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Is Pheed the first social media site to care about copyright?

While everyone's been on Vine a few months ago the first proper rival launched. I'm talking about Pheed. It's gaining in popularity and is apparently a big deal among teens and those who live in France as well as the usual famous-for-fame's sake celebrities. But don't let that deter you.

First off, Pheed allows users to post photos. Of any size. And videos. Up to four hours. It also allows users to charge others to see their content.

According to this linkedin article:


New adspace in Japan: Teenage girls' thighs

Well, there's been boobvertising, assvertising, your skin as ad media, pregverts and even tattooed forehead ads so I guess teenage girls' thighs are next - and we all know this is the perfect media if you are targeting leg-men.


Whole foods in hot water for Obama ad featuring chicken

Whole foods have stirred up controversy in Manhattan for having a sign outside featuring a sketch of Obama announcing deals on chicken. They obviously forgot the advertising rule that if has anything to do with chicken or watermelon, you can not have black people near it as that could be seen as a racist stereotype. This rule even applies to Australian KFC who used an Aussie fan ending up in the seating area of the West Indies fans in one of their ads, and he got out of that awkward situation by offering a bucket a chicken. The one thing the two opposing teams fans could agree on.


RPA & King And Country Help Honda Fly High In New Civic Campaign

Production company King and Country (K&C) recently worked with ad agency RPA to direct and produce a new campaign for the 2013 Honda Civic, which has been widely lauded by the media and drivers alike.

In the first spot, “More to Love,” the camera moves through the inside of the Civic as blue and white metallic mylar balloons inflate containing kudos from major trade magazines, newspapers and websites. Cut to the outside, where the doors burst open and hundreds of quote-filled balloons spill out of the car, joining others that float together to comprise a heart-shaped cloud, as the voiceover concludes, “It’s the best Civic yet.”

Similarly, “Civic Love” showers the love on the outside of the Civic, as the text balloons pop up and animatedly form into a heart above the car.


The end is nigh: Twitter announces their advertising API

Twitter has created an advertising API for those pesky promoted tweets that sneak into all the fun trend and your feed in general. Now, the first five partners who are currently bilding on this API and tested it with a select groups of their clients are Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital.


Click 3X Live Streams Social Media Week Double Feature

Starting at 4PM on Wednesday, February 20, Click 3X gets social, opening its Flatiron studio to a gathering of A-list marketing, advertising, and social media experts for Social Media Week 2013. The company continues its years-long tradition of hosting thought-provoking Social Media Week panels with a knockout double feature – “The Second Coming of the 30 Second Spot,” moderated by Click 3X CD Nick Agderian, and “What Is Branded Content?” led by Magnet Media GM Paul Kotonis.


Funny Guy Fieri fake menu-site full of plagiarized twitter jokes.

Welcome to the latest funny-har-har on the intarwebs which is the domain-joke GuysAmericanKitchenAndBar that developer Bryan Mytko bought because GuysAmerican did not. Then they proceeded to fill the menu with tres funny jokes poking fun at Guy's style of cooking. Example:

Deep fried snake with a printed out picture of David Lee Roth stapled on it and a sparkler sticking out of each eye. Served with a side of Bud Light you have to wring out of a Hawaiian shirt.

This was announced on twitter and people applauded, laughed, and sent virtual high-fives to Bryan.