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Save the Date: Big or Small Save Them All Musicfest Sept. 14

Join jumP, Poetica and Heard City (Team JumPetica) on Saturday, September 14th for an all-day music festival featuring Blues Hall of Famer Jerry Dugger and six other incredible bands. The Big or Small Save Them All Musicfest is the centerpiece of a mammoth fundraising effort by the 11-member team for October’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Admission to the event, which will run from 2 to 7:30 p.m.


Director Richard Sears Joins A Common Thread for Commercials

LOS ANGELES—Director Richard Sears, whose credits includes work for Toyota, Citgo, Nissan and AT&T, has joined Los Angeles-based A Common Thread for exclusive, national representation. Sears has earned high regard for his storytelling skills, which he has applied to genres ranging from dialogue-driven comedy to documentary/lifestyle advertising. He provides A Common Thread with a proven talent, versatility and a reputation as an innovator.


TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 - the year sexist bro-joke apps killed TechCrunch brand.

Today, a young app-maker and budding programmer, Alexandra Jordan, presented her idea at Techcrunch's Disrupt Hackathon. Her app serves to solve a problem her age-group often have: arranging playdates. Super Fun kidtime is down at the moment likely overwhelmed by traffic.


The Richards Group's 71-Year-Old Intern as unpaid as their 23-Year-Old intern

Ad age has an article on The Richards Group's 71-Year-Old Intern. See, the Richards group, the only ad agency I know of that actually has you clock in, are not ageist y'all, they take in 71-year old interns just like young interns. Neither get paid. It's totes fair!


Nissan Vines GT-R - pits Vine restrictions against cars features

Rejoice, adkids, for the brand new frontier Vine is simply gagging for good ideas applied in that space, and there's so much that hasn't been done yet. Brands are rushing to do their Vine thing, Lowes shares six second lifehacks which works very well, and TUB Gin vine-animated their Ginstory. So, different kinds of ads are clearly already on Vine.


Ad Chat - Rance Randle, Art Director TBWA/Chiat/Day LA

This week we chat with Rance Randle, early morning-man and L.A. all the way. He's an Art Director at TBWA/Chiat/Day/LA, the ad agency that launched Apple, made Pepsi the Now generation and wires up the Grammy awards with tech-fantastic every year.


Yahoo's logo-change, 30 days of drumroll to Optima.

So finally, the 30 days of change it took Yahoo to dance around like an extended drumroll before revealing their new logo is over. And it paid off! Never before have people talked so much about logo switching from purple & exclamation-mark 90s irregularly sized letters to purple & exclamation-mark embossed irregularly sized Optima as they did today. The slightly tilted exclamation mark isn't the clever here, people, the 30-day drumroll was.


Jeremy Scott settles lawsuit with NHS, Inc.

Poor Jeremy Scott. Back in June of 2012 the fashion designer's "shackle shoes," were accused by many of being racist. Adidas pulled the shoes and Jeremy Scott insisted he was merely paying a tribute to My Pet Monster.

At the time I wrote about it, I ended the article thusly: