"Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY."

Arrangementfinders.com have a billboard up in Los Angeles that was twice banned in Chicago. The billboard reads: "Need a Summer Job? Date a SUGAR DADDY." and depicts a cute blond girl touching...

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Brazil has competing rock radio apps

Wow, it was barely an hour ago I was all excited about UL 89FM's Rock Snooze app, featuring the heavy metal guitar shredding...

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Call for Entries: TRUST Launches Cannes Social Planner, TRUSTnav

Following the success of its unofficial 2012 Cannes social planner, communications collective TRUST is at it again with an expanded...

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Tim Dillon joins MPC New York as Executive Producer of Digital/Experiential

The momentum continues to build in MPC New York, where the addition of interactive and experiential force Tim Dillon...

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RPA Promotes Jason Sperling to Executive Creative Director

Santa Monica, Calif., May 1, 2013 – RPA, a leading advertising agency headquartered in Los Angeles, announces...

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Tyler the Creator Mountain Dew Ad pulled for being racist.

I'm really surprised to hear that the third installment of Odd Future cherub Tyler the Creator was pulled.


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Mastercard "Priceless" bus takes you around Stockholm (for free!)

Around the world, MasterCard have had special Priceless offers for members, where you may experience new things at museums, restaurants or hotels.

Yes another (failed) suicide by car: Honda!

Joelapompe says that perhaps this idea is like a Zombie, impossible to kill, and he may have a point because no matter how many...

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The Hemingway Hijacker will Highjack your Facebook Status

Ogilvy Chicago want you to know that unlike you and your endless stupid buzzfeed posts on Facebook, Ernest Hemingway was a real man who did real things.. But now, Hemingway can add a little bit...

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Banned: the "Pussy" ad posters for Brandon's energy drink

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the poster for "Pussy", above with the line: "The drink's pure, it's your mind that's the problem" can not appear again in its current form. The...

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Hyundai suicide by car ad idea, officially older than dirt (one more!)

Seriously? Again? It feels like I could make a spin-off site dedicated to posting only suicide by car ad ideas, because yes folks we've found one more. This idea practically owns...

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One more suicide by car - this idea was already done back in 1997

Hold up everyone, the suicide by car Badlander isn't done yet.