The Fast Forward ad that appears when you skip ads on your DVR - Markenfilm vs VW

The other day, a non ad person (I presume) and upstanding human being had a brilliant idea and tweeted it.

Can privacy keep up with technology?

In 2003, California passed SB 27, or the "Shine the Light Law." Basically it required companies doing business with Californians to... more
mOcean challenges Tosh because apparently they don't have work to do

Three Writers. One Office. No Effects. This is all I know as we're tweeted this link to a video of three writers having a blast in the office playing office hoops. They bounce the... more
The Saturday Evening post reprints Mad Men era ads from their magazine.

The Saturday Evening Post have dug up the Mad Men Era Ads that once ran in the post... more
Imgembed: fights online piracy with easy and awesome image search

Hailing itself the new standard for fair online use, Imgembed is a bright beacon in a sea of content theft. The site which is in Beta, hopes to table the... more
Illuminati Taps Mother New York as Agency of Record

Great news from Mother New York who just won another prestigious client. I'll just quote the entire release;

"April 1, 2013- After nearly 237 years with their current agency, The... more
GARTNER Welcomes Director Terry Rietta

Bicoastal production company GARTNER is pleased to welcome award-winning director Terry Rietta to its roster. The signing represents the company’s ongoing commitment to offering agency clients... more
What Vampire Weekend taught us about brand loyalty

Over at Pitchfork comes an article that Saab owners are in a... more
Sony Playstation’s MLB 13: The Show - reinvent the baseball card on Vine

Looks like MLB The Show are one of the first to use Vine as an advertising media space, by creating special animations of baseball plays for their favorite "baseball influencers" as well as fans... more
photo: @kidsleepy
Air Serv partners with Feed My Starving Children

You ever stop at a gas station and see those air pumps and you're like, wait, why does it cost 75 cents for air when a mechanic would do this for free? Seems as if one air providin' company is... more
The most creative facebook posts of brands - oh hello brand persons.

So heads of creative hotbeds, like Ted Royer of Droga 5, and Gerry Graf founder of "Ragu-... more