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Seattle Police hand out free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

Dude, the police are giving us Doritos! Yes, the Seattle Police have chosen the famous munchies chips as a vehicle for their information campaign A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle, now that the weed is legal, but regulated. Katu news reports on the chips bag as information campaign:


Redwell threatened by Red Bull for their name? Red Bull says no.

Meet Redwell Breweries, a very small new brewery that only employs eight people, yet still manages to produce five different tasty beers. These people are crafty, and not just beer crafty, as they have bootstrapped their way into a very sleek looking brand already by asking the talented students at Norwhich University of Arts to design their look. The result is a modern design with a brand mark featuring an hourglass to represent the the importance of the longer brewing time.


Social Medias noise to signal ratio collapses as White House tweets hump day jokes.

President Obama's team may have won the coveted titanium lion for their great social media push back in Cannes 2009, but now in 2013 and on a second term, the novelty is wearing off.

The unwritten rule of a successful social media (read: twitter) account is to be a little humorous, personable, funny and ... transparent. (Hi NSA! *waves at satellite*) But then there's also the unwritten rule to hush up when a tragedy, mass shooting, war or natural disaster happens - unless you're reporting on the events. Everyone wise knows to stick with communicating what their brand should communicate, in the tone that their brand communicates with at all times. This morning whomever runs the WhiteHouse twitter account forgot that rule, and might have thought they were a Geico ad. You see, the presidents official account can make jokes but Rodeo clowns can not joke about the president.


Goodpenny Inks Two Top Editors

Creative Studio Goodpenny has welcomed top editors John Marinis and Sven Herrmann into its fold. The additions come on the heels of Goodpenny’s Telly Award-winning spot for H&M, Grammy Award-winning mix for Jimmy Fallon’s Blow Your Pants Off, and score for the highly acclaimed Sleepwalk with Me.

Marinis brings vast experience to the Goodpenny edit team, with a reel that includes work for ESPN, Johnnie Walker, Olay, Hershey’s, YouTube, Kenneth Cole, Volkswagen, Tanqueray, and Nissan, among many others. He has collaborated with a torrent of top agencies and directors while working at many of New York’s top shops, including Cutting Room, Crew Cuts and Cut+Run. With an upbeat and vibrant approach to editing, Marinis emphasizes collaboration and fun as keys to his success.
“Goodpenny just felt like a natural fit,” Marinis says. “It’s a highly creative, open, and collaborative environment. I am excited to join the team and grow with the company as well as with my new colleagues.”


Marmite RSCPA/Child protective services ad leaves bad taste - 250 complaints to ASA

Rather expected, 250 viewers complained in the first day of the Marmites ads run. I told you that people would either love it or hate it, didn't I?

The complains say that the campaign trivializes work of animal charities and child protection agencies. The ad, below, which plays out the scenarios straight faced and with no hint of it being fake until one sees the marmite jars, can just like Marmite leave a bad taste for those who don't like it.


Data Cars taxi in trouble for "rape imagery" on ads

Data Cars London, a taxi service, are in a bit of trouble for their postcard ads. The image on it depicts a woman drenched through and with makeup running down her cheeks, clearly dressed for a party in a strapless gown and with a chiffon scarfs or similar wrapped around her arm, shivering in the rain.


Norwegian prime minister Stoltenberg's taxi stunt confirmed to be "street cast"

Only a couple of days after we concluded that Norway's Prime minister driving a taxi stunt has successfully been seen all around the world, and even The Lede (NYT) has written about the Norwegian leaders not-so-Candid-camera, the Norwegian Labour parties communications director Pia Gulbrandsen has made a blog post in English that confirms that some people were cast for the ad. Taxi Stoltenberg - English.