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Art punk band Pere Ubu turn visa delays into subversive marketing campaign

Abstract Project. Conceptual Art Punks. Leaders of the post-apocalyptic ice cream social. Whatever you call them, Pere Ubu has challenged music conventions for nearly 40 years with dissonance, chaos, and humor.

They just did the same thing with self-promotion.


99Designs launches Swiftly: where a design change is $15 an hour

99Designs, the crowd sourced design firm is now launching Swiftly a crowd sourced design-fixer firm. Billed as a place where you can get a title changed on a business card, a tweak done to a photo, headlines changed on websites, vectorizing images and other simpler tasks (provided the original fonts & layout documents are available), the idea is already unappetizing to many designers. $15 an hour is below minimum wage in Australia but a neat chunk of change in Thailand.


Coca cola & the social robot - when you can't be there, it can go for you.

Israelis love social high-tech, as demonstrated by these ladies fawning over a Coke-robot. The Coca Cola iRobot is a follow-up to the real life "like" buttons used at Coca Cola camp, Israel. The Coca Cola summer camp is hugely popular, and explodes over facebook every year thanks to the nifty social media connected tech riddled throughout the camp. So what if you're one of the unlucky kids who can't make it to this event?


Youtube offers free music, shoot and post production in LA

Need an editing suite fast, and are short of cash? Any YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers, and whose account is in good standing, can make use of yoytube's state-of-the-art post-production workstations in Los Angeles. The Creator Lab & Residencies offer space and tech for short shoots, music and post production.


Welcome to the future: Glass opens up for pay-per-gaze ads

Mashable has spotted a new patent called pay-per-gaze that opens up for a possible future of advertising where pay per gaze is only the start.

So to recap: the world's largest search engine was just granted a patent for the most sticky form of advertising possible — ads that literally flash in front of your eyes. Google gets paid when it can ascertain that your pupils pointed in that direction, and for how long. And all of this on the device it is currently seeding among the influencers of the tech community.

In other words, Google Glass is going to bring a whole new meaning to "made you look."


Yogo truck driver pulls knife on Mister Softee driver in ice-ream turf war

Oh my! The brand turf-wars are heating up, the New York Daily News reports Yogo truck driver pulls knife on Mister Softee rival in midtown ice cream turf war. Yes, really!

The Mister Softee truck was parked at 50th St. and Sixth Ave when a Yogo truck parked behind him. The Softee driver got out and ripped the Yogo truck drivers permit off his window, the fight escalated, and soon Yogo driver pulled a knife. It could have all ended with blood-red ice-cream had the cops not arrived in time to escort both drivers to nice cold holding cell for the evening.


Seattle Police hand out free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

Dude, the police are giving us Doritos! Yes, the Seattle Police have chosen the famous munchies chips as a vehicle for their information campaign A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle, now that the weed is legal, but regulated. Katu news reports on the chips bag as information campaign:


Redwell threatened by Red Bull for their name? Red Bull says no.

Meet Redwell Breweries, a very small new brewery that only employs eight people, yet still manages to produce five different tasty beers. These people are crafty, and not just beer crafty, as they have bootstrapped their way into a very sleek looking brand already by asking the talented students at Norwhich University of Arts to design their look. The result is a modern design with a brand mark featuring an hourglass to represent the the importance of the longer brewing time.