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Simian Provides Creative Companies with a Better Way to Make Sales, Produce Work and Stay Organized

Laguna Niguel,CA — Over the past several years, SimianSimian has quietly led a revolution that is changing the way that creative companies run their businesses. Its media management platform, used by scores of production companies, advertising agencies, music houses, visual effect providers and others, consists of an all-in-one toolset for carrying out such tasks as distributing sales reels, managing websites, creating business presentations and organizing media libraries. With cutting edge features such as video analytics previously available only to Fortune 500 companies, the Simian platform is helping companies work smarter in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Simian introduced its platform in 2008 as a way to help creative companies manage their growing libraries of video and other media files. Its creators combined their expertise in software development, web design, branding, graphic design and content management, with in-depth research into the business practices of potential users.


Sundance Channel Pushes Boundaries with Digital Marketing and Content Creation

In Partnership with Digital Production Company Tool, Initiatives Allow Audiences To Uniquely Engage And Interact With Network’s New Original Programming

Innovative Platforms Create Experiences For Fans That Bring Sundance Channel’s New Original Programming To Life


The people have spoken: USA Today's Ad Meter

Now that the civilians (non advertising peeps) have voted their choice for best Super Bowl spot, we can see what really resonated with America.
It seems like sentiment ruled the day.


For once PETA has something nice to say about the Super Bowl ads

Hell froze over this Super Bowl. PETA actually said something nice about our profession.

New Orleans — With a power outage, a Destiny's Child reunion, and a questionable last-minute call, this year's Super Bowl was full of surprises. But no surprise to PETA was the kinder direction that this year's crop of ads took: This was the first Super Bowl since all of the top 10 advertising agencies in the U.S. agreed never to use great apes in their ads—and sure enough, not one of this year's ads featured a chimpanzee or other great apes, and many used computer-generated imagery (CGI) to portray other animals.


Lol @Chrysler

As pointed out earlier the teaser to Toytoa's Super Bowl spot "Wish Granted" ended right before we hear the lyric " in my 64 Chevy Impala."

Chevy noticed. And owned it. OH SNAP.


Brands capitalize on Super Bowl Blockout.

Although Oreo was one of the few stars of the Super Bowl they were very quick to capitalize on the power outage with the print ad above. Walgreens and Audi were also quick to react, albeit not as visually. Still, it was yet another way to get more of that coveted earned media with little to no expenditure. I would argue that the tweet versions were more conceptually relevant although after this years Super Bowl, I'll take what I can get in terms of good communication.


Oreo dunks in the dark when Super Bowl backs out

While everyone was still talking about the commercials and complaining about the blackout on twitter, Oreo stole the show. "You can still dunk in the dark" reads this tweeted out Oreo ad, so timely so timely. Easily had more retweets than some super bowl commercials had viewers. Well played!

It pays to have a 15 person social media team on the payroll during the superbowl that can react to things in real time.

Touchdown: Oreo


UPDATED: Dodge "God Made A Farmer," a direct lift of

I know everyone’s going gaga about the Richard's Group's "God Made a Farmer" ad for Dodge because it cut through the clutter and was quiet and beautiful in an otherwise lackluster year of super bowl spots. And this is true. Paul Harvey's voice still resonates long after he made this speech back in the 1970's.

But. I guess I would like it more if didn’t do the exact same spot, right down to using Paul Harvey's voice and the execution (though not as heavily retouched) two years ago.

Do we still like it as much?