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NASCAR placement fail.

USA Today NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck was quick to post (and credit the AP photographer Luke Brodbeck) this wonderful bit of contextual fail, courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.


Behind the scenes: fleecing the client for mo' money mo' budget

It's no secret that I despise the "behind the scenes" ads that seem to accompany every ad, from your run of the mill cereal shoot, to your celebrity laden fashion ad, and every single kind of ad in between. I scoffed at the idea of making ad creators as rockstars™ already back in 2001, so this is not a new snark.


Busted: the don't bother Cannes App

BustedApp is the not-must-have Cannes app this year, unlike that brilliantly useful Pizza after midnight spotting App that Deutsch LA made.

Busted App hangs bling-chains, leather-bondage-gear and beards on people as you snap pictures of them, a tech so old that Google perfected Rudolf-noses tracking your face live in hangouts. So that you may "expose the decadence and depravity of the worlds largest ad festival" while you're there.


Marc Duran from Wing will be Vining his Cannes trip.

Want to see the Cannes Lions fest, but can't go? Well Marc Duran, copywriter at Wing, won the Circulo Creativo US Hispanic competition for the second year running, and the office decided to outfit him with a smartphone, a Vine-app and this tumblr called vinealoquevine. He'll be vining six seconds of Gutter-bar drunkeness and whatever else he may get up to and we can follow it from afar.

Key word: Vine It's using Vine. And Tumblr. How exciting. He better be at the Gutter bar a lot since Tumblr is sponsoring the former-yahoo-sponsored space this year.


Loyalkaspar Welcomes Chief Development Officer Robert Blatchford & Creative Director Anna Minkkinen

Entertainment branding agency loyalkaspar is pleased to announce a bi-coastal expansion with the addition of Chief Development Officer Robert Blatchford (Los Angeles) and Creative Director Anna Minkkinen (New York). The hires cap off an exciting benchmark year for the agency, which recently opened an LA office and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

With a combined 20+ years' experience, Blatchford and Minkkinen offer loyalkaspar a savvy creative-business duo with award-winning pedigree. Stalwarts of the advertising and branding world, their level of dedication and professionalism will further propel the agency's evolution as one of the premier branding studios.


Arnold can't go to Cannes, but YOU can? Free ticket if you hurry!

If you can get to Cannes, Arnold can get you into the festival palace. Yep, that's right, they're giving away their ticket to Cannes Lions fest! They have a flat tire and can't go. True story.


MPC Dell Spot Takes Home AICP for VFX

MPC’s recent Dell spot, Thomas, took home a 2013 AICP for VFXdespite a fiercely competitive field. The spot, a collaboration with Furlined Director Bjoern Ruehmann and Y&R NY, is a remarkable alternate world of anthropomorphic animals brought to surreal life amid the very ordinary backdrop of a morning commuter train.


Havas has a crowdsourced department : Havascrowd

Havas has a crowd sourcing do-dah 'powered by Victor & Spoils' called OOoh, shiny and pretty and I'm surprised it's not on Vine yet. What does it do? It connects all of Havas to all of Havas so that all of Havas can crowdwork together. I think, I'm not sure, I'm blinded by ®'s.

Havas is dedicated to getting clients to the future first. Beyond pioneering Creative Business Ideas® and Social Business Ideas®, we are now offering the full creative and strategic capabilities of the Havas network — all in one place. So if you are part of the Havas family, join the crowd. And if you want to harness the power of the entire Havas global network, hire the crowd. Let's get to work.