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Click 3X Hires Megan Kelly as Executive Producer/Managing Director of Live Action

Click 3X has added production and agency veteran Megan Kelly to its roster as executive producer and managing director of live action. In her new role, Kelly will be charged with oversight and expansion of Click 3X’s already robust veteran roster of live-action directors, which includes Jonathan Yi, Juan Delcan, Simon Blake, and the duo of Josh and Vince.


The cloak of collaboration.

You can find out all the answers to advertising's mysteries by asking questions. Ask the wrong questions though, you'll eventually be labeled a problem child. Despite acting like they have all the answers on a daily basis, no one in advertising really does. And a direct question is often seen as an offensive assault.


KFC Romania launches its first mobile campaign

"Bite To Win," is KFC Romania's first large scale digital application. It also sounds incredibly pervy.

They wanted to play off the notion that KFC's new fillet bites are made from scratch and therefore not uniformly perfect looking. Each shape would be different. So the mobile initiative uses shape recognition technology to see if your bites look like any of the 50 suggested shapes. If you collect enough shapes you start winning prizes.

They personally lost me at "download the app," but I still think the idea is quite fun, especially because some of the shapes in the recognition software include an elephant and Elvis.

Client: KFC Romania:
Monica Eftimie – Chief Marketing Officer
Cristina Porumbel – Junior Brand Manager
Gabriel Nenciu – Junior Brand Manager


TuB gin gets all Viney

Red Tettemer and Partners partnered with Pete Heacock to create some vines for their client, a "super-premium" booze brand called TuB Gin. Heacock apparently had some Vine shorts accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival. And if that doesn't signal the apocalypse I don't know what will.

Anywho, if you want to see all ten TuB Gin vines, follow TuB Gin here. Here's three of them.

The one featuring the ingredients is my favorite, because conceptually, it's the only one that actually says "super premium booze."


Ad Age lists women to watch by pants worn, kids made & world travels. In 2013.

Look. I appreciate when women good at their jobs get the kudos they deserve, and I know there's a lot of people out there who should be getting more kudos and high-fives than they do. Congrats Anna Banks, at Organic, good on ya Sally Grimes at Hillshire, way to go Leeann Leahy at VIA, well done to the rest of you ladies as well.


NO6, Peepshow Post Merge

Bicoastal post house NO6 and London and NY based Peepshow Post Productions are joining forces, uniting two complementary talent rosters behind the deep resources of the combined studios. This new partnership, which will retain the NO6 name, will be positioned to handle all aspects of postproduction – providing editorial, finishing, color correction, and more in and between LA, New York, London and, soon, Chicago.


Fort Wayne TinCaps: minor league team, major league social media points

From bobbleheads to beer koozies, baseball teams have always had incentives to get butts in seats. The Fort Wayne TinCaps, a minor league team based in Indiana, jis about to earn itself some media. On Social Media Night. players will wear jerseys featuring their fans' twitter handles. No doubt they'll be instagrammed by "iPhotographers," and put right back in cyberspace, too. Brilliant.


Heineken wants to drop you.

Lucky USA residents will have a chance to make a name for themselves as the most legendary traveler ever, courtesy of Heineken. It's called Dropped.

Simply jump through the hoops above and you might get picked up by Heineken and dropped in some other locale where you will have a branded content adventure. Judging by the previous Dropped story, starring Rikar, it's riveting stuff.