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"Not available at app store" stickers for real life

Not available at App store is a tumblr where you can buy stickers or print stickers that you the put on places and things that offer adventure you can't find in the app store. Stick 'em all over kids communal playgrounds, on your dog, on that foosball table in the pub, on your friends forehead, on whatever floats your boat.


Stevie Wonder never did an Atari ad - you've been had

If you stumbled upon that Stevie Wonder ad where our great musician proclaims "If I could play video game, you bet it would be ATARI", and thought it was real ad from the likes of 1981.... you've been had.


The US Navy launches cryptology game Project Architeuthis

Do you like Cryptology? Can you break some code? Well, the NAVY is looking for you. They've created a new game on Facebook called Project Architeuthis.

The 18-day game is a fictitious U.S. Navy top-secret weapons system project. It's also a recruitment tool, and way to increase their presence on social media. The game is simple and also complex. You have to track down a mysterious enemy who has stolen the plans for a top-secret weapon and is traveling back to their secret island lair to build their own.


Ad Chat - Brian Bronaugh , President at Mullen

A lot of people in the advertising and tech businesses are growing ever more concerned about the lack of women, or the still low representation of minorities, and soon everyone and their aunt have conferences and award shows set up to talk about these issues. Brian Bronaugh doesn't talk, he gives students a chance to enroll in an advertising class already in high-school, and simply gets on with it. "It" being changing the status quo.


Live for brunch? Job available:"Chief Brunch Officer" for Aperol

The most recent ad-prank from Mistress, you know, the Mistress worth sharing, is this series of job board postings on Craigslist offering you a better gig. They're offering "Personal Assistant to Major Celebrity", "Casting: Girls & Guys To Star in Reality Cocktail Series", and "High-End Boutique Salesperson" - to name a few.


Google Glass app watches the CCTV's watching you

Sander Venhoof, a Dutch artist who uses his digital skills to explore new frontiers, has created an app for Google Glass that alerts you to security cameras watching your every move: Watch Your Privacy. The app will also alert you to any Google Glass wearing people nearby, and for that to work, your Glass also uploads your co-ordinates whenever you're out, making the surveillance circle complete.


Stoere Vrouwen strip for a more humane fashion industry

"Stoere Vrouwen" have done it again. You may remember the strip done by actress Victoria Koblenko a couple of years ago, and then the co-ordinated stripping events in five Dutch cities where women would get down and take their clothes off for a more humane fashion industry. The motto is reminiscent to PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" as it's "Better naked than created by exploitation".