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Kate Moss bares all in St. Tropez global ad campaign

She's not going naked instead of wearing fur for PETA, she's not protesting women's rights, she's just showing off a nice tan for the glamourous tanning lotion St. Tropez. How refreshing.


Brooklyn Industries criticized for using Hurricane Sandy devastation as fashion backdrop

Oh yes, Swagger New York reports that Brooklyn Fashion Label Criticized For Using Hurricane Sandy Devastation As Campaign Backdrop, because the latest catalogue is shot at Rockaway beach in Queens. The very beach hurricane Sandy destroyed. Back when Sandy happened we listed the brand heroes and scoundrels of superstorm Sandy, putting Brooklyn Industries as hero because they were affected by the storm, and still managed to be classy.

Adland: and Tool Birth an unusual ‘MAMMA’S’ DAY E-CARD to Celebrate the Premiere of Isabella Rossellini’s ‘MAMMAS’ on Sundance Channel this Mother’s Day

New York, May 9, 2013 – This Mother’s Day, leave the flowers and Hallmark cards to the traditionalists, and give your Mom a gift she deserves. commissioned Tool and interactive director James Cooper for Mamma’s Day Cards – a tablet-optimized HTML5 experience and video series that puts a wicked twist on the usual Mother’s Day pleasantries. It’s not a Mother’s Day card; it’s a Mamma’s Day card – an e-card that celebrates all the unusual types of moms in the world.


Wrigley suspends production of caffeinated gum

Wrigley suspended production of its new caffeinated gum Alert, while the FDA reviews its safety. It's not even linked on their website. While it seems weird at first glance considering the amount of amped up energy drinks on the market, the AP reports that one stick of Alert gum is equal to a half cup of coffee.

Perhaps more importantly they can take the time while the FDA studies the gum, to deflect some heat from critics who are understandably upset that this might be marketed towards children.


East Pleasant Adds Michelle Cuccuini Hicks as New Executive Producer

East Pleasant has added Emmy Award-winning executive producer Michelle Cuccuini Hicks to its team. A production guru specializing in commercials, TV, online, music video, independent film and documentary producing, Michelle is a master of soup to nuts content creation. She joins East Pleasant following several years as head of production at Cause & Effect Productions in New York.


Oscar Mayer rewards 105 year-old bacon lover with more bacon.

It's almost like you don't need to read the rest of this article what with that spiffy headline and all. But here goes--Pearl Cantrell is 105 years old and loves bacon. Like, really loves bacon. Eats it every day. Suggests it's the bacon keeping her going.

Oscar Mayer got wind of it, and sent out the wiener mobile, gave the old gal a ride in the truck, and sent her off with bacon. Done.

Let me reiterate: They drove out to see her.


Google glass banned from large parts of Vegas - a wink can take your picture

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as Google Glass has been banned from all of Caesars palace and pretty much every strip club & bar. While apps like Winky lets you take photographs with a wink alone, people are getting increasingly worried about privacy with these high-tech eyes around.


Kickstarter: The great con.

I get it. Borrowed interest is everywhere. You can't escape it. The idea that somehow a Celebrity™ lends credence to your brand--whatever your brand might be--has taken hold. For good or for bad.