her that on many levels, mechanisms at work in both fields are the same. That's why I never felt lost at all.
In fact I believe that the mutations that happened in the Art world during the last few decades can help to better understand those that brands have to face today.


Simian Debuts New State-of-the-Art Video Player and Enhanced Presentations

The latest upgrade of the industry-leading media management platform focuses on usability; includes redesigned presentations, a robust HTML5 player, enhanced email branding options and a more user-friendly design.

Laguna Niguel—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions, takes video sharing to the next level with the latest update to its groundbreaking media sharing platform, which includes a state-of-the art HTML5 video player.


Tool and Help Remedies Will Keep You Flu-Free

Newly signed interactive director James Cooper is launching his first project with Tool, a Facebook app for healthcare products outfit Help Remedies. Cooper, who already had a close working relationship with the team at Help, conceived the project and worked with Tool’s in-house digital team to execute the FB app.


Doing Business at Fluid? Leave Lunch at Home

Any great job comes with plenty of perks: paid vacations, great insurance, maybe even a health club discount. However, employees and clients who step into the Manhattan post-production supercenter housing Fluid, Butter, Mr.