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Model sues after her likeness is in ad with headline: "I am HIV positive"

A Brooklyn resident has filed suit against the giant stock-photo company after she found that she had become the poster child of HIV, quite literally.

Avril Nolan, 25, has filed a $450,000 lawsuit against Getty Images in Manhattan Supreme Court, the suit alleges that Getty are improperly allowing her image to be used in these advertisements.

The ads sender is the state Division of Human Rights, who bought the image from Getty.


Coke Canada's Vitaminwater : "You retard" - promotional caps bottles recalled

Coke Canada had to recall Vitaminwater reports the Ottowa Citizen, as the caps that paired randomly generated English and French words on the inside as a promotion have been found to have less than polite phrases on them.


MSC Canada orders WWF to remove "We don't farm like this" ad. WWF obeys.

So, according to news reports, and these comments, MSC Canada ordered WWF to remove animation because they're the boss of the World Wildlife Fund‎.


ACNE adds trio of Interactive Directors to further bolster diverse offering

Following the recent signing of Interactive Director Jeff Levine, ACNE is pleased to announce the addition of three more industry-leading talents to its roster. Interactive director/music producer Drasko Vucevic, animation and effects pioneer Chris Gardner, and relentless innovator Eskil Steenberg will join the team, bringing decades of experience in creating and applying cutting-edge technologies to an almost limitless variety of projects.


Toyota Corolla Elevate your style & Deflate your brand

Jonathan Salem Baskin, the man who wrote "Branding only works on cattle", just wrote about that infamous "dancing around the car through the ages" Toyota Corolla ad in Adage today. Cliff notes; he doesn't like it either.


First Ever Autodesk Flame Award Winner: The Artery’s Vico Sharabani

The Autodesk Flame community honored The Artery VFX ECD and Flame artist Vico Sharabani with its inaugural Flame Award at the recent International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). The award serves as a broad recognition of Sharabani’s vast contributions to the visual effects industry over the past 23 years, from boundary-pushing VFX creation to his unwavering role as a technical and creative innovator.


Hey, What’s A California Amish?

Looking for a hot new collective of Starbucks slurping, tofu-eating religious traditionalists with a surprising distaste for modern technology? Looking to hire a go-getting, young actor/model/blacksmith/candlestick maker for your latest project?


BFG9000 serves up "Meta! Meta!" for Little Caesars

BFG9000 created this radio spot for Little Caeser's Deep Dish Pizza. But not only that. They turned it into a radio spot for Alan Varner, the actual guy who does Little Caesars voiceovers. Alan Does Voices, features the radio spot, and it also comes complete with an old tyme internet soundboard. Remember those?

I like to see Little Caesars hitting two important audiences: Those who were old enough to have a geocities page. And advertising navel gazers.