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Updated: Black Keys Drummer now the King Of Twitter

The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber got into it with each other at the Grammys. When asked what Carney thought about Bieber's lack of Grammy Nominations, Carney replied "Grammy's are for music, not for money. He's making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess."

First of all, why the hell is anyone asking the Black Keys about Justin Bieber? What world do we live in where this makes sense?


Instead of counting all his money Bieber turned bratty and tweeted this to his 34 bazillion fans:


Updated: Tesla to NYT: Neener Neener.

Things are heating up on Twitter and it's kind of awesome.

First the New York Times writes a scathing review of the Tesla S road trip from New York to Boston.

And with that, Tesla's rep was damaged and even dropped the share price. It did some PR to assuage the damage, indicating the car has been driven through death valley as well an in a Minnesota winter without the issues.


Google Play plays down security breach, can the Streisand effect beat the biggest search engine?

Google play, the android answer to iTunes is where you can buy music, apps, books & films for a few bob and have them magically appear on all of your android devices in no time at all. Nice.


Unimark/Vignelli's NYC Transit Authority's Graphic Standards Manual online....

Hey kids, thank Nike Skourtis, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth for their efforts with virtual beers, social media shares and possible facebook pokes or something - because they put the New York City Transit Authority Graphic Standards manual designed by Unimark/Vignelli online in an easily pinnable, sharable and look-through-able form. For those not familiar with design manuals, this is why art directors sneer at you creative recruiters when you come with braindead input like "this might have been better with a different font*" while looking at a national telco campaign. The design manual, the design manual rules. Capiche?

* Typeface. Typeface you fool. How did you even get this job?


Rep. Honda: Another democrat exploiting workers for cheap.

First President Obama solicited poster ideas for free. Posters that had the theme of "job creation." Despite sitting on 60 million dollars in campaign funding, he wanted us to work for free.

Now U.S. representative Mike Honda is crowdsourcing his website redesign for a paltry $1,050 dollars.

The press release makes it sound so magnanimous:


Air New Zealand arranges "Blind Gate" airport dating show on Valentines day

There's a new gameshow in town.. At the airport. Dubbed Blind Gate, the dating show will give two singletons the chance to find their perfect match from five contestants during a live show at the Heathrow check in. They’ll navigate three rounds of romantically themed challenges before they are whisked off to enjoy a long weekend in sun soaked Los Angeles, all expenses paid.

Claudia Winkleman hypes the "Blind Gate" show that is created live at Heathrow... "One.. watch us, I'll promise it'll be a laugh. Two.. take me with you..."


"Stop Selling Ads and Do Something Useful" says the man who did the worlds first banner ad

Writer Joe McCambley tells us to stop selling ads and do something useful. As the co-founder of the Wonderfactory and part of the team who created the worlds first banner ad he has some experience in the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising. (*coff* understatement *coff*).

Learning to help instead of sell

"Customer service is the killer app of the Web," Google's Eric Schmidt, then with Sun Microsystems, said way back in 1998. Brands such as Google, Zappos, Amazon, eBay, and others win because they ask "How can I help you?" instead of "What can I sell you?"


Café Café does the Harlem Shake.

Jumping on the meme bandwagon, before the shark gets jumped, Israeli shop Ecaliptoos worked with Israel's largest coffee chain to create an offer for a brand new milkshake. Named appropriately enough, the Harlem (milk) Shake.

They even created their own video of Café Café employees doing the meme, which you can see here .

Also I was just kidding about "before the shark gets jumped." The Today Show already stuck a big fork in that hairy Harlem ass.

Client: Café Café
Agency: Ecaliptoos
CEO: Maor Chen
CEO: Dror Blumenthal
Creative director: Maayan Dar