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Helsingin Sanomat: Skateboards for Kids

Finnish wonderkids Agency 358 and the largest Scandinavian newspaper Helsingin Sanomat are sponsoring a skate school in Helsinki's Kontula skatepark every Saturday. The kids who sign up get a sweet deck sponsored by the newspaper. It's made up of skateboard-themed headlines that came from the paper. Ripped from the headlines as it were. Pretty cool.


Client: Helsingin Sanomat & Skateboard union of Finland
Agency: 358 Helsinki
Creative director: Ale Lauraéus
Designers / AD: Leo Karhunen, Ville Kovanen
copy: Ville Kovanen, Ale Lauraéus, Leo Karhunen
Client team director: Maria Falcken
Agency producer: Peggy Petrell


Badlander: Kia vs. Chevy

In 2010, David & Goliath made a cute spot for Kia that aired during the Super Bowl called "Joyride Dream". Oversized stuffed animals, including "Sock Monkey", Muno, Mr. X, the Teddy and a vintage robot, do wild jet ski stunts, go bowling, ride a mechanical bull and more. And in the end, we see them in their real form, sitting on the back seat of a car. The ECD, Colin Jeffery told us (way back when): "Inspiration can come from anywhere. Many of the people involved with this project are young parents—we found the idea, and our cast of characters sitting in the back of our cars.


Updated Spoiler Alert: Super Bowl XLVII commercial lineup for next Sunday

We’re one week away from The Big Game. We’ve got the teams who will be playing (49ers vs. Ravens, for those of you who don’t follow). And, we’ve got a lot more info on the spots that will be airing and when. This year is no different than any other with a long list of celebrities such as The Rock, PSY, The Flaming Lips, babies, supermodels, and more. So let's get on to the most complete spoiler alert on the web.

*Updated 1/28 with VW and Hyundai Sonata Turbo ads
*Updated 1/31 with Mercedes, Hyundai "Team", Kia Sorento "Space Babies", Hyundai "Epic Play Date", Taco Bell "Viva Young", and Axe "Lifeguard" ads
*Updated 2/1 with Samsung preview ad.

Hyundai will air “Epic Play Date”, a :60 just prior to kickoff. The ad shows a family outing of skateboarding kids, dads doing donuts in the mud, family being chased by security guards, a biker gang and an ostrich. An original song by The Flaming Lips is the soundtrack and the band is featured throughout the ad.
Agency: Innocean

Watch it now:

Hyundai - Genesis :30 called “Excited” shows the car going around a racetrack with sportscaster Gus Johnson.
Watch it now:


ADC Awards entries deadline has been extended!

...for advertising, anyway.

You now have until Feb 1st to get it together and enter the 92nd annual Art Directors Club Awards. This is your chance to be judged by some true icons in the business like TBWA/Chiat/Day's Tito Melega and Leo Burnett's Susan Credle, If the potential accolades from these guys are not enough to motivate you, consider the fact that for the first time the ADC awards will be held in Miami instead of its native New York.
So while half the country will still be a frozen tundra in April, you could be sunning your arse and sipping mojitos instead.

Get cracking!


Win from Within. Now Without Flame Retardant.

Gatorade through its parent company Pepsico announced earlier today that it won't be adding brominated vegetable oil to its drinks any more. This announcement came at the result of of a petition on, started by one 15 year old, Sarah Kavanaugh of Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Brominated vegetable oil, you see, has some issues. For one thing, according to the New York Times, "Studies have suggested there are possible side effects, including neurological disorders and altered thyroid hormones."

What did the spokespeople for Gatorade have to say about it? According to the Times:


Ntropic VFX featured in Marco Brambilla's latest art.

Oh how I love these. Video artist Marco Brambilla newest 3D video installation opens in New York soon. It's called "Creation (Megaplex)." This is the third in a trilogy. The first being "Civilization (Megaplex)" and the second being "Evolution (Megaplex)."
These mashups swirl together to form a strange DNA helix, which suggests all kinds of things about the way we're ingesting pop culture. While I am fascinated by the work, I am also disturbed by what I see are the implications.

Either way, Brambilla's vision was brought to life in part by VFX- Post production wunderhouse Ntropic.


Curbing youth Speeding with Flash Driving Game

Youth speeding in New Zealand is a problem. So Clemenger BBDO and digital shop Resn set out to help the New Zealand Transport Agency do something about it.

Before playing Flash Driving Game you're prompted to sign up with Facebook. The goal is simple get to each gate as fast as you can. The driving is quite hard and when you get to the last stage of the game, you learn why the game is called Flash:
You crash. And your life flashes before your eyes through your Facebook photos. I tried it, and even though I knew it was coming, the results were still eye opening.


Consumers like watching Super Bowl commercials more than the game

If you're still feeling the ill effects of the hell you went through to produce that Super Bowl spot, take heart.

Market research company Lab 42 released a study that found 39% of respondents prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to watching the game. While 28% said their favorite part of the Super Bowl was the game itself.

Some more facts and figures:

Even more interesting though is when the study gets granular and asks about bathroom breaks during the game. They study found 38% of the respondents would rather use the restroom during the game. 23% preferred to go during the commercials.

One third of the respondents said they're apt to share the spots on social media, and nearly 70% said they have re-watched spots online.