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Zambezi names Danielle Pak it's first director of Comms Planning

Independent creative agency Zambezi has named Danielle Pak as its first Director of Communications Planning.

Experience The Royal Navy in 360.

The Royal Navy is more than a job. It's a calling with fringe benefits like adventure, team building, and myriad opportunities to see the world.

Big Block Signs Fast-Rising Director Marcus Kuhne

Content studio Big Block continues to build speed and status with the addition of Spanish director Marcus Kuhne to its multifaceted roster.

Joinery Hits the Creative Jackpot With a Trio of Directors

The team at Joinery takes the notion that “three is the magic number” to heart with the signing of a trio of dynamic directors: Carole Denis, Diana Kunst and... more
Grave robbing David Bowie and other copyright issues

I am writing this three days before the one year anniversary of David Bowie's death. The man touched many with his music, acting, art, and mere presence.

Sylvain Chomet signs up for ménage-a-trois

Four-time Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning director Sylvain Chromet has partnered with Dirty Films and Hush London for all live action and animation commercial work respectively.

RSA Signs David Karlak

Globally renowned production powerhouse RSA Films is pleased to announce filmmaker David Karlak has signed on for commercial representation.

Der Spiegel cover: Trump beheads statue of Liberty - twice

This Der Spiegel cover caused a lot of reactions today, it practically filled my entire Twitter feed all morning.

No place to stay? Try Notfairbnb

Brussels has a homeless problem that has doubled from 2,603 to nearly 5,500 in three years.

Run-DMC sues Wal-Mart, Amazon for 50 million

Darryl "D.M.C.," McDaniels, founder of RUN-D.M.C has just filed a law suit against Amazon and Walmart... more
Star Wars billboards pay tribute to Carrie Fisher

Fans and friends alike mourn the passing of Carrie Fischer. Just hours after her death was announced these billboards honoring the late actress popped up in South Carolina.

Yelp acts as garbagemen for improper reviews

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Cafe 8 1/2 thought it was a great idea to post a sign on front of their establishment that says "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here. No Nazis."

Digital Paid Media is a fraud Part 2: Russians cost ad networks 180 million.

With the use of ad blockers on the rise, malware still rampant and Facebook constantly overstating how... more
Musicians fight back against thieves with a camoflauge tuner.

Musicians already have it tough making ends meet thanks to horrible streaming royalty rates.

AKA Strikes Gold at the Davey Awards!

Agency’s campaign for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY receives multiple honors in competition honoring small agency creativity.