Advertising icons, as very simple illustrated icons.

Amari Wassel, from Tunisia, has on his Behance begun a collection of extremely simple... more
Who is policing the word police? Github's retarded move causes user backlash.

The problem with trying to create a business around a community, is that you have to deal with the community.

PETA wants to kill people. Literally.

Yesterday it was discovered A dentist named Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion, a beloved lion in... more
Twitter's "copyright infringement" feature starts avalanche of twitter jokes

Twitter is creating a new tool to battle bots, stop spam and copyright infringement on their service.

Planned Parenthood's copyright infringing tweet is also tone deaf.

If you've been halfway awake the past week or so you've heard about some exposé-style videos with Planned Parenthood associates discussing costs associated with fetal tissue acquisition.

UK Production office Knucklehead, now has an LA office.

Award-winning UK-based production company Knucklehead officially opens the doors to its first US office this month.

Target's "Trophy" t-shirt offends, petition has 12,500 signatures

Target often carries irreverent articles of clothing in the young fashion department, it's where I got my... more
Co-founder of Grooveshark found dead in home, aged 28

Sad news came out of Gainesville Florida yesterday as it was reported that Grooveshark co-founder, ... more
Tommy Craggs, Max Read resign from Gawker

Time and time again, Gawker has proven to be the antithesis of integrity.

Bully Pictures’ Dustin Lance Black Combines Activism with Advertising

Academy-award winner directs advertising projects with powerful social themes for Tylenol and Coca-Cola.

Gawker brought back bullying - then removes post against editorial staff's wishes

On Thursday Gawker published an article about a CFO at Gawker media's most recent target, Condé Nast (due to its relation to Reddit...

British creative team wants to give your award the Legendary Lion Tour

There's a crazy creative team across the pond who asked a question to the British Advertising Industry this week: "Would you give away your precious Cannes Lion to two total strangers?"

Gawker Just Went From Toxic To Radioactive

I don't know how prostitution works in the US. I really don't. But I know a little bit about how it works in the UK.