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Aussie Comedy Director Dave Klaiber Joins Bully Pictures

Winner of Cannes and LIAA awards gains U.S. representation for the first time.

LOS ANGELES—Comedy director Dave Klaiber has signed with Bully Pictures for exclusive representation in the United States. It’s the first time that the young, Australian-born director has pursued work in the U.S. In 2008, Klaiber won a Silver Lion at Cannes for the Thrifty spot Birthday Girl. He is also the winner of two Gold London International Advertising Awards and a Gold Mobius Award.


Publishers, Weakly: What The Penguin/Random House Merger Really Means

When I saw the word “synergies” applied to the proposed merger of publishing giants Penguin and Random House, I laughed out loud. “Synergies” is Wall Street-speak for “Let’s merge two failing companies, fire half the employees, run the resulting business more cheaply, suck out all the money we can as quickly as we can, and then leave the wounded, gasping beast that is the resulting company to die a miserable, public death.”

Which is exactly why “synergies” best describes the merger of two of the biggest names in the publishing industry, which is wringing its hands over the immediate consequences of this deal, which really represents one more death rattle of the once thriving book publishing trade.

Here’s what happens now: lots of editorial, marketing, and other jobs will vanish. Agents will have fewer places to sell books. Fewer books will be published. Authors will get even less money (if that’s even possible, since some publishers are paying zero advances whenever they can get away with it). And the pontificators will pontificate on what it all means to society (not much, since most of society has already given up on reading books).


ADWEEK - 'The legendary ad blogger on Instagram creatives, brands riding the Reddit wave, and how agencies can save themselves'

So Fast Chat: Åsk Wäppling
The legendary ad blogger on Instagram creatives, brands riding the Reddit wave, and how agencies can save themselves
. Oh my, the words "legendary" and "renowned" have me suffering from "gigantic head". It'll pass.

Let's talk about agencies. Are we looking at the last days of the traditional agency? Are creatives going to stop making ads and start making products? And if so, should they get out of the ad business entirely?


Sloppy seconds from Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO series Girls makes one big innuendo of a political ad to get out the vote for Obama because apparently he deflowered her or something.

In it, Dunham rambles like she's taken too much Adderall. It has a very creepy Generation Instagram feel to it and the music reminds me somehow of those Mac vs. PC ads. Just when we get to the point where the constant run on sentences and bad jump cut edits are making me want to scream, Dunham finally slows down and says:


Duracell knows how to target ads.

As Dabitch says, advertising is information in the right context. And if that's the case, Duracell should get an ad of the week award.

The worst storm in all of creation is about to hit the Northeast. Cataclysmic. A mixture of rain and maybe snow, and high winds, and probably raining frogs and locusts, too. Hurricane Sandy, as she's called, as been dubbed Frankenstorm. Just for halloween.


Facebook's promoted posts: "Give us money or only 15% of your friends see your stuff"

POP QUIZ HOTSHOT - Do you want to build someone elses social network, have your data (and info patterns) sold to advertisers, and have to pay to promote your posts so that your pals can see your latest sarcastic update? Have I got the facebook for you. Act now and I'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge.


Phoenix Thrills Key Art Again

Following its widely praised production of The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards in 2011, Phoenix returned to the event on October 17th, leveraging its experience and creativity for yet another successful show.


a52 Takes the Bate

Following the promotion of Megan Meloth to EP, a52 has continued to bolster its roster with the signing of Andrew Bate as VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist. A multitalented VFX pro whose work spans the commercial, music video and film worlds, Bate’s recent efforts include a Cannes Gold Lion-winning, Emmy-nominated Olympics spot for Procter & Gamble, a D&AD Annual-winning ad for Xbox, a Sports Emmy-winning promo for MLB, and Honda’s infamous Matthew Broderick’s Day Off Super Bowl ad from earlier this year.