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M&C Stockholm makes really smart banners for LG

To promote LG’s new smart phone G2, M&C Saatchi Sotckholm created mobile banners that detect what kind of phone the user had, and then compared it to the LG and LG2. The ads appeared on Scandinavian HTCs, Samsungs and iPhones. Too bad the ads didn't feature their name, too. That would have really been freaky.

Hey Henrik? Why are you using that shit phone? Love, LG.

Yo, Marta! You've got one whack ass phone. Why don't you upgrade to LG2, yo?

And so on.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm


160 girls project.

Today is International Day of the Girl. To honor this, BBDO Toronto created 160 girls Project to honor 160 Kenyan girls, victims of rape) who fought back against society and the courts in Kenya to get justice. Now the Kenyan police have been ordered to investigate crimes of rape against girls or face imprisonment. Considering a child is raped in Kenya every 30 minutes, this judgment (which was handed down back in May ) is nothing short of a landmark.


It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll

The London School Of Economics published a recent study saying that somehow all the revenues from live performances and merchandise have offset revenue lost from music piracy. If that's really the case, then touring bands must all be raking it in, right? For a scant few, perhaps. But let's look at a few and see if reality holds up.


Talk to the plant or the plant dies.

To support MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, Carmichael Lynch and The Denver Museum Of Nature and Science created Talk To A Plant.

Using tweet to speech technology you can send a tweet which will then be read to a plant. To prove that talking to them helps them grow stronger. For the 'control,' group, a plant will sit in silence.


Buick vs Volvo - a car so comfortable it's like an extra room x 2

Nothing new under the sun, you know. Here's two ads, one from the 1960s showing that the Buick has such comfortable lounge seats you might want to lounge in it, and one from more recent years showing the same idea for Volvo.

It's funny when that happens, isn't it?


American Apparel's menstruation masturbation T-shirt "gross" says reactions

When you can't get attention for the cheap porn jailbait aesthetic because everyone is bored of it by now, you can always try to empower women by showing off their va-jays. You see, the "Period Power" graphic, originally designed by Petra Collins as a bright pink neon sign, and now transferred to T-shirt illustration by Alice Lancaster, is all about cheekily commenting on the pop culture love of women's naked bodies by showing a "taboo" of masturbation while menstruation.


Creative Interviews: Åsk Dabitch

Oh, that's right, we forgot to add this interview to our press clippings. Creative Interviews put moi in the hot seat for a bit, which was rather fun. Better still, they put a whole bunch of creative people in the hot seat, from advertising to publishing, so there's plenty of other stuff to read on a weekly basis over there. Might as well bookmark and follow on twitter as you kids do these days.


BitTorrent now running outdoor ads

Yup you read right. BitTorrent, is now running ads. I guess to help keep perpetuating their sharing-is-caring narrative.

Gizmodo reported that initially the boards were up without any kind of logo or scratch out or word replacement. Then they were swapped out for the ones you see above. Because apparently 'teaser campaigns,' are a big deal.