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Amoeba Music Digitizes

Often we harp on and on about the dire straits the music industry finds itself. Never mind the record stores that are experiencing the fallout, too. But for every dark story there's something great happening, too. Like with L.A. and San Francisco based Amoeba Records.

According to Pitchfork and Variety the retail store has put a lot of its stuff online on a completely revamped website to sell.

The operative word here is "Sell."


Ice for AXN Sci-FI

As a promo for AXN, Sony’s European Sci-Fi station, a 120 liter ice sculpture was recorded melting for twelve hours and then sped up in a trippy time lapse. Courtesy of Motion Designer and VFX artist Enrico Lambiase and 66 london.

Sony ice from Enrico Lambiase on Vimeo.


Ad Chat-- Kim Rushton

She's been mentioned by name in another Ad Chat but this time we go in-depth with the talented Kim Rushton, a Planning Director at BBDO.


Online pirating: sponsored by many brands, and now, one government.

Two bits of news today in the world of online piracy.

On the unsurprising note, our friends at the Trichordist point out over 50 major big brands are supporting movie and music piracy.

What we find frustrating is that the major content companies and corporations must have existing relationships with these brands as the content and media distribution companies own the television networks (at the very least) that these brands are dependent upon for the mass scale and mainstream promotion of their products and services.


Go Make Babies for WBEZ

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago and Energy BBDO's digital partner Xi, (formerly Proximity) want you to hook up and go make babies. Right now. Okay not right now, but after you head over to Facebook and take their compatibility test, otherwise known as Go Make Babies. .


Linda McCartney Foods reminds us to Love Linda.

For the first time in 15 years Linda McCartney Foods has released an ad. It is beautifully psychedelic but not in a retro way. Hand drawn and 2D water color. It features Paul McCartney's "Heart Of The Country" from his excellent 1971 album Ram, with narration by Elvis Costello.


LCBO: The Configurator

Cossette launches Gentleman’s League Configurator for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. (LCBO)

This microsite slash experiential website slash steampunk hangout helps men plan parties in a gentlemanly fashion. Because men are totally known for planning. And being gentlemen. Especially when getting blitzed.

When you go to the site, you can choose your booze and the configurator will make suggestions on what the ideal cocktail to make would be, as well as what food to eat with it, and a worthy occasion to celebrate. Then you can create a custom invite etc. and boy does that seem like a lot of work to get blotto.