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Everydaysexism corners Facebook via advertisers, FB back down on anti-women 'hate speech' posts

This image with the found at the Facebook page "Offensive Humor at Its Best" shows a woman with her mouth taped shut and the idea to 'tape her and rape her', but Facebook doesn't consider it hate speech. Facebook's response to offensive joke is even more offensive says MSN as they explain that Laura Bates' Everyday Sexism Project aims to remove rape speech and anti-female content from Facebook. The interesting thing to us, dear adfolk, is that Laura's Everydaysexism twitter account often find national middle american brands advertising right next to really offensive images.


Click 3X Launches Raison D’Être, Summers Appointed as Director of Creative Strategy

As high-end consumers converge upon the digital space, Click 3X is launching Raison D’Être a digital and video content company that will focus on putting fashion, be


Charles Ramsey to advertisers: No thanks.

Earlier this month, Charles Ramsey of Cleveland, Ohio solved a horrific ten year-old kidnapping crime. He was hailed as a hero (which he denies) and became a media sensation. But he hates that, too. He just wants to be left alone.

I believed this was proof positive the world wasn't as horrible as I imagined. But it has been soured, because of two mistakes Mr. Ramsey accidentally made. Note, these aren't actual mistakes. I'm talking about normal behavior, which one can no longer do in the Youtube Era™.


Convoy of Hope Vines their Oklahoma clean up.

Disaster relief non-profit Convoy Of Hope Vine's their clean up efforts in Moore, Oklahoma. The city was hit with one of the worst tornado disasters ever recorded.

But this footage shows despite the horrible devastation, progress is being made. It's also as good an ad for the charity as you're going to get. Bravo, guys.


Cortez Brothers Relies on Simian to Keep Its Sales Effort Operating at Warp Speed

Los Angeles-based Production Company uses media management platform to build reels and drive sales.

Laguna Niguel, CA--Ed Rivero, managing director of Los Angeles production company Cortez Brothers, has worked in advertising for more than 20 years has witnessed many changes in the industry, including the way companies like his market their services. When Rivero was getting started in his career, production companies recorded show reels for their directors onto ¾-inch videotapes. They were time-consuming to prepare, awkward to manage and expensive to ship. “We would edit them once a quarter,” he recalls. “They were our calling cards.”


Heard City Mixes Saulnier’s ‘Blue Ruin’ for Cannes

On the heels of mixing the powerful documentary In God We Trust and the feature film Lily for their Tribeca Film Festival debuts, Heard City Mixer Cory Melious has collaborated with Director Jeremy Saulnier on a stirring feature film that premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Blue Ruin is the tale of a mysterious beach bum who performs a botched act of vengeance in an effort to stand up for his estranged family. Saulnier approached Melious with the incredible task of creating a mix and complete sound design in just two weeks. Heard City’s elaborate production pipeline was equal to the task, systematically working its way through the mix and edit.


Stockholm Pride invite Russians to # GOWEST via flirty tweets

A russian court has banned all gay pride parades for one hundred years. M&C Saatchi and Stockholm Pride parade have a solution, they invite y'all to GO WEST, and the funtastic pride event in Stockholm instead. Using that website you can compose your tweet-invite for #GOWEST, which is then automatically translated into Russian. In addition, your location for this particular tweet is changed to a random location in Russia in an attempt to reach as many Russians as possible.