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Islazul almost kills a bear for fashion

Oh lookie! It's a talking bear (which we've been assured never got harmed but just ate cookies the whole time.) And a guy wearing hipster sneakers. And the guy kills the bear. And then we're told you shouldn't have to feel like you killed mother bear for sneakers. Huh?

Is this a play on words in Spanish? Is this something only people in Madrid get? Or is it a really freaky way of getting attention?

No sé.

Islazul | Back to Happy Shopping (Director's Cut) from Lore&Jun on Vimeo.


Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor Goes Deep Into the Unconscious with “Sexsomnia” for Treats! Magazine

Darkness and lust pervade this four-minute short film for Treats! magazine by Logan & Sons Director Paul Minor. Sexsomnia, which accompanies the eponymous editorial in the magazine, plays like a Cimmerian fever-dream, replete with a propulsive synth soundtrack (composed by Minor and David Baum) and a beautifully caliginous eroticism. Logan & Sons paired the acclaimed director with Treats! to great effect, delivering a powerful and captivating narrative.


Tool Hires Executive Producer Danielle Peretz

Tool is pleased to announce the addition of Danielle Peretz as its newest EP. An award-winning professional with many years of creative, business and management experience, Peretz has led teams around the world on an impressive variety of projects in the advertising, film, and music worlds.


Nike just pulled it: The Boston Massacre T-shirt

Non sports nerds take note: The “Boston Massacre” phrase has been used to describe a late-season sweep by the Yankees of the rival Boston Red Sox in 1978. That season culminated in a World Series championship for the Yankees.

This is what the Nike shirt referred to, but in light of the Boston Bombings and following intense manhunt, a blood splattered shirt seems a bit morbid and in bad taste. Just to show how quick a brand can react, Nike has pulled the shirts from their online stores and are recalling them from all physical locations as we speak. They took immediate action last week, right after the marathon, to remove the product.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted the news a few hours ago:


The Jackson 5 Cereal Conspiracy

Oh sure, you think that headline's nothing more than link bait. Fine. You believe what you want to believe. But I have proof. The Jackson 5 were totally in on the world's biggest cereal conspiracy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Zapruder Film of advertising.

First let's start with this spot for Sugar Crisp.


Badly timed viral "It could happen to all of us" backfires due to recent events

Earlier this week a cryptic message appeared on the spookily named domain Say what? It could happen to all of U.S.!? Woah! Scarier still, there was a major U.S. city listed, namely Chicago, and......... *gulp* ... a timer that was counting down to something. Dum .. dum DUM....! And the scary music swells!


RPS’ Carlos Arias Lends His Editorial Eye to Rodrigo Prieto’s “Likeness,” Starring Elle Fanning

In yet another wonderful collaboration, RPSCarlos Arias lends his deft talent to the forthcoming short film from Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto entitled “Likeness.” The short, which is to debut at this year’s TriBeCa Film Festival, is the directorial debut of Prieto, who is known industry-wide as one o