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The Saturday Evening post reprints Mad Men era ads from their magazine.

The Saturday Evening Post have dug up the Mad Men Era Ads that once ran in the post, as a reminder that they are America’s oldest magazine, and they are big fans of Mad Men on AMC. The ads are delightfully bold in color, graphic in their use of white space, and stereotypical with their gender norms, which is what the sixties suburbia was all about. A coffee that is "husband pleasing", a smoke that ain't too dry but just right? Thems were the days. It's quite fun to look through, so give it a whirl. And if you are a Mad Men fan here's a bonus, The Saturday evening Post interviews creator Matt Weiner too.


Imgembed: fights online piracy with easy and awesome image search

Hailing itself the new standard for fair online use, Imgembed is a bright beacon in a sea of content theft. The site which is in Beta, hopes to table the content theft argument by making a site that is both fair, and easy to use.

You search for your image, find one, copy and paste it to your blog or wherever, and the attribution automagically appears. This you can feel safe and secure and honest in knowing you haven't violated any rights. Plus they're free to use for a whole bunch of impressions. And let's face it. Your samey blog of fashionista photos and Liz Lemon gifs aren't generating that much traffic.

But if you're a business, or narcissistic enough to believe so, you can also pay for more impressions.


Illuminati Taps Mother New York as Agency of Record

Great news from Mother New York who just won another prestigious client. I'll just quote the entire release;

"April 1, 2013- After nearly 237 years with their current agency, The Illuminati has named Mother New York its new agency of record. Creative duties for the account shifted after a pitch that included five undisclosed agencies.
To date, The Illuminati brand has followed a subtle advertising strategy that has included teasers on US currency, branded partnerships with world leaders and other non-traditional campaigns.
While some close followers have recognized the work, awareness has remained low according to The Illuminati, with less than 2% of the population acknowledging the organizationʼs efforts, despite the nearly $200 billion the group spends in annual media.


Artists to TBWA Chiat Day and American Eagle: Screw You

As you'll recall, American Eagle and Ghost Beach worked with TBWA to create Artists Vs. Artists: an "edgy," campaign that asked people to take a stand on music piracy. Wink wink.

Well, this just got sent to our inbox.


GARTNER Welcomes Director Terry Rietta

Bicoastal production company GARTNER is pleased to welcome award-winning director Terry Rietta to its roster. The signing represents the company’s ongoing commitment to offering agency clients and brands cutting-edge filmmaking and production talent across the traditional and digital advertising landscape.


The Brand Equality Social Experiment is over. What did we learn?

Just a few days after it launched, the Brand Equality Tumblr site is done with its "social experiment." Which, by the way, was a phrase I wish never entered our lexicon. It sounds like another way of saying "psychologically messing with your minds." Semantics, right? Perhaps Humpty Dumpty was right in saying "When I use a word, it means whatever I choose it to mean. Neither more nor less." But when I hear "Social Experiment," I think of manipulation. Which is what I hate most about this career.


What Vampire Weekend taught us about brand loyalty

Over at Pitchfork comes an article that Saab owners are in a tizzy because of a new video and promo shots featuring a Saab 900 on fire.

Sorry. That should be former Saab owners, since the cars were sold to the band's production company for the video. But once a Saab owner always a Saab owner.