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David Lowery makes list of people who changed the music industry.

I for one loathe end of year lists and it seems to me like easy fodder for people who would rather be on vacation than have to think. Recaps just aren't my bag. In this case though I'll make an acception to the rule.

Digital Music News Digital Music News came out with its list of people who changed the music industry in 2012. Spoiler Alert: Amanda Palmer is not on the list.


Thirty good seconds.

The advertising and media industries have teamed up for about the past 50 years to train people that 30 seconds is all the time they need to dedicate to a message. For a while, I thought this long-taught learning only applied to advertising, but I’ve realized now that it applies to videos, news, your portfolio, websites, weddings. Everything.

For an ad a minute can sometimes seem special, but in most circumstances just seems long. A three-minute sponsored video seems to last forever. Most websites users get to, tick off most of the time on site looking for the one thing they need, absorbing that and getting out. Personally, if I am greeted by a load screen, I get itchy.


No Age enables Converse sweatshop workers by protesting sweatshop workers.

This story comes out of Pitchfork.

"Experimental" "Punk" band No Age hoisted a giant F.U. to Converse at a recent show on December 18th in Barcelona, while also enabling Converse to sell shoes because it was a Converse sponsored event.

No Age have done this anti-corporate stuff before, headlining an Anti Walmart concert protesting Walmart. I believe it was called the Low Hanging Fruit concert.


Newsweek #lastprintissue

This is the last printed issue of Newsweek, carrying a hashtag on the cover. A new era has begun, where piles of read papers don't have to be dragged out to the recycling bin any more. For 80 years, this magazine has been available in print form, but is now moving to digital only. There's 50 ad pages in this edition, it has an all star lineup with Jon Meacham, the former editor in chief, writing on the magazine's presidential covers and Mark Whitaker writing about the Newsweek civil rights coverage.


Senate passes a resolution asking to drop adult classifieds

A resolution drafted by two senators is calling on the Village Voice “to act as a responsible global citizen” and take down the adult classifieds section on its Backpage website. Kind of like Craigslist, Backpage is a place to get used sundries, free sofas, junk and treasures, and in Backpage's case, child prostitutes.


Wrapping paper that tells you what's in the gift = crapping paper!

So you've made a mad dash to the high-street and found some wine / bath stuff / a book / a whatever that'll do for everyone on your list, and as you kick off your shoes at home you realize.. crud, you forgot the wrapping paper! No worries, crapping paper to the rescue, just download and print and you're set to go. There's even a clever little crapping paper generator at the bottom of the page for that extra special box of tea & maltesers you got aunt Sally. This has been an Johnny & Angus production.


Adland booted from Google Adsense due to PETA's misogynist ads

Well a merry christmas to us! Adland has had "ad serving disabled" without warning by our dear pals the Google Adsense folks. What did we do? Serve gore to you. It's the top five of PETA's most sexist ads that offends, as there's a woman being clubbed to have her fur stolen, and some lowly mostly nude interns sweating in cellophane in the hot Memphis sun that have blood on them. Like anything PETA, it's a very popular post, partly due to the offensiveness of the imagery. Not sure if it's the nudity or gore that got caught in Google's defunkt algorithm.


Updated Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVII ads you'll see

As we hurl head first to the start of a new year, we get ever closer to the Big Game. So, whilst you’re recovering from your agency’s holiday party, production house party and advertising association party, grab some hair of the dog, some aspirin, and check out who will be in the game come February.

NEW: Ford Lincoln will have its first ad in the Super Bowl lineup. A campaign on Twitter is asking fans to tweet their thoughts on the brand using #SteerTheScript, and Jimmy Falon will then turn the tweets into a 60-second spot. The brand also has Emmitt Smith onboard as brand ambassador, so we might also see him in the spot, too. Agency: in-house agency HudsonRouge (source)

NEW: Unliever’s Axe will also have its first appearance in the Big Game this year with a 30-second ad titled “Lifeguard” that their press release claims “includes a twist at the end that aligns with a larger creative campaign scheduled for a January 2013 launch”. Agency: BBH London (source)