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Southern Comfort spoof ad budgiewalk raises money for children's hospital

Enamored with that Southern Comfort commercial where the man who has 'gotta be me' struts his stuff along the beach in a bathing suit and leather shoes, a a group of students from the University of Sheffield suddenly had the bright idea to do their own version when Pete sort of volunteered to recreate it, as long as some money got raised for the local children's hospital (and he got a bottle of Southern Comfort).


Contrapunto auctions off their 1989 Grand Prix Lion for charity, on Ebay

Have 500 Euro or more burning a hole in your pocket? Why not buy your way to advertising fame for your award-cabinet at home. The Grand Prix Lion from 1989 is on Ebay and the starting bid is 500 Euro. It's Spanish agency Contrapunto who decided to auction off the 1989 Grand Prix Lion they received for the film "Scooter /Suitcase". The commercial for TV Espana featured an lovable but sad dog who packs his bags and leaves as his master would rather watch TV than play with him. Aaaaaawwww. Wook at his widdle suitcase. So kyoot.


Networks christmas gift to you: TV commercials will not be as loud!

It's about time! TV commercials re to be quieter, starting this Thursday at midnight, commercials will legally have to be within two decibels of the programming during which they air. HALELU-YEAHHHHH. Oh, wait, at what point of the programming are we measuring from? Because I tend to watch a lot of action films where the dialogue is practically whispered and the they nuke the Large Hadron Collider or something with an extremely loud BOUHM and anything two decibels above that will likely shatter my windows.

Oh goodie, TV guide has an answer to my query.


Warm wishes from the nastiest commenters in Ad Land

Oh hey, what do we have here - Warm wishes from Ad Land?
Adfreak points out : "'Warm Wishes From Ad Land' presents some choice anonymous comments left on ad blogs AgencySpy, Ads of the World and Campaign Brief. (None are from the Adland blog itself, or from AdFreak for that matter.) The potty-mouthed trolls spew syntactically daring slime of a frequently scatological nature in response to blog posts about new campaigns, executive hires and account moves. Deadpan recitations of the rants are accompanied by jolly seasonal graphics and a tinny version of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.'"


Gone Before You Know It: Advertising In The Ephemeral Culture.

Last week’s news that Absolut is shifting its business away from TBWA to Sid Lee, and Honda putting its business up for review after a quarter century partnership with RPA has got me thinking a lot about the nature of the ad business today. Advertising does not exist in a vacuum. It is influenced by pop culture, influenced by the times.


BKWLD Finds Inspiration in Social for Drexel University

Inside all of us is a wild thing.” So reads one of the inspirational quotes in a series of 16 shareable cinemagraph-style digital videos that BKWLD developed for Drexel University and Misfit.


Backyard Signs Xander™

Backyard has added Xander™ to the roster, a deft storyteller whose natural facility with talent – including celebrities, sports figures and non-actors – has produced a reel featuring a host of outstanding brands. Xander™ comes over to Backyard from multi-faceted production studio East Pleasant.


Butter Adds Joel Dean and Annick Mayer to New York Office

Butter is expanding its New York based team with the addition of Composer Joel Dean and Associate Producer Annick Mayer. The pair of nimble talents can dart easily between the advertising and music worlds, fitting right in with Butter’s dynamic culture.

“Annick and Joel are incredibly talented and are a great addition to the family,” noted Butter EP Ian Jeffreys. “Both have a sophisticated musical acumen that will help to enrich the diversity of services we offer our clients. We’re thrilled to have them on board.”