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Sloppy seconds from Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO series Girls makes one big innuendo of a political ad to get out the vote for Obama because apparently he deflowered her or something.

In it, Dunham rambles like she's taken too much Adderall. It has a very creepy Generation Instagram feel to it and the music reminds me somehow of those Mac vs. PC ads. Just when we get to the point where the constant run on sentences and bad jump cut edits are making me want to scream, Dunham finally slows down and says:


Duracell knows how to target ads.

As Dabitch says, advertising is information in the right context. And if that's the case, Duracell should get an ad of the week award.

The worst storm in all of creation is about to hit the Northeast. Cataclysmic. A mixture of rain and maybe snow, and high winds, and probably raining frogs and locusts, too. Hurricane Sandy, as she's called, as been dubbed Frankenstorm. Just for halloween.


Facebook's promoted posts: "Give us money or only 15% of your friends see your stuff"

POP QUIZ HOTSHOT - Do you want to build someone elses social network, have your data (and info patterns) sold to advertisers, and have to pay to promote your posts so that your pals can see your latest sarcastic update? Have I got the facebook for you. Act now and I'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge.


Phoenix Thrills Key Art Again

Following its widely praised production of The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards in 2011, Phoenix returned to the event on October 17th, leveraging its experience and creativity for yet another successful show.


a52 Takes the Bate

Following the promotion of Megan Meloth to EP, a52 has continued to bolster its roster with the signing of Andrew Bate as VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist. A multitalented VFX pro whose work spans the commercial, music video and film worlds, Bate’s recent efforts include a Cannes Gold Lion-winning, Emmy-nominated Olympics spot for Procter & Gamble, a D&AD Annual-winning ad for Xbox, a Sports Emmy-winning promo for MLB, and Honda’s infamous Matthew Broderick’s Day Off Super Bowl ad from earlier this year.


File under "no such thing as bad PR" - Chick-fil-A benefits from gay marriage flap

As reported by ABC news and Business Insider, all that talk about Chik-fil-A in national media and the social networks, actually increased their sales. Despite some people best effort to "just cost them money" by asking for free water at the drive-through, Jon Stewart weighing in on that, and Mayors of major cities telling them not to come there, Chick-fil-A made out.


Microwave Mentality part three: Advertising is dead, and other unoriginal ideas.

"Congratulate me, Joe! I just sold the business to the Resor boys. They don't know it, but the advertising agency business has seen its best days!"

I want you to let this sink in for a second. The quote above came from J Walter Thompson. In 1916.

Since the dawn of advertising, many people have scrambled up the top of the heap, King- Of-The-Hill-style, in an effort to be the first to proclaim their own industry dead.


That Hitler Frisbee ad making the rounds? Not a real ad.

So yeah, Buzzfeed says "I am not going to contact the Danish Frisbee Sports Union to ask them if this is a real ad, but you're welcome to." . But we don't have to, because we remember when this was entered in the The Danish Young Creative Circle Awards 2011 - and we have it posted here back in 2011.

In 2012 they sent it to the Chip Chop awards, and now it's viral. For more (real) ads with Hitler in them use this search.