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3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well.

At the risk of going against the hive mind, Buzzfeed is the biggest ad platform masquerading as social content to hit the internet since Facebook.

Let me explain it another way: Buzzfeed is a scam. And advertisers and clients hellbent on becoming the most social brand ever are all too eager to buy into the bullshit. I use that choice word, because if you work in advertising and you spent five minutes thinking about it, then there is no other way to describe it.

1. "Carbon copy content."


How Instagram killed Firegram

Remember this? Cuckoo for Instagram likes? Then download firegram, right now at Techcrunch? That was the rolling start of a good idea™ designed to solve one wee problem Instagram had. As people maxed out their hashtags, searching "sunset" brought you thousands of sunsets but also junk that had no sun at all in the image, making searching tags ever more useless. Why are people tagging so much? To get likes. And on night it dawned on iAdam that if he made an app that people could only choose one tag for the photo, but then blast it, making the image end up in the top 150 in searches for that tag.. attention-seekers will get their fame and people looking for sunsets will get that. Awesome!


SXSW will have free bikes that tweet where they are.....

Razorfish have made tweeting bikes for SXSW. The sleek bikes have their own GPS devices that will transmit location data of their whereabouts to Razorfish's social media team. The 20 bikes have individual Twitter ID's, WyattTheBike a Texan bike y'all, VivianTheBike, KenTheBike and PennyTheBike for example, and will tweet in its own personality. They can tweet where they are, about the weather, where they've seen what foodtrucks and random localized talk. If they're stolen they will tweet "RIP" and sign off.


Go Green Screen to support VFX artists.

Thank you @VFXrex for your astute image observation earlier on twitter..

In case you're scratching your head about those green twitter and facebook avatars popping up, allow me to illuminate.


Simian Helps Creative Companies Fire Up Their Sales Efforts with “Interactive Heatmaps”

Visual analytic tool allows companies to track what parts of sales videos are viewed most often.

Laguna Niguel—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions has developed a new tool that helps creative companies accurately pinpoint which parts of their sales presentations are garnering the most attention.


Blue Note album covers, an interactive timeline.

Art Directors and Designers have been known to collect these for the covers alone, so you aesthetic geeks, rejoice: here is a timeline of all the Blue Note covers.

My favorite? Glad you asked. Must share Lee Morgan and the sidewinder which is both a great album and a fantastic cover, the usual for Blue Note then. ;)


Sweden's State Television SVT decide to only buy music from private corp that rights-grab musicians work

SVT and Chanel 4 in Sweden have signed deals with Epidemic sound, where your rights as a musician are gone forever (googletranslate), if you sign with them. Yep, you can sell your music to them for X bucks, but you have to give up all rights to the music when doing so.