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DDB Oslo uses Snapchat to hire you. Or just take your ideas.

Hey, wanna be a superstar junior at DDB Oslo? Your chance at glory only takes ten seconds, thanks to something called The Snapchat Pitch. Simply connect with DDB Oslo on Snapchat and present your big idea in ten seconds or less. If DDB Oslo chooses you, they will fly you to Oslo and put you up in a hotel for an interview, as they are seeking a junior creative team!

DDB will look at every single entry. Yeah I should hope so. They're ten seconds long. Even if they get a hundred entries it would take less than twenty minutes.


Fattal Hotels uses instagram Direct to give you perks

Fattal Hotels, Israel's leading hotel chain, are the first to jump on Instagram's new service, Instagram Direct, which allows users to share private photos with others.
The premise is simple: Stay at a Fattal hotel and share a photo of the hotel, and the hotel will send you a private photo. Share that photo with the hotel staff and you'll get perks, like a free massage. You also get entered in a chance to win a vacation.

Nice idea that makes use of ingrained behavior.


Saddleback Leather shows pirates how to counterfeit their bag.

Love this. Dave Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather, waves a giant conceptual middle finger at the people ripping off his bags, by showing them the best way to copy his bags using lesser grade materials. In the process, he positions Saddleback as being the premium bag, and the cheapo reproductions as being just that.

Even more than that, he paints an accurate portrait of those counterfeiters: smarmy, unethical, and employing child labor.


Marijuana Marketing. Or as I call it: Marketing.

In a CNBC article entitled "Companies woo the weed crowd with artful, edgy ads" is trying to make this huge connection between the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, and a spate of ads featuring stoner humor, and "code words." Such ads and phrases like one above as well as from the Carl's Junior campaign seem to be a growing trend, the article points out. To which I say: No shit, Sherlock.


Panasonic wants to cut out the darkness.

Hard as it is to believe, nearly 1.3 billion people on this planet live without electricity. They have no choice but to use either fire or kerosense.

Panasonic wants to do something about that, with your help. By 2018 they plan on donating 100,000 solar lanterns to those places around the globe that so desperately need light. Cut Out The Darkness is a cool, if not slightly punny initiative to add some beauty to the process.


Duran Duran Pulls a Morrissey on Yoplait

According to Slicing Up Eyeballs Duran Duran issued a statement condemning the use of their hit "hungry Like The Wolf" in a Yoplait ad.

In a statement on their website, they had this to say:


Advertising during the Super Bowl is a waste of money

Take this with a grain of salt of course, because the study was done by an in-market research firm who are you know, trying to sell their services, but according to this article on Communicus, Only 1 In 5 Super Bowl Ads Actually Sells Products.