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Super Bowl 2013: Piston Introduces "The Dramatizer" For

As part of a multi agency integrated campaign, Piston introduces The Dramatizer, for .

The car buying and selling site wants to add drama to the Super Bowl, because not every Super Bowl can be as awesome as this one. So with that in mind, adding drama sounds like a good idea.

Piston's ECD David Schafer explains:


Super Bowl ads are getting longer, and more expensive, in 2013

Budweiser Black Crown will be introduced during the super bowl, giving us at least one Anheuser-Busch that doesn't contain clydesdales or dog-bites-man jokes. CBS has sold some time slots for as much as $4 million, and while the majority of the ads are still 30-second spots, the trend for longer is better continues.


IBM has a tumblr, ibmlr.tumblr

IBM has a tumblr, complete with animated gif's like all the hip ones, it's at In their tumblr they brag about the little laptop doohickey aka trackpoint, ancient time recording machines, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s orbiter avionics are among the many many things that IBM has patents on, and they are all displayed here. The idea is of course to spread the smarts of IBM among the tumblr community, but since nearly everything is headline "IBM was here" and I see no funny cat gifs so I wonder how far it'll spread.


The implications of Facebook Graph search

Here's some news that will make you want to close your facebook account (if they didn't make that so impossible) and never go back. Actual facebook graph searches is a tumblr (yeah we're having a four for one deal today, wait for the next post) that collects graph searches that may not be so fun to show up in.


Mercedes Benz reveals that they are one big tease in Super Bowl 2013, with Kate Upton

"So, which brand will have the best ad?" people keep asking me as we get nearer to the super bowl, expecting me to have seen them all already. I am sworn to secrecy, gais, all I can share with you here are the teasers. Much as I hate teasers. Mercedes Benz are one giant tease this year, a title that should earn them a smack in the butt with a wet towel.

They tease with a glimpse of a car that's so stunning, people drop dishes.


Sonixphere Underscores the Power of “Sound Branding” at D EVENT in Chicago

Company founder Greg Allan shows how sound can be used as a branding tool in keynote address to 4th annual summit for design and innovation leaders; address followed by interactive music demonstration session with Indian percussionist Kaylan Pathak.

Chicago – Sonixphere, a global resource for everything connected to music and sound, recently hosted A Better View Strategic Consulting LLC’s annual “D Event” leadership summit, which this year focused on the expanding role of sound in brand design. Organized by A Better View President and Founder John Gleason, the invitation-only event was attended by more than two dozen senior design and innovation executives from leading worldwide consumer packaged goods companies including Kimberly Clarke, Pepsico, Wrigley, MillerCoors, Colgate Palmolive and Texaco.


Tumblr Twofer Tuesday

First up is The Creative Confessional. It's already blowing up the internet. Most likely because it is a tired and true Post Secret rip-off. Also there are already a few repeats. And the creative entries are already trying to one up themselves in goofiness. For every one that could be true, like "I flew to New York to oversee a voiceover session that could have been handled from my car on the way to work." We also have ones like "While we were having sex, the only thing I was thinking about was which modernist, condensed, serif typeface I should use for his wedding announcements." har har har.

I'm predicting this will jump the shark by Friday.


Poetica Adds Managing Director Rachelle Madden

Poetica – the Soho-based studio that specializes in award-winning live-action and post-production for commercials, music videos, web content and more – has added Managing Director Rachelle Madden to its team. She joins a rich roster of creative and directorial talent, including Director Anthony Furlong, Photographer/Director Brian Cross, CD Steve Tozzi, Sr. VFX Artist Aaron Vasquez, Director of CGI John Clausing, Sr. VFX Artist David Elkins, Flame Artist Amanda Amalfi and two new talent signings to be announced later this month.