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Photo Credit: Noah Da Costa. Left to right: Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace one Da

D&AD White Pencil Winner's 2012 - Leo Burnett Chicago for Recipeace

The first D&AD White Pencil was awarded last night by an esteemed panel of judges at the Royal Institution in London. For 50 years, D&AD has inspired and celebrated the best in global design and advertising. As businesses and brands respond to changes in consumer behaviour and strive to play an active role in delivering positive social change, creativity has a more critical role than ever. The first new award in D&AD’s history was created to reward an idea that has a genuine social impact.


MPC NY, Reinforcing Creative, Brings in Digital CD Estis from B-Reel

MPC NY, the versatile creative studio, has fortified its credentials with the addition of David Estis as its new creative director of digital. Estis, who joins the studio from B-Reel, is a multidisciplinary creative specializing in motion, experiential, and interactive design. In his new position, Estis will focus on integrating digital, design, and broadcast VFX for agency and direct-to-brand clients.


Sofa King low, Sofa King juicy burgers don't sell sofas, but burgers.

Their prices might not be "Sofa King Low", like the Sofa King slogan claimed theirs were before the slogan got banned in 2005, and ended up on our top ten banned ads list in 2010. But the Sofa King Juicy Burger are determined to take on the sofa king cheeky name and have already caused a stir in Red Bank where their sofa king name has raised a few brows for being "odd". Not everyone are sofa king fast at picking up on the joke:

Fragmentation has given us tiny slivers to deal with.

Fragmentation is our business.

When it was easy it was still overwhelming. Even with the old media empires and a few standard shapes and sizes of what were then known as "ads", it was a near impossible task to produce something you could be proud of. It was still rare. There was TV, radio and print. I started my career in the apocalypse of this time. The end times. We knew it was happening, but we didn't know what was happening.

This isn't a good-old-days piece. F that. I was there. They weren't so much better than now. Like everything there are plusses and minuses of every situation. But realistically, to appreciate the plusses of today, it helps to understand where we’ve come from.


KesselsKramer Los Angeles – Creative Heritage Collides with Digital and Content Pioneers

KesselsKramer (KK), the independent communications agency and original content studio with offices in Amsterdam and London, charges into a new era by opening an outpost in LA’s Chinatown. The newest iteration of KK will combine the strategic and creative know-how of its Head Creative David Bell and Managing Director Engin Celikbas with the digital and content expertise of new partners David Charles, Eric Barrett and Robert Fagan.


Comedy Director JJ Keith Joins A Common Thread

LOS ANGELES—British comedy director JJ Keith has signed with Los Angeles-based A Common Thread for exclusive representation for commercials in the United States. Keith, who has an Academy Award nomination as well as a slew of advertising awards to his credit, has earned high regard in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe for an inventive style of comedy that he has applied to such brands as Guinness, Subway, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Vodafone and The BBC.

A Common Thread became interested in signing Keith through an Olympics campaign that he directed earlier this year for Shanghai agency BBH and Coca-Cola’s Ice Dew. The spot, in which pint-sized athletes attempt (but fail miserably) to compete with normal-size athletes, was short-listed at Cannes.


Two bits of twitter news, which one is bigger?

Posted over at Techrunch, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says perhaps as soon as the end of year, we'll be able to download all of our tweets in a nifty archive that has engineers at the company freaking out at the amount of work it will take in order to make that happen.


Danske Bank's "New Normal" provokes punters by using Occupy imagery

Den Danske Bank has a new campaign out where they can slap their label "The new normal" on practically any controversial staged news image shot by Peter Funch. The campaign is created by the ad agency named Mensch. The entire campaign is so hypocritical it's making Danes blood boil and people are raging everywhere from forums to newspapers about it.