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Hitman is way off the mark with facebook app that "kills" your friends for being ginger

Rockpapershotgun: "Hijinks! Square Enix Say: Threaten ‘Hits’ On Your Friends!" has plenty of screendumps showing off Square Enix hit-game from facebook. You could have people "killed" for their makeup, ginger hair, small tits and all sorts. You could select to murder Galpal X for "cheating on her boyfriend" and instruct the hitman they'd recognise her via her ginger hair and small tits, and she'll receive a video watching the assassin prepare to kill her HOW FUN.

Yes, could, because they soon realized that this was past the line and have removed the game and issued a statement apologising for the app. Epic marketing fail.


Ceiling cat is watching you - no, wait that's Verizon - watch TV so they can target ads better

Verizon just filed a patent for quite the big brother-ish DVR tech, reports Arstechnica. The Patent is for a DVR that can can watch and listen to the goings-on in your living room. Examples of how this can be used are suggested, sounds of arguing will prompt marriage counseling ads, while sounds of cuddling prompts ads for contraceptives. Big brother want you to stay together but don't want you breeding.


What Elvis can teach junior creatives

See that photo above? That was Elvis in his prime. During the Jailhouse Rock years. That photo above is also the definition of foreshadowing: A performer who performs in a prison.

See, Elvis Presley is more famous for dying on the toilet than his beginnings as one of the inventors of a country/rock-a-billy/RnB/gospel hybrid called rock n’ roll.


Gevalia wants to teach Americans how to "fika"

I am highly amused by this, Gevalia, the Swedish coffee has entered the US market with success, and are now trying to teach Americans Swedish. The Banner campaign is asking people to "take a moment to enjoy your next fika". Fi-wha? Ah you see "fika" is both a Swedish verb and noun, it's pronounced "fee-ka", and it means to have a coffee-break usually eating a sweet bread or sandwich with the coffee. Simply suggesting "a fika?" can be an invitation to friends to join you at a café, while a "fikapaus" is a scheduled break in the work day where you drop everything to enjoy a cuppa and a bit of a chat.


Quiznos National Cookie Day

Damn, and here we just shaved off the Movember mustache and now it's National Cookie day?
Sounds like a made up holiday to me. Oh WAIT! It is. It's from Quiznos. And Kansas City based ad agency Barkley. For this effort they have some TV ads, some pop-up ads on Quiznos sites and on paid components on everybody's favorite aggregate and pretend its new site, Buzzfeed.

Oh, you didn't know shit on Buzzfeed was paid for? You thought 15 delicious cookie reaction GIFs was the result of regular people? HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Nice Shoes Promotes Roma and Grows VFX Department with Valentino

Nice Shoes has promoted Flame artist Vin Roma to lead the studio’s visual effects department. As Head of VFX, he’ll be working closely with the heads of other departments in evaluating the studio’s approach to integrated production jobs, as well as with engineering and production in advising on workflow efficiencies and best practices. “Vin’s experience, enthusiasm and desire to further grow the department and integrate with the other teams make him a great fit for this leadership role,” said Managing Director Kristen Martini. Roma will continue in his role as a Flame artist, having worked with brands such as Google, Vick’s, IBM, UPS, and Calvin Klein; as well as top celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West.


The wisdom of the half-witted crowds.

By now you probably heard, most likely on The Drudge Report, about the ten-year old girl in Finland, who had her laptop confiscated by mean old police because she downloaded some music illegally and her father, Aki Wequ Nylund, made a post about it how horrible the mean old people who support artists rights are because it's like a ten year old girl, man, and you're stealing her laptop and stop the insanity!


Click 3X Expands Production Team with Senior Producer Danon Hinty

Click 3X is pleased to announce the addition of Senior Producer Danon Hinty to its production team. Hinty joins the crew after freelancing extensively with Click 3X over the past year in between runs working the London Olympics with NBC. A seasoned pro in the long- and short-form postproduction worlds, as well as in the realm of broadcast design project management, Hinty brings a reel that includes two of Dave Attell’s Showtime hit series Dave’s Old Porn, HBO Sports 24/7 and UFC Primetime, and Discovery’s Dirty Money.