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Google glass privacy issues make them look like peeping toms

StopTheCyborgs wants to stop the Google Glass, as the opposition against walking around with "Google's outer brain strapped to our faces" grows. The stopthecyborgs site is taking this very seriously;

These concerns go beyond privacy. There are serious consequences for human society. There will no longer be any distinction between the ‘digital world’ and the ‘real world’. People will make decisions and interact with other humans in the real world in a way which increasingly depends on information that Google Glass tells them.


Facebook's latest dick move.

First they put Like buttons on every last page on the internet, because hey, why just track you behind the scenes with cookies when we can brand ourselves everywhere, too? Now it is rumored that Zuckerberg and company, who have already destroyed engagement with twitter (and other third party apps) before, "well everyone likes the hashtag and so let's just use it for our own purposes.


Ladies on twitter explain to @atlassian that men can not be "pretty"

THIS JUST IN: MEN CAN NOT BE "PRETTY" - so I have been fooled all these years when I've longingly let my eyes linger on the pretty men I've seen. Where did I learn this fact that men can not be pretty? In this here tweet from @atlassian which caused ladies all over twitter to frown at them for using the word "pretty" to describe a server.

I am confused now. Men can't be pretty. David Letterman shouldn't have called Sandra Bullock a handsome woman either then I suppose, but he did and she is a handsome woman.


Will Germany pass a law that prevents google from reproducing content in search?

Proposed German Copyright Law Is Just a ‘Snippet’ of What’s Ahead for Search Engines reports that Germany’s proposed “ancillary copyright law” may actually allow news orgs and other content creators to charge companies like Google for reproducing their content in search engine snippets (I don't think this is why Google killed their RSS reader btw.. )

But what will really happen if it passes? We asked Andowah Newton, a litigation associate at Mintz Levin in New York City, to walk us through the possibilites.


Ad billboard hacked, hackers awarded with iPads.

Two uni students who had the idea "Would be cool to play a video game on that" when they saw the electronic billboard across the square from their school, actually did hack that billboard to play space invaders last week. The billboard company responded by giving them free iPads.
“This has never happened before, but we appreciate the fact that these guys have, in a charming way, pointed us to this huge problem,” Slobodan Petrovic, the manager of the billboard ad company, DPC said to


Poetica Takes a CG Journey with Trek

As if borne of a dream, Poetica’s beautifully monochromatic spec film for Trek Bicycles bares the distinct look and feel of a surreal mindscape. The piece, conceptualized by Poetica Creative Director Steve Tozzi and brought to life with the help of CG Director, Lead Animator John Clausing and Senior Flame Artist Aaron Vasquez, is an expressive 3D ode to the rider’s unique connection to the Trek brand.

The film revolves around a cyclist traveling through a menagerie of hyper-stylized landscapes, each populated with phantasmagorical cranes, flowers, and more, made up of bicycle parts. However, it also functions as a case study on the capabilities of Softimage, and Arnold, a powerful new 3D CG-rendering program. Poetica rendered some 200-plus passes of CG to bring the stunning images to life with a quick turnaround. Additionally, programs such as Exocortex, Slipstream, and ICE were employed to give the VFX a singularly natural and organic look.


ebay to Google: "We don't need you. No established online brand does"

OH MY there's a bit of a tiff erupting between the big online players, as EBay Inc one of the largest online marketplaces just released a study that questions value of Google's main ad service. Established brands such as eBay, Amazon et al don't get more customers from paid search results than they otherwise would have. They have an online following that they already sell to, and online marketing channels doesn't bring in new customers, just the one who would have searched eBay anyway.


Haters gonna hate and now they have an App for it

Captain obvious has made the app we've always wanted, and you can download it at or from the iTunes store. With Hater you can share all the things you hate with the people you love. Like waiting in line at Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney, man don't we hate that? Spread the negative vibes, show people just how first world blasé you really are about things, click "dislike" like a manic depressive. I'd not hate to make a proper review on this but I cant't and I honestly hate this; it's not available on Android yet. I hate that all new apps are iOS/iPhone first. You supposed early adopters aren't adapting very fast on the os&hardware you use, aye? Meh.