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Boost Mobile: 31 Carols

Boost Mobile thinks that one holiday isn't enough this December. So with the help of 180 LA they have created a way to honor the 30 more obscure holidays that happen that month. You know, the ones know one's ever heard of. And decided to tie it in to Boost's "Be heard," tagline by making them singing greeting cards-- you know-- carols.


Pereira & O'Dell get a bronze from Mediapost, nod to our opinion on ads

Mediapost gave Pereira & O'Dell "bronze" for social agency of 2012, quotes our opinion on their Skype campaign.

“It’s Time For Skype” uses print, outdoor and Web iterations to position the Internet-based voice and video communications service as a warmer, more human way to connect than alternatives like Twitter and Facebook.

“140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch,” reads one copy line. “When did it become ok to text mom happy birthday?” asks another. The campaign’s main social thrust consists of an app on Skype’s Facebook page that lets users create and share “Humoticons” — pictures of themselves expressing emotions.


Nothing to wear for that holiday cheer? Sweatertee is ugly and saves puppies too.

Invites to umptebillion holiday shindigs and nothing to wear? Wanna out-do that hipster kid and save puppies too? Fret not, offers six screen-printed proper "ugly" holiday sweater designs, and 100% of the proceeds —$22 for every shirt sold — goes directly to the APA. Ugly and nice. Get one with a faux knitted pattern of beer or Holiday Donkey Kong today.


Let the social media Cola Wars begin

Now it's harder than ever to send your cat/food/feet/selfie/airplane/old sign/cloud photos to Twitter via Instagram. Because Facebook owns Instagram. So they'd rather you not send your shit to a competitor's site. So boom. No more integration without third party apps.

Oh, whoa that sounds like competitiveness to me. I thought sharing was caring and the internet was a wide open freebie? Why are we surprised by this? Remember when the Like button started showing up on every last page on the web? It was Facebook's way of saying "Okay we know you have to visit other pages, but don't forget about us." Now Facebook is saying "Screw those other pages. All your eyeballs belong to us."


Instagram pulls twitter integration, need to puff their own site stats to 'monetize' and keep investors happy

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram showed everyone their new profile pages, where you, me and everyone else could now see peoples Instagram collections in one go. reportedly sulked by the phone all evening. Today Instagram pulls twitter integration. Why? Stats.

“Now that Facebook owns us we’re getting shit for not having a website we can use to pad our stats and monetize to keep investors from telling them to sell us off.”


Hitman is way off the mark with facebook app that "kills" your friends for being ginger

Rockpapershotgun: "Hijinks! Square Enix Say: Threaten ‘Hits’ On Your Friends!" has plenty of screendumps showing off Square Enix hit-game from facebook. You could have people "killed" for their makeup, ginger hair, small tits and all sorts. You could select to murder Galpal X for "cheating on her boyfriend" and instruct the hitman they'd recognise her via her ginger hair and small tits, and she'll receive a video watching the assassin prepare to kill her HOW FUN.

Yes, could, because they soon realized that this was past the line and have removed the game and issued a statement apologising for the app. Epic marketing fail.


Ceiling cat is watching you - no, wait that's Verizon - watch TV so they can target ads better

Verizon just filed a patent for quite the big brother-ish DVR tech, reports Arstechnica. The Patent is for a DVR that can can watch and listen to the goings-on in your living room. Examples of how this can be used are suggested, sounds of arguing will prompt marriage counseling ads, while sounds of cuddling prompts ads for contraceptives. Big brother want you to stay together but don't want you breeding.


What Elvis can teach junior creatives

See that photo above? That was Elvis in his prime. During the Jailhouse Rock years. That photo above is also the definition of foreshadowing: A performer who performs in a prison.

See, Elvis Presley is more famous for dying on the toilet than his beginnings as one of the inventors of a country/rock-a-billy/RnB/gospel hybrid called rock n’ roll.