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Rainbow crossing outside of Russian Embassy in Stockholm protests Russias anti-gay laws

Taking a note from Gay Pride parades around the world, someone painted a rainbow zebra crossing outside of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm. It probably won't attract as many colorful protestors as Sydney's did when the city of Stockholm comes to paint it back to the reflective white needed for traffic safety reason in the dark evenings of northern scandinavia, but its point is already made.


Kevin Drew Davis now the CCO of DDB Canada

If you've seen Kevin Drew Davis tweeting about Canada recently, you might already be running an office pool on where he's heading after Digitas. He is now the CCO of DDB Canada, watching over Vancouver and Edmonton as well as Toronto but will be present in the Toronto office.

This DDB office is one of the coolest looking offices in Canada, with great accounts like Subaru, McDonalds Esso, Canadian Tire and Crime Stoppers.

While Kevin was at Digitas they won clients like Sprint, eBay, Taco Bell, Whirlpool mass brands and Kao. You may recall the Feed the beat for Taco Bell, and the "thank you" campaign that won eBays first Clio award.


Bad Assembly can assemble anything you want, and well.

Meet the good guys and girls from Bad Assembly. The commando-crew to call when you need something creative done on the bleeding edge of innovation and digital design. Their own websites new facelift is award-worthy in itself, as easy to navigate with your laptop arrow-keys as with your finger when using a handheld device. Try it mouse-less, I dare you, it'll be fun. The large images show off their creative solutions like those for History Channel's, and 72 and Sunny's new website, which is loved by everyone who works there and FWA too as it it was mobile website of the day.


Lean Mean Fighting Machine Pledges One in Sixty for Unilever

One of Unilever's founding principles is "Doing well by doing good." Inspired by that slogan, London-based Lean Mean Fighting Machine decided to strengthen its relationship with Unilever by pledging One in Sixty.

For every minute Lean Mean Fighting Machine works on Unilever, they will donate a minute of their time to helping the charity Kids Company- a charity that provides educational, practical and emotion support to London's inner city youth.


Mentos the Freshmaker makes Facebook news about you.

There's a new "grab your images from facebook and use it in a tailored clip ad" thingie out there, called Mentos Fresh News.
With enough wacky news stories out there to generate some surprising stories based on your facebook photographs, it's actually rather funny at times. Created by AD's Viv Yapp, Szymon Ros, CW's Ak Parker, Daniel Schaefer and the Digital Producer Paul Malecki from BBH, London, they went the extra mile to make 45 minutes of customizable footage, opening up for millions of variations.

If you use 4square, and have that attached to facebook, the news stories about you will be slightly more stalkerish, and just as sarcastic. Have fun.


Unicef Tap Project wins Cannes Lions 2013

Bad Assembly brings home the bronze lion for their water network work with Droga5. On a bit of a winning streak, the Los Angeles shop is also recognized with an FWA Mobile Award for their work on the 72andSunny Website.


Inuit's Super Bowl 2014 ad will not be for itself

Intuit, a tax preparation company, will be showing up for its Super Bowl in February 2014. According to Business Insider, there's a twist--Intuit will not be running a :30 ad for itself, but for a client.

"We wanted to do a series of firsts," CEO Brad Smith told Business Insider. "It's the first time a company will buy a customer an ad, and it's the first time a small business will be showcased among all those big national brands."


Tom Feiler and Tribal Worldwide Say “Toys Shouldn’t Play for You”

Feiler, who is represented in the U.S. by Accomplice Media, directs three ads that poke fun at digital toys.

Tom Feiler has directed three web spots for the Toronto-based children’s store Kol Kid and Tribal Worldwide Toronto. The spots cleverly communicate how tech toys can’t always fulfill the joy of traditional toys. The ads are the centerpiece of a new, multi-faceted campaign for the store celebrating the value of “simple play.”