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Emily Malito joins Backyard as Head of Production

Following the recent additions of directors Seth Townsend and Xander™, and partner Chris Zander, Backyard continues its expansion with the addition of Head of Production Emily Malito. A multi-talented production professional adept in both the broadcast and commercial arenas, Malito joins Backyard after five years at GO Film.


Ronaldo and Sir Martin Sorrel make a dream team?

When I first read it in the Daily Mail that Ronaldo was going to transfer to the UK as an advertising student, I thought someone was joking. It's not as if his own sports marketing agency 9ine which he has been running for the past two years, isn't doing quite well already.

But it can always do better, and we are all students in life. The Drum confirms the story that Ronaldo will be under the wing of Sir Martin Sorrel himself.


Bully Pictures Adds Award-winning Commercial Director Javier Aguilera

LOS ANGELES — Director Javier Aguilera has joined Bully Pictures for exclusive U.S. representation. Aguilera brings more than ten years of experience as a director, an award-winning reel and an international reputation to his new home. His work for such brands as Lexus, Virgin Mobile, Toyota, and VW, among others, has been heralded for its innovative storytelling and cinematic execution.

“We are super excited to add Javier to our roster,” says Bully Executive Producer Astrid Downs. “His eclectic narrative style is infused by a fresh, youthful energy that should attract top creative in our market.”


Ad agency new years resolutions

Some smartarse out there has taken it upon themselves to make a tumblr out of the resolutions ad agency people make.

This year I will not take an idea from youtube and claim it as my own

Easy. Just go to Reddit instead.

Check and send in your suggestions.


Indie rock novelist sums up advertising stupidity

Kidsleepy is a music geek, especially when it comes to the best thing to come out of Dayton since the Wright Brothers: Guided By Voices.

So how nice was it this morning to wake up and see a former GBV member, James Greer (also a Francophone, novelist and head of new band Détective ) wax uber-funny about our profession.


16 Handles jumps on the Snapchat bandwagon

That didn't take long. Snapchat, the popular private photo messaging app that allows users to send photos that disappear now has an advertiser jumping on board: The Frozen Yogurt chain 16 Handles.

If you aren't familiar with Snapchat, let me be your guide. Remember Chat Roulette? It's kinda like that except the photos and vids you send disappear after ten seconds.


"I spent my last £500 in this billboard" Man hunts for work via London poster

It's a new tactic by any means, we've seen it before where jobless adgrunts puts up billboards looking for work. Adam Pecatti "I spent my last £500 on this billboard" leads you to He wants a job in production or advertising. His website shows off what he's done so far, and his twitter account is getting mad retweets right now. Go on, give him a job, just don't ever let him take you out on a Karaoke night.


Netflix will soon share your viewing info on Facebook

Anyone remember The National Do Not Call Registry? It was this government sponsored act passed in 2003 to limit the number of telemarketers calls, if not stop them outright. because we were tired of being hustled and hassled by advertising.

Fast forward to today, and now, a decade later, Congress passes a "social sharing bill."

As the Guardian points out, "Though they can't seem to do anything about the looming financial crisis, Congress has passed a bill that will make it easier for a company like Netflix or Hulu to share your rental data with Facebook."