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Irn-Bru gets you through... Fanny?

A handful of Scottish Irn-Bru fans have chuckled and passed this image on, it's Irn-Bru's cheeky response to the European campaign from Coke where common first names are placed on the labels instead of the brand name (Except the name Mohammed, despite it being a very common). Irn-Bru tweeted this a couple of days ago:


Accomplice Signs Director Rick Knief

Los Angeles—Director Rick Knief has joined Accomplice Media for exclusive representation in commercials. A former award-winning creative director, Knief has directed campaigns for such brands as the Wall Street Journal, Century 21, IBM, Time-Warner and American Express, producing work that spans a range of genres from comedy to visual storytelling to real-people documentary. Last year, he earned critical and popular acclaim for a music video for indie singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur that was shot with a rig equipped with nine iPhones.


Google wants brands to police ad-funded piracy sites. Easiest way to do that is to dump Adsense

During a debate called ‘Follow the Money: Can The Business of Ad-Funded Piracy Be Throttled?’ in London last night, Google’s UK policy manager stated that Pirate Site Blocking Just Leads To a Game of Whack-a-Mole, and Google doesn't believe in it.

“It’s not Google’s job to go around the web to declare whether sites are legal or illegal, but if Coca-Cola comes to us and says here’s a list of 500 dynamic sites and we don’t want you to place ads on those, that’s a slightly different thing. It’s almost a marketing thing for the brand,” he said.


Standard Time Los Angeles, not your standard small agency.

You might not have heard of Standard Time, the L.A. based small agency headed up by Michael Sharp who does his name justice, but that would only be because they're too busy working to toot their own horn.

While you were pouring over various adnews, Standard Time nabbed a large national client in competition with agencies ten times their size. They were also working with major retailer CVS, Starbucks Doubleshot, Veggie Grill, Stila Cosmetics, Skullcandy Gamin, and they did work for DC Shoes, Williams Sonoma and Quiksilver. The work spans from perfected identity design to apps, digital sites and commercials airing on MTV, proving that each one of the people at Standard Time has many talents. They may only be nine people, but they're nine eclectically talented people.


Animal auditions in Badland - Frontier Airlines vs Frontier communications

Sure sure, we see ads that are very similar. We see ads that have the same idea. We see ads that have the same base idea, from companies that have the same name? Hold up, that last one is a rarity so lets look at Frontier vs Frontier, because hilarious. Too many similarities in one go here, people.

Last year, Frontier Airlines auditioned new animals for their planes tails. . Frogs and parrots and even a dung beetle wanted to join the Frontier Airlines family. He brought fresh dung! Give him a chance. The campaign allowed people to vote for their favorite Frontier animal on twitter.


Adweek Getting down and dirty with Dabitch - Mudvertising on the rise

David Giantasio writes about "Mudvertising" what is it, and why are marketers diving in?

Needing a good dirty quote, he naturally contacted yours truly for one. Ha! I slay me. Go read the full article, it's three pages.

The benefit for marketers is clear, as mudventure events attract demos brands crave. Participants generally fall into the 18-40 sweet spot, with an average household income in the $70,000 range. Some event series, including Tough Mudder, are male-oriented (the split is about 70/30), but the events are attracting more women. (There's a female-only series called Dirty Girl.)


Everydaysexism corners Facebook via advertisers, FB back down on anti-women 'hate speech' posts

This image with the found at the Facebook page "Offensive Humor at Its Best" shows a woman with her mouth taped shut and the idea to 'tape her and rape her', but Facebook doesn't consider it hate speech. Facebook's response to offensive joke is even more offensive says MSN as they explain that Laura Bates' Everyday Sexism Project aims to remove rape speech and anti-female content from Facebook. The interesting thing to us, dear adfolk, is that Laura's Everydaysexism twitter account often find national middle american brands advertising right next to really offensive images.


Click 3X Launches Raison D’Être, Summers Appointed as Director of Creative Strategy

As high-end consumers converge upon the digital space, Click 3X is launching Raison D’Être a digital and video content company that will focus on putting fashion, beauty and luxury brands at the forefront of this ever-expanding domain.