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(Alleged) Racketeering is big business.

Today brings the news that The Los Angeles Better Business Bureau chapter has been expelled by the national organization and can no longer use the name or logo.

This comes after a two year investigation in which the BBB was caught with its pants down, i.e. "of accrediting new members and awarding them inflated ratings in exchange for cash," according to the L.A. Times.

But wait! Get a load of this:


Twinkies have survived the Mayan apocalypse and bankruptcy

They're baaa-ack! Hostess Twinkies are back, they'll return by this summer says the new owner who I imagine keeps rubbing his hands together like Mr Burns knowing full well that this news will dominate the media for weeks to come.


Vimeo introduces "Vimeo on demand" with a 90/10 revenue split

Vimeo introduces Vimeo on Demand, a way for creators to 'sell' (or rent out) their film clips to their audience directly.

Vimeo On Demand, a totally open platform that enables you to sell your work directly to your audience. If you’re a Vimeo PRO member, you can distribute your work the way you want, with all the power of Vimeo’s HD player, easy-to-use tools, and wildly passionate audience.


Avery Bradley photobombs YOU via Dunkin Donuts

Over at DunkinDonuts facebook page there's an app that allows you to be photobombed by Avery Bradley. You can also win celtics tickets (on 4/16), a fully loaded DD Card, an autographed basketball and more stuffs if you participate in the sweepstakes. It's simple, just pick an appropriate pic of Avery that'll work with your existing image, then Instagram-filter it and share with your friends and see how many people actually fall for it. *snicker*

Not funny? Fine. Then make Avery Bradley photobomb Beyonce at the inauguration. See if I care how cray cray you get.


Digital Doesn’t Matter: Reinventing the Advertising Industry

Here's something your shiny new iPad (and soon android tablet) won't want to be without; "Over 100 of the world’s top Mad Men break down how the ad industry lost its way—and what the future will look like if we don't fix it." Is it a book? Yes! Is it an app? Yes! Is kickstart funded? You betcha - man this thing checks all the digital boxes.


Tina Turner FINALLY graces the cover of Vogue (Germany)

Tina Turner graces the cover of Vogue Germany in April, and this is unexpected. No, I'm not going to talk about this being unexpected due to her age (73 for those keeping score at home), as I grew tired of the Tina Turner is rock-grandma schtick already during her private dancer comeback era. No, I'm going to say it's unexpected as this is the first time Tina Turner has graced the cover of Vogue. I'm sorry, you've had everyone from Beyoncé & Adele to Rihanna and Lana Del whatever on the cover but never Tina!? No wonder I don't buy Vogue.


Café bans use of Google Glass in their establishment.

Seattle bar "The 5 Point Cafe" bans the Google Glasses at their establishment with this nicely designed symbol an an announcement on facebook. Declaring themselves the first bar to ban the Google Glass, they bought themselves miles of press while simultaneously branding their bar as 'seedy and a little notorious'. Woo!


Google's bluetooth enabled shoe can trash talk your lazy ass

At SXSW Google unveiled a talking shoe. Their ad innovation program “Art, Copy and Code” just birthed sneakers that can talk your ass into getting off that dang couch. ABC news spoke to Aman Govil, the lead of the advertising arts team;

"If you put what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy," Govil explained. "Now if you give that copy to an interesting copywriter, you could give the shoe personality. One shoe could be the trash-talking shoe."