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a52 Promotes Megan Meloth to EP

After helping a52 and sister studio Elastic more than double in size since 2008, Megan Meloth is being promoted to EP. The multitalented powerhouse – who has worked across the agency, production, and post-production spectrums – will join Jennifer Sofio Hall in the studio’s EP lineup.

“Megan just gets the production process, from start to finish,” stated Hall. “Whether she’s working with agency creatives, directors, or the folks in the edit suites, she can understand their needs and unite them with a common vision. She is a natural leader who is an ideal fit for this EP role.”


Overly attached girlfriend raises funds for autistic surfers

The Overly Attached Girlfriend - OAG - as her meme spawned during the Justin Bieber "Girlfriend" competition named her is using her internet fame for good. Her real name is Laina Walker and she has decided to try and harness her meme-status into something that helps other people. Whoah. Selflessness in her generation? Who would have thunk it. Her first project is to try and raise some money and attention for the surf camp for autistic children, a non-profit that teaches social skills through surfing.


Name-checked in Financial Times, nice.

As it happens, the financial times mentions us in: "Skydiver sets speed and YouTube record". Woot!

As well as the exposure for Red Bull’s energy drink, YouTube viewers were shown a “pre-roll” advertisement for Chrysler, the carmaker, according to media industry blog

Aren't you glad we noticed, Chrysler? :)


Carls' Jr - New uniform "We wake and bake every morning"

Hardee's/Carl's Jr know what's up as they have emblazoned the T-shirts of their employees with a dope-smoking pun. "We wake an bake every morning", it reads, and for some people who work there, this might be true - not to mention for some of the clientel that need to get their fast food on at eight a.m. Sure sure, it ain't no DR Pepper "I ❤ DP" -shirt, but it's still worth a smirk when you see it. Don't ask me how they got this past top brass. Unless they too, wake and bake.


Red Bull sponsors a man who will skydive from the Stratosphere, breaking soundbarrier - live!

Red Bull Stratos will broadcast live as Felix Baumgartner undertakes a skydive from the stratosphere. If you hit up youtube you'll get a pre-roll ad for Chrysler on the Red Bull sponsored event.


Music makes more milk

DDB Canada created this special website and competition for the BC dairy Association called Music Makes More Milk .

Music makes cows happy, and the happier the cow the more milk they produce. So this is your chance to create a song (with some loops, a la garageband) that will be judged by the heifers themselves. if the cows like your song, you win a trip to the Grammy's.

Videos of the cows reacting to the song will go up on November 7th, with the final winner announced November 26th.


Trolls in Wonderland

Welcome to the hivemind, otherwise known as Collective Consciousness. You know: having a shared belief system. Similar group behavior. Polite society. In real life, anyway. Online the hive mind is the stuff of Kafka and Orwell, or their thirteen-year-old versions anyway.


Solve media : the type-in captcha that makes people remember your sales-phrase

Solve media are captcha's that fight 'banner blindness', as the phrase you make people type could be your selling point. And you all remember what people told you when you were a kid; if you want to remember something write it down. So here you can have captchas making people type anything from "choose Jif" to "yadda yadda yadda" and "all the adnews not fit to print". Why not.

As a publishers there's advantages as well, for one thing the graphs on your end are clear and quickly updated, allowing you to see which site of yours is performing better (if you have several).