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Project Runway resorts to cheap tactics to get publicity.

A very stupid "naked," billboard ad to promote Season 12 of Project Runway depicts nude models praying at the feet of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

Variety reports The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has banned it, citing "obscene matters." Or something.

Yes it's another "Let's get our mediocre ad banned so people will write about us," tactic. Yawn.

The irony is that Variety is based in L.A. So you know. It's banned here, but not over here. And whatever. Anything for ratings, right?


Kia wants you to play some games.

To celebrate Kia Forte's awesomeness, Kia created the tech athlete Games. A very lo-fi, sit on your ass in front of your computer version of something hardcore. Play for fun and prizes. And hopefully spend time with Kia long enough to get off your ass and head down to the dealer and buy one. because dealers don't care if you have fun or not. They're there to move units.


NO6 Adds Plew to Roster

NO6 is pleased to announce the addition of editor Paul Plew to its talented lineup. With a reel that includes work for Honda, Pepsi, Microsoft Xbox, Volkswagen, Oakley, and Sony, Plew brings deep experience and a proven record of working with top clients to his new home. He joins NO6 after spending eight years as a commercial freelance editor in Los Angeles.

About NO6:



ACNE Launches Digital Restructuring with Addition of Jesper Palsson as CEO of US Operations

Kicking off a massive restructuring of its digital operations and an aggressive expansion in the US market, ACNE has tapped fellow Swede Jesper Palsson, former CEO and partner at Stopp LA, to head its US office. Palsson, best known for his award-winning work for clients such as Google, Lincoln, Chevrolet, and Toyota, will play a key role in diversifying ACNE from its traditional broadcast and integrated roots into the rapidly evolving digital space.


The Cortez Brothers Welcome Director Laurentius

Production and creative development company The Cortez Brothers has expanded its directorial roster with the signing of Laurentius for representation in both the US and Hispanic markets.

“It’s great to not only find, but also sign a director like Laurentius who is a young director with a very seasoned reel,” says Ed Rivero, The Cortez Brothers Executive Producer. “Everyone is always surprised when they meet him because of his youth. Imagine what he will do from this point.”


Boston hockey fans are wankers - says Pornhub

Pornhub are cheeky little minxes when it comes to generating earned media for their brand, which also happens to be their site URL During the superbowl they pulled the old "our ad was banned" trick, usually reserved for the likes of PETA and Godaddy. Now they invented a new game, releasing statistics of site traffic in conjunction with large sports events, and the conclusions they draw from it.


Is Apple's new ad a fail?

Earlier this month, Apple launched a new ad campaign after WWDC, with the first spot called "Our Signature". Every time I see it, I'm annoyed. Annoyed by the pompousness that exudes from it.

In an era of communications where brands are moving to be "less about me" and "more about the customer", this ad feels like it fell out of something from a grayed creative's notebook from 1955. And, at that time, perhaps it would have made more sense. But now, it feels arrogant, off-brand and self-serving.


Math Rock: or why Spotify and Pandora are still bad for musicians

A week ago, a freshly liver-transplanted Lou Reed made an appearance at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Reed weighed in on the quality of digital music, advertising, and, ahem, sharing :

On Advertising:

Unlike people who download things for free, these days things have changed, the advertising people actually pay you for what you did it's a startling turn of events. And people like the ads now..they like the ads, they like the music. It used to be thought of as selling it's the opposite.

On Spotify: