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Ad Chat - Brian Bronaugh , President at Mullen

A lot of people in the advertising and tech businesses are growing ever more concerned about the lack of women, or the still low representation of minorities, and soon everyone and their aunt have conferences and award shows set up to talk about these issues.


Live for brunch? Job available:"Chief Brunch Officer" for Aperol

The most recent ad-prank from Mistress, you know, the Mistress worth sharing, is this series of job board postings on Craigslist offering you a be


Google Glass app watches the CCTV's watching you

Sander Venhoof, a Dutch artist who uses his digital skills to explore new frontiers, has created an app for Google Glass that alerts you to security cameras watching your every move:

Adland: - pretty photo prints raise money for Sherpas

Senior editor of Outside magazine Grayson Wyatt is, like so many others, very concerned about the Sherpas after the death o


Mad Men celebrate secretaries day by showing a Chief of Copy & an agency partner

Staying true to the 60s casual sexism, Mad Men AMC just tweeted a "Happy Secretaries day" from their official account, sharing an image of the always fabulous Joan Holloway and the ever ambitious Peggy Olsen.