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Georgi Banks-Davies

Director Georgi Banks-Davies Joins Madheart

LOS ANGELES—Georgi Banks-Davies is heading to Madheart. The British director, the subject of growing international acclaim for her work for Coca-Cola, AT&T, O2 and other brands, has chosen the boutique, Los Angeles-based production company to orchestrate her entry into the U.S. market.


Radiohead 's Yorke and Godrich pull music from Spotify, get attacked for 'meaningless rebelllion'

You probably heard about it yesterday as both Pitchfork and The Guardian carried articles on Thom Yorke vs Spotify, as he and producer Nigel Godrich have pulled their work off of the Spotify network. Their point is that the way Spotify pays may (or may not) work out for those who have a large catalog of music, but actively hurts those who do not - read small indie labels and new bands. The Radiohead star says 'new artists get paid fuck all' on the streaming service, and producer Nigel Godrich adds 'it's bad for new music' just to be clear. What you're left with are MegaStars and hobbyists, no more sessions musicians in between who make a middleclass living just like your pedestrian office manager. "They can tour!" I hear you say, while I ponder how music producers and sound recording engineers tour, and who really wants all those t-shirts you think artists should make a living on instead. There are only so many casual fridays in our working lives.


Click 3X Adds Montes, Witt to Roster

Click 3X is following the launch of its slick reactive website ( with a pair of significant additions to its roster. Digital innovator Esteban Montes joins the crew as interactive art director, while interactive designer Melissa Witt, who has been freelancing at Click 3X for some time, officially joins the staff as an interactive designer.

Montes’ creative work ranges from art books to HTML5 games optimized for tablets and smartphones. A digital innovator, designer and communication specialist, he will continue his well-honed method of working closely with clients to find original solutions to their creative problems by marrying new technologies with big ideas.


Sharknado and the Social Media Science Fiction

By now you've heard that Sharknado drew 387,000 mentions on social media. Some of them were jokey joke snarks from celebrities and everything. Whoa!

You heard all about it. And saw people talking about it. But you didn't see the movie. Because according to ratings, very few people actually watched.


Moones drinks a lot of beer while jamming.

Asylum films got together with the band Moones to create a video in which you could watch them play a song during various stages of inebriation.

Thanks to YouTube annotations you could skip back and forth and potentially spend an hour and fifteen minutes with the band and see if their song gets any better from different angles or different drunk states.

They drank 80 beers total. But before you get all excited, they're a five piece band. So that's like sixteen beers each. Also you don't even get to watch them drink.

The whole thing feels like it's a better ad for youtube's capabilities than for Moones.In fact, it feels more like a "We don't have a budget to do the Ok Go treadmills thing, but we have enough for a couple cases of beer."


Project Runway resorts to cheap tactics to get publicity.

A very stupid "naked," billboard ad to promote Season 12 of Project Runway depicts nude models praying at the feet of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

Variety reports The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has banned it, citing "obscene matters." Or something.

Yes it's another "Let's get our mediocre ad banned so people will write about us," tactic. Yawn.

The irony is that Variety is based in L.A. So you know. It's banned here, but not over here. And whatever. Anything for ratings, right?


Kia wants you to play some games.

To celebrate Kia Forte's awesomeness, Kia created the tech athlete Games. A very lo-fi, sit on your ass in front of your computer version of something hardcore. Play for fun and prizes. And hopefully spend time with Kia long enough to get off your ass and head down to the dealer and buy one. because dealers don't care if you have fun or not. They're there to move units.


NO6 Adds Plew to Roster

NO6 is pleased to announce the addition of editor Paul Plew to its talented lineup. With a reel that includes work for Honda, Pepsi, Microsoft Xbox, Volkswagen, Oakley, and Sony, Plew brings deep experience and a proven record of working with top clients to his new home. He joins NO6 after spending eight years as a commercial freelance editor in Los Angeles.

About NO6: