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Amnesty International's brand in prostitution trouble on twitter #QuestionsforAmnesty

In a rather shocking move. Amnesty International, protectors of human rights and engaged in the prevention of human trafficking, has changed their prostitution policy and are now calling for prostitution to be decriminalised to "protect human rights".


Goldieblox and Weathertech, the two sides of America in the super bowl.

I Doge-plated* the super bowl of 2014: Such patriotism. So flag-waving. Wow. America.

The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials reveal an interesting schism between winners and losers, there's America and then there's America. There's two teams duking it out here, and you can see it in the Super bowl ads.


2014 super bowl ads have a controversy winner as Scarlett drops Oxfam for Sodastream

Sodastream decided to run with the same SB tactic as last year, with their "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi" 'banned' super bowl ad controversy, and it was all going rather swimmingly until Oxfam suddenly entered the picture. You see, having Scarlett Johansson do her best Sofia Vergara/ Pepsi "drop my robe" impression wasn't the only reason this ad went viral.


Super Bowl 2014 - Ad Spoiler Alert

Super Bowl XLVIII is days away, and we've got the Super Bowl Ad Spoiler Alert ready for your viewing pleasure. We'll update it (as usual) as we get closer with air times and any other info as it becomes available.

***SPOILER ALERT*** - UPDATED 1/31 - Updated 1/29

There's not a lot of big surprises (that we know of) in the line up for the ad bonanza this year. It's your usual suspects with a mix of animals, celebrities and explosions. But, then again, we still have some advertisers that haven't shared or even hinted at what we'll see, so you never know.

Read on my ad friends.


DDB Oslo uses Snapchat to hire you. Or just take your ideas.

Hey, wanna be a superstar junior at DDB Oslo? Your chance at glory only takes ten seconds, thanks to something called The Snapchat Pitch. Simply connect with DDB Oslo on Snapchat and present your big idea in ten seconds or less. If DDB Oslo chooses you, they will fly you to Oslo and put you up in a hotel for an interview, as they are seeking a junior creative team!


Fattal Hotels uses instagram Direct to give you perks

Fattal Hotels, Israel's leading hotel chain, are the first to jump on Instagram's new service, Instagram Direct, which allows users to share private photos with others.
The premise is simple: Stay at a Fattal hotel and share a photo of the hotel, and the hotel will send you a private photo. Share that photo with the hotel staff and you'll get perks, like a free massage. You also get entered in a chance to win a vacation.

Nice idea that makes use of ingrained behavior.