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The Fallen - 9000 silhouettes etched in sand at Arromanches

Seventy years ago today, Operation Neptune now known as the Normandy landings began, and nine thousand soldiers and civilians died.

To remember the fallen, sand sculpture artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss etched 9000 silhouettes on to the beach in Normandy in a project called The Fallen 9000. They had asked for volunteers to help them, and were overwhelmed when hundreds of people showed up.


Google wants to advertise on your fridge, toaster and thermostat.

From this SEC filing we find that the worlds largest advertising company, Google, is thinking deep about ads on your fridge. Your toaster. Any one of your smart devices. They're also figuring out how to track you between all of these things to deliver the right ad at the right time.


Walmart sues photographer's widow for photographs

Picture this. Walmart is still a small company, and the Walton family go to a photography studio to take portraits. Lots of portraits. Now, many years later when their company has grown to a megacorp, with 2.2 million employees and almost half a trillion dollars in revenue, Walmart wants the rights - as in copyrights - to all of those portraits.


The Days Color - a daily dose of color inspiration

You're on a new project. The screen is all white. You've seen the radiant orchid and the emerald green and that 1980s bright teal everywhere and now you want a new inspiration. Just something to shake things up a little in your head so that you may get on with the task at hand. Go to The days color and get inspired. Challenge yourself to use the sets once a day. Maybe browse through last week, this month, last year. Enjoy the fresh inspiration as your daily startup page. Heck, do whatever you want all I know is: it's pretty.


Jura whisky crowd sources its tasting notes for a JuraTastival

Jura single Malt Whiskey crowd sourced its tasting notes to create a garden of taste that lived at their annual Whisky Festival. Famed food art curator Miss Cakehead created the interactive installation that illustrated the crowd sourced tasting notes. Thus festival goers were treated to a surreal Willy Wonka-meets-Beetlejuice world of rows of shoes for leather, a bed of chocolate as well as a leather suitcase and bones representing musky depth, or something.


Toyota Camry Thrillride vs #NissanROYL

Looks like it's time to Badland the car bait&switch. First Toyota showed us the ThrillRide last year, where a track was built outside Magic Mountain, and excited roller coaster fans got to try being passengers in a "boring" car doing all sorts of un-boring tricks. The stunt drivers went fast, up, down, in reverse and the passengers all were surprised that Camry could be so exciting. Like, wow.


Bclassic " Classical Comeback" booty shaking ladies still dancing to Dvorak, RIAA update

This is just a heads up that the RIAA takedown notice kerfluffle has been sorted out, and honestly it was just as simple as changing the music bed to another version of the "Dvořák - Symphony No. 9" used in the ad for B-classical music festival. The previous version had 42,977 views on the waveya2011 Youtube channel and a whopping 3,471,206 views on Bclassic's own youtube channel, for those keeping score at home.